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    The Kectil Ten Points of Leadership
    Awe Oluwatosin Doyinsola, Nigeria.
    Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of Econet overcomed many obstacles in life including his victory against the Zimbabwe government state monopoly telecom business and thus was able to achieve his long-held mission “to take telecommunications to all people of Africa”. He said his mission was not to make money, he would have acc
    Fred Swaniker Co-Founder & Trustee, ALA is deeply passionate about Africa. To him, the continent is missing good leadership and in order to combat this problem, he founded two organizations with focus on ethical and entrepreneurial African leaders. These two organizations are: African Leadership Academy and the African Leadership Network.
    Bill Gates and Melinda Gates through their foundation “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” have a believe that all lives matter by being impatient optimists working to reduce inequality. Bill gates believes that our care should be seen in action, we must see problems and find solutions to them and deliver impact. Melinda is of the opinion that whatever condition people are or wherever they live and however, we all have the same dreams.
    During Strive’s bid to set up Econet Wireless Nigeria (Now Airtel), he needed a large building to house switching equipment’s. Charles Taylor was the then president of Liberia, a corrupt man who wanted to siphon the money paid and wanted it paid into an account with no name but. Strive wouldn’t budge. Charles Taylor was later sentenced to 20 years in prison for war crimes and plundering his country. Strive says he ensures he does the right the right thing first and then his staffs and he then tells others who share the same values in order to eradicate the disease called corruption.
    The Great Icon of our time, Late President Nelson Mandela “Madiba” was a fighter for freedom and equality. Born in South Africa that would not recognize the rights of a black man. He joined the struggle as youth which led him to the leadership of African National Congress (ANC) and a life sentence to the age of 46 where he spent 27 years. Madiba was a wonderful, engaging and warm man, completely unpretentious, humble and with deep sense of humanity. He emerged from all this ordeal with no grudge and bitterness.
    Equality and Respect
    The former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe designed a blueprint which recognized that there exists a disparity in the share of wealth between the white minority and impoverished majority. He instituted a Land Reform Programme which brought a new land tenure system favoring black people who were previously marginalized during colonialism. Mugabe’s star shone beyond the shores of Africa, and had many admirers, especially in developing countries that seek equality and a just world system
    Good Governance/Management
    Paul Kagame rising from the civil war termed the “Rwanda genocide” as a military officer to become the President in 2000. Kagame has prioritized national development and Rwanda rebirth through ICT, ease of doing business and ensuring peace and security through reconciliations and forgiveness. Rwanda is now a leading country worthy of emulation in East-Africa and Africa as a whole.
    Personal Presentation
    President Muhammadu Buhari (Nigerian President) dresses in simple and inexpensive outfits. He doesn’t live an opulent life, and this made hm relatable to the poor masses as a man with integrity who is not after money but after a life of contribution as against flamboyant lifestyles of other politicians. This sent a genuine and positive message that spoke to people’s hope and aspiration.
    Team Building
    Andrew Carnegie was an industrialist who is known for expansion of the steel industry in America. He was known for his philanthropy and his zeal for calling the rich to give to great causes. I also learnt through him that there is little success where there is little laughter. He believed that for capital to be productive, it depends on how people can share their competence with those who can use it and that you are only great as the people you work with. This mindset of team building was responsible for his successful business and prosperity.
    Measurable Accomplishment
    Strive Masiyiwa is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Econet. Masiyiwa serves is a board member of numerous organizations like Morehouse College, Unilever, Global Advisory Board, Rockefeller Foundation, the Africa Progress Panel and the UN Advisory Board for Sustainable Energy, etc. He Co-Founded Carbon War Room and is now the current chairman of AGRA. He is also Chair of the Micronutrient Initiative, a global organization focused on ending child hunger and improving nutrition. As a philanthropist owns the Higher Life Foundation, which gives scholarships to orphans in Africa and is a Giving Pledge member.
    Negative Examples
    Ayatollah Khomeini was an Iranian revolutionary, politician, and cleric. He founded the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini mission was to to rid Iran of what he saw as western civilization, rights and culture and subject his nation to Islamic rule. To him, the western culture was a corrupting influence upon the nation’s youth and thus discouraged anything related such as its fashions, music, cinema, and literature.
    Adolf Hitler was the Nazi Party Leader and was involved in the perpetration of the Holocaust. Hitler’s dedicated his life to promoting nationalistic, anti-communism and anti-Semitism views. Under Hitler’s leadership, at least 5.5 million Jews were killed and millions of other whom they viewed as socially undesirable.
    Osama bin Laden founded the Islamist terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” and was involved in several attacks such as the popular hijacking of plane in September 11 and the attack on the World Trade Center. Osama bin Laden’s had a vision of a Muslim Super State and to rid Muslim countries of western ties such as the political, social and economic interests of the western countries like the British and French etc. so they decided they had to rid individual nation-states in the Middle East and unite them.
    4. Ethics
    Sanni Abacha was a former Nigerian military general, state head and politician. He was involved in all the military coup that took place in Nigeria. The New York Times (2004), reported that his family was alleged to have to have embezzled between $1 billion – $5 billion. This sum of money Nigeria is still being recovered little by little till today. Abacha’s regime violated many human rights abuses such as the hanging of Ogoni activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.
    Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the current President of Uganda lacks compassion. Under his regime there are numerous cases of abduction, political executions, voter frauds, detention without trial, and civil unrest due to his nature of torturing citizens and oppositions.
    Equality and Respect
    President Paul Biya, the president of Cameroun has been in office for 36 years, under his long reign, there have now been a steady decline of relative stability due to inequality between the francophone and anglophone speaking region. There have been increasing use of French in the regions’ educational and legal systems sparking wider protests from the Cameroon’s English-speaking minority against marginalization, about one fifth of the population. Refusal of the government to Anglophones’ grievances and rights for autonomy led to violent protests as well as repression and arrest of activists. The October’s presidential election was fraught with tensions and ethnic cleavages and few anglophones were only allowed to vote.
    Good Government/Management
    Former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has been in power since 1989 and has resorted to brutal repression against any challenge to his government. Security forces under his authority have been known to kill hundreds during crackdowns and there is also significant discord in the ruling party’s top echelons, with all these causing humanitarian crisis, bloodshed and scuttling future aids and sanctions relief leading to economic woes. Inspite of all these Bashir refused to step aside until he was forcefully removed and is now in the process of been handed over to the ICC for crimes against humanity.
    Personal Presentation
    José Eduardo dos Santos was a politician and former President of Angola between 1979 and 2017. During his last term of presidency, his government spent $35 million to mark his 72nd birthday. The money was spent on frivolities such as sporting activities, state dinner, luxury items while his people are suffering and living in abject poverty and without access to social basic amenities and services like education, water and health care.
    Team Building
    Nicolás Maduro Moros is politician and current president of Venezuela. Maduro’s Administration has been characterized by grossly mismanaging the economy, humanitarian crisis and fighting critics and opposition and by using lethal force. Maduro is known as a dictator and authoritarian as the government has side-lined constituted authorities such as the National Assembly and jailed and suppressed oppositions. All these people sidelined are necessary to build a democratic government because they ensure check and balances even though one might not always agree with some decisions. A team builder carries everyone along but that’s the opposite with Maduro.

    10. Measurable Accomplishments
    According to Adolf Hitler, after all he did, he felt he had contributed greatly to Germany at the expense of the Jews and the world. He touted his accomplishment as overcoming chaos in Germany, restoring order and economy, restoring jobs of 7 million people etc. Hitler thought he was a great statesman and accomplished leader, but he did not realize the unconditional contemptibility of what he had unleashed.
    2.0 My Funeral Speech
    This day, one of God’s own faithful servant is called home to rest. For as much as those who want to know, he lived a life personified by struggles, failures and resounding victories. He was brought up by a man and woman who valued education and gave that as an inheritance to him. His mother was a rare jewel who denied herself of comfort so that he and his siblings could be clothed, eat, live and have a better life.
    Tell them I became a Professor, a businessman and most importantly a philanthropist because God willed it into being and I simply followed through by hard work. Tell them I suffered for love and in a lifetime where chastity was far long gone, I remained faithful till I found my true love.
    And if they were to ask about my life, tell them that as soon as I knew what was right and wrong, I had a rebirth of mind, body and soul and dedicated my life to volunteering, helping others and serving humanity.
    Tell them I wasn’t the richest neither was I the poorest, but I dedicated my life and was committed to causes of inequality, climate change, justice, integrity, contentment and godly Christian values.
    Tell them that my precious and signatory smile never left my face even at deaths call.
    Tell them my children’s, grand children’s saw life through my eyes and my wife who has the most beautiful soul I ever met. Lastly tell them I wasn’t defined by my struggles because I never gave it a chance to rule over me.
    3.0 Panel Members Discussion on Kectil Ten points of leadership
    Akinpelu Tijani Adekunle; +2348062199368; Twitter: @TijaniAkinpelu
    Ademola Alaba, Cell Biology and Genetic, University of Ilorin
    Awe Ayodeji, University of Manchester
    Iyunade Hassan, Vietnam
    The general submission by the panel is that the ten Kectil point of leadership are vital in order to be a successful leader. A leader that does not possess these qualities has not yet attained the needed height to be called such. An example of President Trump was cited, a leader who is divisive and hence cannot be a unifier which is what a leader should be. They also cited his recently tainted record and crimes which reflect his ethics which is bad such as the recent impeachment, repeated sacking of people who disagree with his policies and soliciting for outside help for his election campaign. We also agreed that leaders must have a vision and mission and it is these that acts as the motivating factor and when you see them displaying passion for a particular cause/causes, it is because of the vision and mission they have. A great leader must be respectful both to his people and to the rule of law. He must govern with fairness, listening to all sides before making decisions and making sure he carries his people and cabinet along because that reflects a team builder. Lastly, a leader must be seen to be frugal, living a simple life and at the end he must have accomplishments to show his records and his achievements.
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