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    Huong Nguyen

    “Leadership is the exercise of power; it can be defined as the act of making something happen that would not otherwise occur”. This quote sums up the meaning of true leader; someone who leads the way, drive people towards a mission to convert impossible into possible by his skills.

    Abdul Ghaffar khan also know as (BACHA KHAN) who spent 36 years in jail for the right of Pashtoon’s and for the preaching of non-violence philosophy. Bacha Khan meant for reforming the Pakhtun society at the grass-roots level and lifting Pakhtuns out of grinding poverty to a path of self-sufficiency. On the political front, his purpose varied from Indian independence to independent Pakhtunistan to genuine provincial autonomy within the Pakistani federation. Nonviolence, a passion with Khan, was more an end in itself than an all-pervasive means to other ends!
    The mission of Bacha khan is to bring peace on the land of Pashtoon’s (Tribal live in Afghanistan and Pakistan). Bacha khan and Mahtama Gandhi both are struggle for independence from British Dictator. They both are non-violent by nature and want peace on the earth.They both are close friends.
    “I am going to give you such a weapon that the violent forces will not be able to stand against it. It is the weapon of the Prophet, but you are not aware of it.That weapon is patience and righteousness. No power on earth can stand against it.” BACHA KHAN

    Passion is basically a driving force that help you to turn vision into reality. If a student want to get admission in a certain university he/she will work for it passionately. A passionate leader will be able to motivate people and enhance the productivity of their performance. Passionate leader will also inspire others to join in his ideas even if they are risky. Most people try to avoid the situations which seems complicated and risky, but a passionate leader will make them join him by getting their attention and guiding them to see it, feel it, and envision the future.
    In April 1921, Khan founded Anjuman-i-islah-ul-Afaghana (Society for the Reformation of Afghans). Apolitical and purely missionary, the society undertook to eliminate social evils from Pakhtun society. In order to spread his message in outlying areas, the campaigner extensively traversed all the 500 odd-villages of the frontier on foot and on two-wheeler. One major reason tribal areas are embroiled in violence today is because the British never allowed Bacha Khan to carry out his reforms in the hinterland.

    Vision is simply ability to visualize ideas for the change, betterment of future. A leader without a vision is like a person who have resources but is still poor because he don’t have the ideas to make his resources fruitful. For a leader vision is like a lantern which guide him and show him the path to follow to reach his destination.
    Vision gives meaning, a purpose to one’s life. For a leader a vision inspires him to stand out for his ideas and to work for them. Vision provides focus and motivate you. But having a vision only does not work unless you make others believe in your ideology and convince them by working efficiently to achieve it. For instance ,as a student when we want to choose a topic of our research project we try to be visionary about the possibilities, ideas and problems related to our ideas and then defend our idea in front of teachers and at the end prove ourselves with the results.
    Bacha khan(real name Khan Abdul Ghafar khan) want to educate every person of Pashtoon society because in that time Pashtoon even don’t know what is the education is and what is this. This is the Bacha khan broad vision that he educated every single person of Pashtoon society and give awareness about their rights.
    Today if I am educated and am Studying and know the values of the education this is because of him.

    A leader is like a role model for his followers, he influence them with his moral values, character, ideas and actions. Leaders are responsible for inspiring people and making them follow him in his path and actions. Ethical leader works as stimulus and make his followers change their toxic and unreasonable behaviour and engage them in self-empowering and productive actions. Ethical leader is aware of people expectations and his decisions impact on others, so he always try to use his power and authority for the good of people instead of his own benefit.
    Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “I have not been sent except to perfect the ethical system
    (mukāram al-akhlāq).”
    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not only an ethical leader but he also followed strong moral principles in his daily life. There are hundreds of incidents that are evident of this fact. He was always clear and fair in his decisions. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged his Ummah to have high moral values and ethics by influencing them through his daily living. One of the highest ethical value is to be truthful in any case. Even the enemies of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) convinced of his ethics. Most of the non-believers were so impressed by his equality, kindness, forgiveness, truthfulness and quality of keeping promises that they accepted Islam. Once during the hearing of a theft case when people wanted to save the lady because of her high family status, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated “Many a community ruined itself in the past as they only punished the poor and ignored the offences of the exalted. By Allah, if Muhammad’s (My) daughter Fatimah would have committed theft, her hand would have been severed.” [Al-Bukhari].
    General Pervas Musharraf is dictator in Pakistan who is very brutal to civilians and they died millions of Pakistani in the name of Jahad and they take our millions of dollors from America.
    He is a pro Taliban and He killed millions of people in the name of Jahad.

    Compassion is willingness to understand others and being kind with them. Being compassionate mean being non-judgemental and try to understand their reasons. A strong leader is the one who is thoughtful of other lives. A compassionate leader is aware of the importance of every member and always strive for the well-being of his people. Compassion is the quality which make his followers his admirers. Compassionate leader’s positivity and caring behaviour show others the sincerity of his words. He can make his team mates happy, motivated and enhance their productivity.
    Bacha Khan Baba is known for his non-violence philosophy all over the world. He spent 36 Years in Jail but he never come on violent, Mahmta Ghandi and Nelson Mandala says that we learn non-violence philosophy from Bacha Khan.
    Nelson Mandala is very inspire from Bacha Khan and they also preach his non-violence philosophy all the world.

    “This is the philosopy of nonviolence that I have learned from Bacha Khan, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa.” Malala Yousafzai

    Equality and respect is one of basic esteem needs of any human according to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. As we live in a society where everyone has freedom of speech, people can have very different point of views but this difference of opinions should not be a reason of conflict. For a leader it is very important to respect his followers and their opinions and ideas. A good leader is the one who believe in equality and not biased.
    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was respectful even towards his enemies. He took care of the lady who used to throw garbage on him and never said a single bad word to her. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a strong advocate of equality. He end gender, race, colour, cast and creed differences. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “O people! Your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one. An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a red (i.e. white tinged with red) person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a red person, except in piety”
    Adolf Hitler was a racist leader who destroy the idea of equality. He divided races in to lower and higher. He had no respect for anyone who was against him and his ideologies. He openly proclaimed his hatred towards Jews and blamed them for every problem. According to him Germans belonged to high race while Jews and Slavic people were considered lower race.
    A good leader should also have good management skills to advance in career and life. For a leader to accomplish his objectives commendably he should have certain attributes, he should know how to manage his team and deal with them effectively. An elected leader should know beforehand how he is going to restructure the model of government according to his objectives.
    North Korea is one of the most repressive state. Kim Jong UN the head of ruling Workers party of Korea restricts all the social, political and civil liberties. The government purges freedom of speech, expression, assembly, association and religion. He even restricts people from travelling and it is very difficult to enter in North Korea. Most of the people are living in poverty and anyone who try to oppose his rules punished severely.
    Personal presentation
    When we meet a person for the first time we make an impression about his personality by his personal attire and the way he carries it. We can guess the profession of people from their dressing style. Your personal presentation speaks a lot about you. Powerful leaders dress according to their working environment and the event, their attire show their confidence and self-esteem. Every leader don’t have very impressive personal presentation but every effective leader must look like a presenter of his/her performance.
    As we all know Steve job as late Apple co-founder but this is not the only reason he is famous. His unvarying signature look (black turtlenecks, jeans and sneakers) is also one of the most discussed topics about him. Wearing same dress every day could enhance your productivity as a leader and increase your brain power. Because it helps you to focus all of your energy into your work and decrease the amount of decisions you made daily. It becomes your life style and make you comfortable. You will always feel in form when you wear your work attire, but this could vary leader to leader.
    Team Building
    If we want to build a team where everyone feels respected and understood we need to work both on our individual as well as on mutual strengths. It is crucial for every successful team that the members know each other well and get the opportunity to spend quality time together on a regular basis.
    Not only it is important to create a positive working environment, but also to create a special kind of connection – the one which will lead to problem solving and conflict resolution in some difficult times.
    Ghaffar Khan, who is also known as Bacha Khan and the “Frontier Gandhi,” formed the world’s first nonviolent army, a force of perhaps 100,000 Pathans who took a solemn oath in joining the “Servants of God” movement, with each stating that “since God needs no service… I promise to serve humanity in the name of God.1 I promise to refrain from violence and from taking revenge. I promise to forgive those who oppress me or treat me with cruelty.
    Measurable Accomplishments
    As I mentioned in the previous text, only creating a vision of our goal will not be enough to make it come true. It is required for us to work on achieving it by taking one step at a time and making an insight into the things we have already done. It will help us see how far we have come and how long the path could be.
    Creating measurable accomplishments is something we dream of when we start our journey of reaching our goals. We envision how it will look like and how the results will affect everything else.
    My great example of a leadership that creates measurable accomplishments is the work of Bacha Khan for education. Education was his major vehicle of change. From 1910 to 1921, Khan opened at least 70 educational institutes in various parts of the then North West Frontier Province, now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. With Pashto as medium of instruction, curricula comprised the Holy Quran, Hadith, Fiqah, Pashto, Mathematics, English and Arabic. Besides, vocational skills like weaving, carpentry and tailoring also made to the syllabi.


    “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” Mae West
    I lived for short span of 20 years but I enjoyed and cherished every moment of it. There were not always the moments of happiness, there were times when I was sad, depressed and fed up. There were moments when I shed tears and enjoyed laughters and indeed this is how life works. It is a balanced combinations of sorrows, struggle, failure, success and glee. Life is journey full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises.
    I want my loved one and other with whom I am not acquainted very well, to be remember always. I want people to remember every help and sacrifice that I have made for them. Every time, I tried to teach somebody even a word or sentence, I want them to remember. I want people to always recall my jokes and laughters that I created to make them happy and forget their sorrows. I want people to recall me and my name when they are doing any good deed that they are doing which I have taught them. I want everyone to cherish the good time that we have spent together. And finally, I want people to remember me and the times when I was there for them during their hard times.
    All I wanted to do in my life was to make everyone happy and joyful.
    I always want to change the world and the world remember me as a changer. I always want to live a long life until the world exist. It is impossible, But I found one way that make it possible and that was, If you give some gift to the world World will always remember you until the existence of this world. The gift is the one that, Bacha Khan, Gandhi, Nelson Mandala, Steve Job and Bill Gates give to the world and the world will always remember them, and thus he live a life for lifetime. So I always want to live such a long life and want to give a gift to the world.
    I am not leaving you today, Its just a physical body that leave this world,because my memories and all the moments that I have spent with you which is a great for me, will always be with you.
    And last I would say that;
    “I always live a life for others to make their life better and should also think about your gift which you will give to this world”
    Abdur Rehman

    I discussed the Kectil Ten Points of Leadership and what each Point means with real life example. It was an interactive discussion as the discussion brought up a lot of point on the loophole of some organisation leadership and relatively individual leadership skills that can be work on. Kectil Ten Points of Leadership is good good value every organisation and leaders need to be taught on and we brought up initiative on how to use this to train more organisation and young leaders.
    A good real life example is how the Nigeria government have deviate from a good ethics to personal interest and suffer more masses in their decision making.

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