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    Huong Nguyen

    Assignment 4

    Stereotypes and Cultures that hurt males
    • One of the stereotypes common and observed in my community is the perception that men shouldn’t be emotional. In the environment men are believed to show masculinity amd avoid characteristics meant to be feminine. To be seen as dominant and strong and not needing emotional support or counseling. These are stereotypic because it doesn’t really portray the personality of a man. A man just like a woman undergoes psychological and emotional influence and is also vulnerable to external events.
    • Education is one of the most effective tool to inspire change. Just like the WHO data, men are likely to commit suicide four times are than their counterparts. Most of this suicide case are emotionally and psychological influence. When we build our educational institution to be inclusive of men development and orientation program. Where at a young age a boy is taught to have empathy and other emotional intelligent skills, and also taught its normal to , to cry, to be emotional and to seek for help, it goes a long way to shaping a man.
    • I believe education is also important to change the points of view of older generations harm that male stereotypes are having on the younger generations’ mental health. When we use a data driven and storytelling approach to engage older generations, it is likely to change their perspectives which in turn could influence how they build their male child
    Healthy versus Toxic masculinity
    • Yes, toxic masculinity still exist in different part of the world. The geopolitically is volatile and sometimes hostile in some parts of the world. Wars, disasters have a role in shaping the gowth of individuals, therefore influencing the perception and action of individuals mostly negatively. Also most unhealthy masculinity is a result of environmental stress and historic events.
    • Yes, I believe toxic masculinity can be unlearnt. Just like events can influence and shape unhealthy masculinity, it can also change and influence healthy and positive masculinity. Masculinity is more of psychological and emotional awareness. This awareness can changed through education, environmental events ,vibrant atmosphere, love and compassion.
    • Firstly, I need to show at all times the positive masculinity I possess. Self-love, compassion, emotional awareness among others to my surroundings and people around me. Secondly, I also need to advocates and instill healthy masculinity among friends and those around by not just showing through my character but also teaching and engaging those around me.
    • Integrating a sense of healthy masculinity into a community promote and foster peaceful coexistence and interactions between all genders. It creates an atmosphere of empathy and mutual and beneficial connection
    • We can enhance healthy masculinity practices within our communities by creating a platform for discussions on issues which affects the male gender, a platform to access counseling and health resources. Also through education such as introducing into the curricular programs which shed lights on healthy and toxic masculinity. We can also enhance healthy practices through by building an economical and social stable community which will positively have an impact on individuals living in the community.
    How Males can use their innate skills to protect females and advance/improve society
    • I do not think there is huge differences in natural ability ability between men and women. But from the details, men are physically more agile than women. This allows men to support women with much strenuous activities.
    • The physicality of men creates the environment for men to be a natural protector of female, hence influencing leadership. Its common in the community here for men to engage and multitask to provide for their counterpart due to their perceived strength.
    • The women liberation movements is gaining ground. I believe its likely to shape not just the community but also the perception of women by men. Women will be seen as not just supporting and restricted but as a direct partner to the male colleague. Also the empowerment will be beneficial to male counterpart, as an empowered woman creates also an empowered family.
    • Hameed Kayode Alabi. He is the founder of Kayode Alabi Leadership and Career Initiative. I have worked with him and serve in a position under his organization. He has done well by promoting gender empowerment though empowering young underserved children majorly girls to access education.
    • To achieve a peaceful and stable society. There must be a positive interactions and co-existence between both and women. Women requires cooperation and collaboration between the male gender to achieve a gender equal and empowered community. This require supporting each other and creating sustainable facilities and inclusive institutions.
    • Ideal women liberation movement in the contemporary world should be liberal and reformist. Where it calls for legislative and empowering policies, and not extreme radical where sometimes call for separatism from men and attacks on men biology and psychology. I believe women needs the support of men to achieve a gender empowered world.
    • Yes, They agree with the pledge.
    • I will go educate them about the risk and difficulties women go through everyday, showing facts and informations. I will also explain the Kectil promise pledge
    • I think the four pledge expatiated on a lot.

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