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    Comparative Examples of Real Positive and Negative Leaders
    Mission: Mark zuckerberg had a mission of
    better connected world, a world with little to no barriers in interactions. He created a platform where people from different diversity interacts, stay connected and share informations. He found Facebook, a social media company with over a billion active user
    Passion: Otto Orondaam has a passion for children, most especially underserved children. He found Slum2school in Nigeria where it caters for children lacking access to quality education. His work has impacted thousands of children directly. His platform has also been recognises by various public celebrity including Anthony Joshua who has paid a visit to his initiative
    Vision: Vladimir Putin had the vision of building Russia, strengthening and returning Russia to the helm in global affairs.
    Mission. To this, Vladmir Putin first mission was to implement new economic reform to promote the standard of life of ordinary Russians and also maintain positive domestic support. He also focus of security modernizing its armed forces. And also worked to promote positive perception of Russia in the global sphere.
    Ethics: During his first tenure, he focus on oligarchy and corruption, Imprisoning various popular personality. Vladimir Putin has sometimes been regarded as an autocrat, through is repressive actions of opposition and media. He has also being frowned by western counties of its aggressive foreign policy. Regardless, he enjoys a huge domestic support and also have international allies and suppor
    Compassion: Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a compasionate leader. He showed compasion and mercy and also advocated for it. He was compassionate to the animals, where he forbade hunting for sport/fun. He was compassionate to children, He was compassionate to the poor and also to his enemies, where he mandated respect for prisoners,noncombatants, environment.
    Equality and Respect: President Obama advocated and fought for equivalent and respect. He fought for equal access to healthcare, gender equality and equal pay. He is also known for his respect to nations and his nonimposal of american setting to other nations.
    Good Governance: Sani Abacha was a military ruler in Nigeria. During his rule, he purged the military, banned political parties and censored the press. His action led to the suspension of Nigeria from the commonwealth He is popularly know for his embezzlement of Funds to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, some of his loots has been returned to Nigeria.
    Personal Presentation: Steve jobs is popularly known for his dress code, black mock turtleneck, blue jeans and New Balance sneakers. This is line with its focus on his passion and work. According to Michael E. Gerber who had an interview with him. Steve Jobs is quoted as saying “Every day I get up to a closet hung with the very same shirt, and the very same slacks, and the very same shoes. Elegant, yes, but the very same. I do that so that I don’t have to think about that. And I choose not to think about that because I choose to think about much more important things. Like our brand. Like our operating system. Like our positioning in the world.”
    Team Building: For Barack Obama to achieve its aspiration of presidency, he built amazing team such as Samantha Power and others who share same goals to help actualize his dream.
    Measurable Accomplishment: Nelson Mandela ended Apartheid in SouthAfrica

    Write your own funeral speech.

    I was raised by my mother. My dad deported us two months after my birth. While growing up, I never really thought about my dad, my mom showered me endless love. She was my my mother and father.
    If kindness is inherited, I believe I did from my mom, and also empathy from exposure you international news which shows world happenings including disorders,challenges faced by people around the work. At an early age. I wanted to change the world. I invested in capacity building programs, I read a lot of books, looking to get motivation and solitude I sometimes crave for. I was shy and timid in the presence of the opposite sex but when comfortable I was liveliest. I fell in love numerous times, most times I never notify my heart desires. I walk craving everyday to find the perfect partner, at least one with a shared dreams.
    All my lives as been aimed at making the world a better place, but I alonr couldn’t change the world, but like mother Theresa, I could cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.
    My greatest fear is oblivion, I do not want to counted as part of the millions who walked the heart and got forgotten. I want to be part of the few whose names ring in million of hearts who are remembered to have contributed to the advancement of the society. I love each day hoping to do that, from engaging in program to improve my capacity, inspiring individuals to engaging in community impact programs.
    Death is inevitable. It never gets permission to strike. But death is that single event which makes mankind regardless of status equal.
    As its my turn, do not remember me for the awards and recognition i’ve gotten. All those falls in the face of death. Remember me for who I truly am. A person who amplify voices of the week, of individuals and inspire change.
    If I got before the Love of my life, My mother.
    Tell her, she is the greatest thing that ever happened to my life. She Is my soul and life. Tell her I love her. Tell her, my greatest reason to be successful is to give her the perfect love she deserve, tell her, my dream Is to take her to the greatest place on earth, the house of Allah, Makkah. Tell her maybe strong. Her strength will give me calm. I want her to still enjoy her life, not to over grief. By the will of Allah, we will reunite in Aljannah. I love you mother. I love you so much.
    To my friends, the ever supporting ones.
    The greatest word I have received is to be called an inspirational. I hope I have been able to inspire you with my actions. I hope I have been able to fix my consciousness of the society into your life. I hope I have been able to set a legacy which I believe you will do
    Better than I am. During the course of our friendship. I have also hurt you either through my intended action or through a decision I made. I have so many shortcomings and falls. pardon me. It is my dream also that one day, I shower you love with all resources I have. it is my dream to appreciate you more. I love you. Thank you for being around.
    To my Sister Kaosara Balogun
    You were the second greatest gift given to me by Allah. I am always proud of you. I frequent tell my friends about your achievement. Unfortunately we never grew up together, we never truly know who we are. when we got together and tried, we faced challenges and fight between us. I apologize for any unease i have caused. One thing is certain I love you so much and always wanted you by myside.
    If I go before nun, take good care of her, let this be your greatest goal, give her the best. Play the role of a daughter and a son and take her to her dream land, Makkah and Madinah. I love you

    Organize a Peer Panel to Discuss the Kectil Ten Points of Leadership
    I held a peer discussion with my collegues. After discussing on a topic relating to social development and career. I use the platform to talk about the The Kectil Ten Points of Leadership and how the individuals could incorporate it to their lifesty. It was an inspiring engagement

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