Ahmed Amedu Paasewe – Liberia

  • May 14, 2020 at 12:43 pm #2624
    Huong Nguyen

    Social Media Branding has a major impact in our today world; Around the 1960 – 1980, people weren’t opportune to access opportunities, and the present of digitalization has less impact in the society; the visibility of Businesses and Personal Development were unseen globally; there were too many unfelt ventures and impacts across the globe; global ties and corporate unity were challenging;
    Howbeit, businesses, individuals and entities were still operating yet challenging in the global market; but today, the usages of digitalization and modernization have given birth to a society that’s competitive and argumentative; societal has now adopted the culture of global accomplishment;
    Today, individual uses the social media handles or platforms to market his or her businesses; it brings the beauty of businesses or personal development initiatives closer to people whom are far away; it is estimated approximately over 50 % businesses have a social handle to market their products and services.
    Moreover, young potential people across the globe use the social media platform to sell and market their ideas; and the concept is, there are too many social users or subscribers; it enables an individual to find or create opportunities out of his or her comfort zoom
    Example: John creates a venture titled “John Fashion Design,” he used to design incredible African custom, but not too many people knew about his incredible innovation; but his early introduction of his innovation on the social media through a marketing strategic, he got customers out of his comfort zoom; people order for his fashionable design clothes across Africa, and his business grow bigger.
    Therefore, the social media is very important but base on the user; it gives out incredibility as well as distraction. It has major impact in our today world; it image is presented to connect, and unite people across the global. The wiser it is use, the important it becomes.

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