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    Huong Nguyen

    Please write a short paragraph of less than 300 words on the negative personal effects of social media on youth in your community or country. Have you or someone you know experienced depression, cyberbullying, or other negative result of using social media? How was it handled, if at all? What is the youth social media culture in your country? Can youth take a stand and change the culture?
    In my country Nigeria, the youths are vastly the major users of internet for social interactions. Various social media platform has been used judiciously and has problems very positive, it has helped to connect loved ones together and has been a source of vitamins information and opportunities. But there is also huge negative effect it has had on the youths, such as depressions and mental health issues, exposure to adult information/pornography, spread of fake news, cyber bullying which comes in form of hate speech among others etc. As a development journalist, I have interviewed and document young individuals stories. On an occasion I interviewed a youth, who spoke on his addiction to pornography and the role of the internet and social media (more of the stories His addition affected his views on the opposite sex. He was able to overcome this addiction by reducing his time spent on the internet and medias and engaging more on extracurricular aactivities I also provided resources and contact to this individuals should incase he needed more support. The social media also played huge roles in past elections and in politics, from creating political enthusiasm and also in the dissemination of fake news

    In your opinion, is excessive use of social media by youth an addiction? Are the damaging effects as bad as drinking or drugs?
    I believe excessive use of social media is detrimental to not just the health but social wellbeing of individuals. Studies has shown that excessive use of social media by individuals as led to increase in nervousness and anxiety. This excessive social media use can lead to risky decision making which is also comparable to drug and drinking addictions. Also individuals tend to display withdrawal symptoms when action is been made to curb their long hours of social media usage and mostly relapse. A new study published in the Journal of Behavioral Addiction by researchers has also found out similarities between behavioural characteristics of excessive social media use and drug use.

    It is said that use of social media reduces job and academic performance either by wasting time or by consistent mental distractions. Do you think this is true or false and why?
    I believe it’s true social media reduces job and academic performance. From my experience in the university and also from stories shared to me by colleague, social media is a huge distraction to academic lives, leading to waste of time and mental distraction. In the university one can’t afford to take his/her phone to the library, a notification pop up could spell doom to the study plans of the individual, as it may lead to constant checking of social media. Social media has created a platform where individuals can and want to document details of their daily lives. The urge to update followers and friends can have a huge mental distraction to this individuals. In some work places, the use of social media is discouraged citing the distraction and wastage of time which should have been employed the promote work efficiency

    Please write a paragraph of 400 words or less on whether social media played a role in government elections or politics in your community or country? Have you experienced “Fake News” in your country? Have you observed the attempted manipulation of public opinion using social media as a platform? Has any social media networking been shut down or censored?
    Social media plays a huge role in politics and government election in Nigeria. WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter serves as medium for information dissemination, Group discussion and and support system for political leaders. This played a huge role in increasing political enthusiasm. The government also employed the use of social media to raise awareness on one of the fundamental rights of the citizens, the right to vote and sensitive the population on the power of each vote, this player a remarkable role in persuading the citizens to go out and vote. But also, the social also had his fair of negative usage, it was a fast huge medium used by political entities to spread Fake news, Hate etc. Millions of youth in Nigeria have access to social media, a huge percentage are also not well educated, The social has a huge capacity of reaching to thousands at aver short time, fake news being spread has huge implications, This news unfortunately are not verified or fact checked this causing a damage to our political and election system.

    Please write a paragraph of 300 words or less on whether current social media “Influencers” are having a positive or a negative effect on youth in your country? Are they “Influencing” the right subjects and actions? Please be specific and provide names.
    In the Nigiera social media space, we have influencers who plays great role bringing out key informations and issues, most of this are intellectuals in the academic, economic and political sphere, They include Dr. Dipo Awojide, Dr. Joe Abah, Mr Oyindamola Johnson amongst others.. On the other side, in the entertainment sector, a lot of this influences do.have negative effects, this can be shown by the content they produce, promoting cybercrimes, decent and other moral decadence.

    Is there a lack of positive role models in your community or country? Does social media make it better or worse? What kind of role models would you like to see leading the voice on social media? How can you and your peers make that happen?
    No, there js no shortage or lack of role model in Nigeria There are positive role models here, there are a lot of intellectuals who’s life and principles are worthy of emulation, the social media sometimes bridge the gap allowing this individuals reach and impact a huge audiences, it also allows young individuals to communicate with the role models. We need principled and ethical leaders who have the empathy for majority of masses, leaders who fight for justice, social equity and promote good governance. We the youths needs to engage and promote the voices and subject public figures to scrutiny when required

    Do social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook lead to narcissism—an effort to get self-attention? Is it leading to the “look at me” syndrome? How is that damaging to the poster and to the reader?

    Yes! The social media is a platform fot individuals from different background to relate and connect. The expensive lifestyle of celebrities and intent to display the constant activities happening in their life may lead to depression and uncessary pressures on the youths. This promotes participation in illegal and unpleasant activities such as cybercrimes, prostitutions, drug trafficking among others.

    Is it possible for youth to show the self-discipline to limit themselves to 2 hours a day on social media?
    It is possible for youth to limits the use of social media to 2 hours. It requires good time management and participation in other activities and programs, this many include capacity program such as photography, video editing, programing and online course and fellowship. It’s a task, which requires the mental programing But it is possible to achieve this.

    A positive aspect of social media is education and awareness. Please describe a few examples where youth in your community have learned about an issue or subject and reacted appropriately to address a situation because of a social media campaign.
    Social media is a great tool to raise awareness of critical issues and educate the society, In Nigeria the social media play huge role from the mobilization of youths and advocate om issues and events such as the #BringBackOurGirls movement, to serving as a court to decide and talk on critical issues. The current pandemic has also shown the power of the social media, playing a crucial role in the education of the population on measures and advise in the protection against Covid-19. This are few of the roles of the social media in addressing critical issues

    Think critically about what image you project when people meet you in person. What is your message? How does who you speak, dress, your body language, your hair, all give a subtle message about who you are and what you think is important? Answer in a short paragraph what kind of image you want to present and whether you accomplish that.

    I was raised by mother to be selfless and compassionate. This shows in my passion and more than 3 years experience in development sector. When I go for events, I dress in simple, nonflamboyant, neat as possible. I get to position myself to be easily communicated and address to. I always want to show humility, Compassion and Intelligence. My body language show preparedness, reliability and confidence.

    Assume you are looking an employer looking to fill an entry level position. What would you look for when interviewing a youth candidate in person? Would the following matter?
    i. Is the candidate timely? Did he/she show up at or before any agreed time and ready to do the task at hand? Timeliness is a major indicator of professionalism.
    ii. Did the candidate study and get prepared for the meeting? Did he/she read materials ahead of time to get ready for a meeting or did he/she try to slip by and fake the way through with no preparation?
    iii. Did the candidate appear reliable and trustworthy?
    iv. Did the candidate speak with a combination of humility, authority and preparedness?
    v. List other attributes you would look for when you interview the candidate for the job.
    First impression matters a lot, Timeliness is really important, it shows discipline.
    Preparedness also matters a lot, he or she must be prepared with right information.
    Reliability and trustworthiness is very crucial.
    Humility is my most prized qualities, at the same time must exhibit a touch of authority to show confidence

    After watching Nozipho’s Web Session, write a short paragraph about how to give a good oral presentation on an important topic with a powerpoint slide deck.
    My focus of the presentation will be on making it memorable. I will spend more time reading the information before the presentation. I will keep the presentation short, simple and clean, use storytelling to capture the imagination of the listeners

    Assume again that you are an employer looking to hire a youth for an entry level position. Would you check their social media? What kinds of things on social media would keep you from hiring someone?
    Definitely I will check their Social media profile. In the currenr trend the social media is a persons new CV. The interactions will be crucial. Negative interactions like cyberbullying and insensitive communication will be detested.

    1. Describe the study by Dr. Primack and colleagues in 2014-2016 at the University of Pittsburgh which found there is a significant, linear relationship between social media use and depression, measured either as total time or frequency of visits.
    a. Ask your panelists if they agree that excessive use of social media can cause depression and why or why not.
    b. Lead a discussion on cyberbullying and “herd behavior” (i.e., forcing everyone to think the same way).
    c. Do your panelists think there a relationship between the amount of use of social media and lack of productivity, mental distraction and inability to get a job done?

    I chaired a panel session involving 4 individuals 2 of which graduates and the other under graduates. The discussion was centered on Dr Primack and collegues was findings at the University of Pittsburgh. They all agreed with his findings on a sinificant linear relationship between social media use and and depression. The participants shed lights on their encounter in the social media sphere which includes the inferiority complex and others, some of the participants share the strategies used to prevent social media depression such as unfollowing and muting individuals.
    The panel session also focused on cyberbulling, The participants share moments they ve been harassed, Body shaming was a common form of this. There was also emphasis on herd behavior, attempts to force people to think the same way. During this conversation, there was a full consensus that individuals needs to be given a voice to speak and relay their thoughts and emotions without interferance

    The panelist agree all agreed there is a relationship between the amount of use of social media and lack of productivity, mental distraction. One of the panelist shared her story of how social media affected her academic activities, she laid emphasis on it disrupting her schedule of daily activities.

    Review the Kectil 15 Rules of Social Media Use. Collect the comments of your panelists. Do they agree or disagree with the Kectil Social Media Rules? Do they think they can comply with these Rules? Would they be willing to distribute them to others?
    The panelist showed enthusiasm and agreed with the kectil social media rules. They believe the rules can be complied with, but will take seriousness and being intentional about it. They all agreed to share the rules with friends

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