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    a. What male stereotypes can you identify within your immediate community? Explain why you believe these are stereotypes. (less than 200 words)

    Firstly, stereotype is any thought widely adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of behaving intended to represent the entire group of those individuals or behaviors as a whole. These thoughts or beliefs may or may not accurately reflect reality. A male stereotype simply connotes. In putting this in perspectives, male stereotype simply connotes the thoughts or believe that is ascribed to the male gender. In using the northern part of Nigeria as an example, most of the uneducated believes men should not be catered that much for, they are of the firm believe that female gender should be well catered for. As a matter of fact, the northern part of the country believe the female gender are one which deserves all honour and respect, that is why you will see most of these female gender do so well virtually more than the male gender.

    As a matter of fact, I believe these are stereotypes associated with the northern part of the country especially the unlettered ones, simply because of this practice over time. Taking a critical look at the practices of the Almajiris, 90% of these people are males.

    b. What measures do you believe can be instituted in order to ensure that these stereotypes can be broken down? (less than 400 words)

    First and foremost, it should be on record that, recently, the mentality that is ascribed to the male gender is gradually going into extinction, not totally but to a reasonable extent. The rate at which the northern part priorities western education has increased and by virtue of this, we now have some of the northerners holding various political offices. if I were to be asked what gave rise to this development, I will say its education, continuous orientation and awareness from various groups and other educated community leaders contributed to this.
    Aside the efforts of some NGOs, I will suggest the following measures to be instituted:
    Orientation & Awareness
    Continues mentorship
    Community meetings with leaders of each community. (This will be done by volunteers who are willing to make a change in their respective communities.

    More so, attitudinal change is equally important, these are things we as individual should work on. It is important to consider some practice as an archaic one and henceforth we should do away with most of these embarrassing practices that prioritize a particular gender above the other.

    c. How do you think we can change the points of view of older generations in order to see the harm that male stereotypes are having on the younger generations’ mental health? (less than 400 words)
    Simply put, it actually a war that may not be easy to fight but then, it could be fought and be won. The first approach to be given to this is orientation and reorientation of our older generation. Given an instance of what I fought when embarked on my annual ICT and mentorship training in a community in the northern part of Nigeria. The major issue I had then was the unwillingness of the parents of these children to release their children for our yearly training. How I overcame this issue was simple. I engaged with the ruler of that community informed him about our intention and the attitude of these parents with our training. I made the head of the community to understand the essence of this training and how it will further help the community. With these little efforts I was able to win the heart of the community head. The community head fixed a meeting with the parent of the selected student and they made us understand that they don’t want their children tio get exposed to computer because of their superstitious believe, hearing this, I was able to explain better to them, I informed them about the benefits. To cut the long story short, I was able to win their heart and trained all the students and the rest became a story. The approach here can be used in changing the point of view of the older generation in order to guide against future harm.
    Furthermore, the willingness to volunteer by younger generation particularly those from the parts where there are lot of stereotypes will equally help in fighting this menace.
    a. Do you believe that toxic masculinity is still evident within today’s society? Please substantiate your answer. (less than 300 words)

    Yes, toxic masculinity exists. It has been happening since time immemorial.
    As a matter of fact, set of attitudes and ways of behaving stereotypically associated with or expected of men, regarded as having a negative impact on men and on society as a whole.
    The term toxic masculinity stems from the mythopoetic men’s movement in the 1980s. This movement, founded by men for men, aimed to provide men with an outlet for their ‘manliness.’
    In modern society, people often use the term toxic masculinity to describe exaggerated masculine traits that many cultures have widely accepted or glorified. This harmful concept of masculinity also places extreme significant importance on the male gender based on some certain things which ranges from, strength, dominance and sexual virility etc. Taking a critical consideration of traditional toxic masculine values, a male gender who does not actively display enough of these traits may fall short of being a real man. As funny as this could sound, it is peculiar to all the three major tribes in Nigeria.
    b. Can toxic masculinity be unlearnt? Please elaborate on your answer (less than 200 words)

    Certainly, toxic masculinity can definitely be unlearnt. By virtue of the common saying that change is always constant in human lives, going by this saying, there can certainly be a change, however, may take time. This will be collaborative efforts of both the aged and the younger generation. It will start from changing our mindset towards the right direction and premium will be placed on continues orientation and reorientation.

    c. How, as a Kectil Colleague, would you go about shifting the narrative from toxic to healthy masculinity? (less than 300 words)

    As a astute volunteer, I will channel my volunteering services towards sensiting and orientating my community with respect to the concept of toxic masculinity which will ultimately lead to a balance system between the male and the female gender. As a Kectil colleague, I will work hard on shifting the narrative from toxic masculinity to healthy masculinity. I will do this by engaging the assurance of other mental health physicians and motivational speakers who could lend their voices towards the call for healthy masculinity.

    d. What do you believe the benefits of integrating a sense of healthy masculinity into a community are? (less than 200 words)

    Firstly, the benefits are enormous. It will certainly bring about the spirit of ones and the spirit of togetherness. It will eliminate the issue of rivalry and dominance. It will reduce drastically issues associated with mental health challenges.

    e. How do you believe we can enhance healthy masculinity practices within our communities, especially in the context of lockdown and the pandemic? (less than 300 words)

    As a matter of fact, Kectil has taken a great step towards tacking these issues considering its consistence awareness towards these issues. As a colleague, I have also taking steps towards inviting my peers to various webinar organized by Kectil in absence of physical gathering. I have taken further steps in training some of my mentees and also to encourage them on why they need to place premium on their mental health associated with toxic masculinity. Be it as it may, sensitization and orientation should be staged periodically towards building a system that will be workable for us all, and most of these could be staged via zoom or other online platforms.

    a. What natural abilities do you think men have to support females and transform the community? (not more than 100 words)

    There are many innate males have that is not present in female, hence the need for males to protect the other gender for a peaceful co-existence in the community.
    Their ability is to protect, provide, and produce for not only females but also for the good of their community all because of the presence of testosterone and muscles present in their bodies.
    b. Comment on how males are using their natural abilities in your community (not more than 150 words)

    The ability to protect: – Males in my community have demonstrated their ability to protect the community from outside attacks like hoodlums, armed robbers and any external attack
    The ability to provide: – They provide for the community by contributing money for projects specially to repair damages that may be detrimental to health and life
    The ability to produce: – males in the community make bidding laws for the community to prevent the state of anarchy.
    c. Empowerment. This came with a shift in roles among men and women. What impacts do you see women liberation movements have on males in your society? (less than 500 words)

    d. Single out an outstanding young male in your country/ region who you believe is putting their abilities to good use. Write about what this person is doing (with facts) and why you chose them among the many (less than 300 words)

    e. How do you think women and men can work together to develop the community they live in? (not more than 200 words)

    Women and men can work together to develop the community they live in by love, trust and cooperation as can 2 work together except they agree. Mutual agreement also is very important If any community wants to record a grand success in all its endeavor as when things fall apart, center holds no more.
    f. What shape should an ideal women liberation movement in the contemporary world take Physical ability (less than 200 words)
    Assemble 4-6 of your peers between the ages 18-26 for a discussion session that you lead on the situation of male roles in society in your country. Although the lockdown order may have been relaxed in some countries, we do not want any of you to risk your health. Please do not organize face-to-face panel discussions. We highly recommend you to do online meetings on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or alternative channels convenient for you.

    Discuss the following and submit a short report of the outcome.

    1. I carried out a peer panel discussion with a group of 5 on WhatsApp and below form the summarized responses of members.
    The five panelists where gotten after a selection processes. A graphics design was done for this purpose. The intention behind the graphics design was to select willing fellows who will like to partake in the session. Most panelists maintained a uniform view.
    Discussion was led by my humble self and the meaning of toxic masculinity was duly considered vis a vis its effect.
    a. Does the panel agree with this pledge?

    All of the panel agree with this pelage, even though, one of them shared a different perspective. However, he eventually align himself with our position.

    b. How would you go about encouraging males to take the ‘Kectil Male Promise?’
    As a youth leader, I will begin from my mentees, show them the need to understand this pledge and live by it. Once this is done, I will further encourage them to preach this pledge to their colleagues in school and place of work. Furthermore, knowing t=fully the importance of this, I will further incorporate it as part of my theme of discussion in all my future events and programs. More importantly, community awareness will be done with the help of some like minds volunteers. With this happening, I am the firm view that, things will improve far better.

    c. What do you believe can be added to the Male Promise, and why?

    d. What responsible steps do you believe are constituted in facilitating other females who find themselves in risky situations?

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