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    Assignment 2: Social media and personal branding
    A. Influence of Social Media on youth

    My country is divided into rural and urban areas and everything related to internet access thus social media access depends on where one is. Tools used to access social media are mostly abundant in the urban areas, these tools include smart phones, laptops, wi-fi, internet service provider network coverage is also stronger here, and the people who make up the social media population are also found in urban areas in large numbers. The further away one moves from the urban areas and into the rural areas the lesser the tools used to access social media are found. For example, teenagers of the same age, both using Facebook but in different zones, one from urban and one from the rural have a significantly different number of followers, with the one from the urban area having more followers and the one from the rural area having lesser followers.
    This distinction is also evident in the effects social media has on the youth in my country. The urban worth is more populated in social media platforms which creates a fantasy world of some sort, whereby most of the worth portrays to a life different from their actual reality. This ultimately leads to depression episodes in the youth, low self-esteem, disconnected family members because some may not fit the profile that one is trying to maintain. The youth tend to become very choosy in the jobs they do as also some of the jobs may not fit the standards one has set for themselves on the media. When it comes to the youth in the rural areas, they tend to see the life in urban areas to be intimidating, mainly because of the false portrayal of life in the urban areas. This also leads to severe depression and low self-esteem of the youth from the rural areas when they come to the urban areas.
    When I was in high school a female class mate of mine had her naked pictures posted on social media, they were posted by an ex of hers, the girl was made fun of and looked down upon. She was absent for two weeks, the school’s administration did nothing, the situation passed and everyone moved on. The way the school reacted was not a shock as that was what was done by most old people when they had to solve disputes that occurred from social media. Its only now that older people are realising and the impacts of social media. The government has also recognised social media and the troubles the youth faces in the national reforms that are currently happening, the reforms are laying down some laws that will control the populated youth on social media. I feel like my role and everyone who is aware of such reforms is to make them heard and inform everyone who is not yet aware.

    I believe one can get addicted to social media just as they can get addicted to drugs, especially if one goes into social media platforms without a clear reason or intension. Just like how one gets addicted to drugs, the stages leading to social media addiction are the same. It starts with experimentation whereby one is learning how to use social media features and creating a network of online friends with the content they like. The user then uses the platforms regularly creating networks and ties that will soon be what the user is depending on. The third stage is complete dependency on these sites which qualifies as addiction. Just like how one gets addicted to drugs the stages are similar. Though the health effects of prolonged drug use and excessive social media use on the individual are not necessarily similar but the long-term effects are the same. Abusing both leads to one leaving in their own fantasy world, from here a lot of fatal consequences arise, these include depression through a self-destructive thinking, suicidal thoughts and bullying.

    I do believe that a non-purposeful use of social media tends to reduce the user’s attention from other important commitments, these include all kinds of jobs and academic work for scholars. This is mainly because the user’s mind is misguided and therefore it always gravitates towards the matters of the fantasy world the user has created at these social media platforms. Ultimately the user develops other commitments at these social media sites, slowly reducing the user’s attention from real life commitments such as academia and other jobs.

    Social media played two main roles in my country’s past elections held in June 2017, especially on the young voters. The first role was the accessibility of all the current affairs and political events that were happening which made social media populations more aware of the leaders in the electoral race thus giving the youth a chance to choose whom they want as prime minister. The second role is the fact the social media platforms became where every youth voiced their opinions and these made voting a cool thing amongst the youth. The youth became more engaged in my country’s political arena, they were active in the debates and even in the voting procedures’ education programs in an effort to educate the illiterate elderly on how to cast their vote. Because of social media the voter’s rate from the young voters increased by 80 % from the previous national elections.
    However, social media also became a hotspot for fake news and a tool for political personnel to promote their agendas. The fake news came from all angels and it was hard the youth who are not politically “woke” to identify real news and fake news therefore this led to a number of misconceptions. The fakes news wave was still even after the elections with speculations that there will be another voting to be carried out as everything was rigged, so on and so on. The fake news was so good that even today some people still believe that the party in power rigged the voting system to be where they are three years later. Because my country’s laws have never involved social media platforms in their constitutions none of the sites were ever shut down regardless of the havoc they caused.

    Like any other type of tool that is used to influence, social media influencers have both positive and negative effects to the youth in social media platforms. Looking from a business marketing perspective, influencers have turned social media platforms as one of the great and profitable spots for promoting businesses and a number of businesses have in return seen massive profit increase and thus reduced youth unemployment. Although influencers from this perspective are not making a direct psychological or wellness impact to the youth, they are however, making a positive impact to the un-employment problems the youth is facing. Mihlali Ndamase (@mihlalii_n on Instagram) being one of the major examples, has turned a hobby of applying makeup into a profitable career. A huge number of her followers are walking in her footsteps they are also making it work as make-up artists or beauty-care personalities or even Instagram models, example being Palesa Ts’uluba (mballi_aggy on Instagram) an Instagram model. On the other hand, this entrepreneurship feeds more into a social media fantasy world that is distancing more of social media youth from their reality leading to a number of personality issues. Looking at Mpoomy Ledwaba, a professional youtuber, appears to be one of the positive influencers because her content is mostly about mental health awareness and life advises through experience. On the other hand, however, the greater part of what she does is based on Christianity beliefs which could be considered as a form meant for confinement to non-Christians. For this, someone might argue that she is a positive influencer or she is promoting the right subjects and actions.

    My country has its own catalogue of political activists and that’s the end of it, this limits the variety that the youth can choose from. However, through social media the youth in my country is able to interact and try to follow in the footsteps of their role models from all over the world thus empowering my country’s youth population. I also believe that if every person acknowledged and embraced by the youth in social media platforms for their efforts or hard work in whatever field they are in, this will empower the next person walking the same path.

    Yes, the mentioned platforms are turning more and more of the youth into narcissists in real life, the lengths the youth on social media platforms take to get attention is limitless. Some go as far as revealing their naked bodies on these platforms, stealing other people’s appealing posts and claim them as their own and denying their parents and claiming new cool parents. The desire to sound and look different in the social media fantasy world goes together with the “look at me” syndrome which increases as the addiction to social media increases. It damages both the poster and reader due to its toxic traits; people portray hate speech and emotionally hurting others in the name of freedom of speech, a rise in plastic surgery, suicides, human trafficking mostly subjected to women because they want a glamorous life which will be more appealing to their social media peers.

    First of all, I believe that anything is possible but this one in particular will require a lot of sacrifice and self-discipline. This because some of the youth on the social media platforms are so dependent on it posting and telling how they live is the only form of self-expression they know. Some are literally employed to the events happening in social media platforms

    My country has had an awareness about supporting black businesses an fakebook. People started learning about it. lately when a young entrepreneur makes his business known on social media platforms about selling muffins. The population helps them promote by sharing their post and some would even go and buy. There was a world campaign about NO TO SUICIDE, people really learned from it and started being mental health activists.

    B. Personal Branding
    My outfit says I’m a final year university student and the topics I choose to engage myself in with people can tell that I’m a science student. I’m a very realistic person and this is signified by the choice of language depending on which part of the country I am in. I want to portray a medial professional, who is not just a book worm but also a realistic Mosotho man in training. I want to be a trustworthy young leader who can be trusted with critical information and trusted to do the right decisions. I think I’m on the right track as I see and hear how people address me even people who meet me for the first time respect me and listen to my advices.
    I believe that timeliness says a lot about how the candidate will respond to tasks handed to them in the future. Showing up before the set time shows preparedness and confidence and if the candidate showed up early for our meeting, he has definitely earned some points.
    Preparing for an interview is the best way to get into a short list, however we are in the era of the internet where everything is available and if one has an abundance of time they can get through any interview. Therefore, I would also want to see how my candidate responds to things they never prepared for or that they never thought would be part of the interview. Manoeuvrings out of a tough situation especially with intimidating people just like an interview setting is a very critical skill too.
    Trustworthy and reliability are one the key points to look at even though I believe time is the only tool that will tell if the candidate is trustworthy and reliable, this is why I believe probations are really necessary.
    Humility, authority and preparedness are also necessary in order to carry out a well-coordinated meeting that has respect in it.
    Other major attributes to be considered include problem solving skills and how fast can the candidate think on their feet and still manage to do accurate decision that will take the employer’s business further.
    First one has to know the audience they will be presenting the topic to, age, gender academic background has to be one the major things to look into first. The dress code will depend on the type of audience but just like in real life, the presenters outfit has to be respectful and professional. Know the language to use and avoid staggering when speaking. Confidence should be above all things and this is only achieved by preparing and doing everything ahead of time and presenting the prepared material to other people and taking their suggestions and recommendations.
    The candidate’s social media is necessary to look at but it should be considered that someone’s private life should remain private. The major things to look into are any illegal associations like drugs.
    C. Panel discussion
    my panellists all agree that that excessive use of social media can cause depression. However, the man points picked up is that if one is already having a weak personality Dr Primack’s discovery is more evident, also if one has trouble accepting who they are or the material things around them.
    The discussion about herd behaviour brought up how a lot of the youth believed and found reasons to support the ideology that the coronavirus was brought about the 5G wave used by internet network being used. This ideology was supported so much though there was no scientific background that supported it.
    My panellists believe that social media has a major impact on the lack of productivity in all fields.

    The Kectil 15 Rules of social media use are very enlightening and they would love if more people participated in trying to archive them, more especially high school pupils where the negatives of social media seem to be damaging more. However, they do not carter for all the uses of social media especially the business part which has done a tremendous in fighting youth unemployment in our country.

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