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    Daniel Ochieng

    My definition of mental health from a youth perspective is the level of psychological wellbeing or mind free from disturbances, it is the psychological state of a person who has a good emotional and behavioral level, glory be to the almighty I haven’t faced any mental health challenges but I have known many people who have been through it and is still ongoing cases, and as a case manager of refugees I have experienced a lot of cases which will I tell you about it. I used to have a client who is 19 years old and this client used to struggle with her mental health management. The sad part is she don’t recognize that she has it she thinks herself she is well but according to her behavior and how she used to act I assed that she is going through it. After a while of assess her case and situation I found out that she is not in contact with her family and that’s why she felt like homesick they told me her roommates but after that I brought international calling phone and we tried to catch up her family and we did it she chatted a lot with them and cried a lot but that helped her a lot in her struggle and we decided to repatriate her back home to where her family are.

    3, It is necessary to put in our account the importance of mental health in community with its various institutions and to work to achieve compatibility between these institutions, this necessities the application of mental health trends in society to avoid its individual and groups and everything that leads to mental health disorder until it achieves production, progress, development and happiness.
    The symptoms contain feeling down and sad, confused thinking reduced ability to concentrate, worries, fears, seclusion… previously mentioned signs are worldwide but could be more prevalence in somewhere than the other. There are many factors that could affect this which could be financial, genetics and more wide range of causes.

    4, I think it is both worlds issue in fact I think it is more occurring in developing countries because they don’t have the fund for health treatment, facilities, trained health workers on mental health field. The only thing is because developed countries address their citizens do surveys and talk about it publicly.

    5, the reasons may vary world-wide but in developing countries the most common reason of youth having mental disorders is war and economy unstableness beside to that social media, drug, body parts that you don’t like or ashamed of and many others. It is more severe than that of developed countries because developed countries have all what it takes to face it but in developing countries cases are being left unaddressed.
    6, yes it has specially in youths since they are more affected by it. Youths want to have what they see in social media, imitate what they see on the screen, body like superstars, fame basically they got deceived by that fake life where they see everyone happy, smile in their face and began to wander in that sea. Actually, we have this subject in our life skill class and we make sure that our client now what social media is and capable of and many other beneficent things to our youths.

    7, unfortunately there is no decent access for mental care in my county, a weak referral system, no skilled staffs, shortages and stockouts of pharmaceuticals. The sad thing is youths don’t approach the existing mental care centers because their ashamed of people and don’t want be judged by them. In addition to that medical care staff is completely underqualified for the job.

    8, The question kind of makes me feel ashamed of my authority’s policies towards mental health management, starting form infrastructure to the highest necessities of mental health pharmaceuticals my government is act is zero. I would advocate for the transforming of current system of care to a recover-orientation that is more humane, trauma informed, compassionate, and based on values of respect, social inclusion, integrity, transparency, and hope. If organization fail to meet the established standards that support recovery their funding should be reallocated to those that do. Providing more opportunities to people suffering from extreme psychological distress and their families. Address the dangers of long-term use of drugs. Engage with media to create series of public health and to give more education indiscrimination, cyber bulling. Open more community centers that advocates for public health, and by giving more awareness sessions in public and private schools and reducing the amount of stigma. Basically, to give them more attention than what is now because it all starts with letting go on and being so loose on the issue.

    9, Jim carry is my role model in this kind of case because he thrived and bounced back from it not only that he began to openly speak about it which shows you that he broke the fence. With all the things he used to suffer he was entertaining world with his comedic and classic movies which shows how much he was powerful.

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