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    Assignment 4
    1a. What Male stereotypes can you identify within your immediate community?
    That men are not expected to express hurt so as to remain men. This is more of a culture which in most cases is imposed on them from childhood up to adulthood. Men who express hurt or vulnerable are referred to as women, laughed at and not taken serious by their society.
    In most cases action like this tamper with the ego of people involved and are forced into internalizing suffering, pain and what have you. According to a report by BBC, W.H.O, there were an estimated 793000 Deaths Worldwide which most were men.

    In addition, suicide is still the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 compared to women, the rate is a third of Men’s in which most of the deaths are linked to depression. This is as a result that women are encouraged to speak up more than men.
    The trend goes back a long way. As long as we’ve been recording it, we’ve seen this disparity says Psychologist Jill Harkavy Friedman, Vice-President of Research for America Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Even though women tend to have higher rate of depression diagnoses than men.

    1b. What Measures do you think can be instituted in other to ensure that these stereotypes can be broken down?
    Now that awareness and publicity have increased on the detriment of stereotyping men this should be not only be limited to youths but extended to the older generation too. Parents and guardians should be implored to train and give equal treatment to their boy child as well as girl child. They should also encourage children of both genders to express emotion be it love, hurt, pain and what have you. Cultivating a habit of listening is also important.
    In addition, mental health should not be wished away they should be treated and managed accordingly just like every other illness by consulting the right people or appropriate quarters.

    1c. How do you think we can change the point of view of older generation in order to see the harm that male stereotypes are having on the younger generations’ mental health?
    Just as stated above, education as regards why healthy masculinity should be encouraged should not be limited to young people but also extended to older generation. So as to enable them to understand the danger involved in stereotyping men.
    2. Do you believe that toxic Masculinity is still evident within today’s society?
    Yes, I believe toxic masculinity is still evident in today’s society. Men still suppress emotion and mask distress just because they have to live to the standard society has placed them ; come off as hard and strong to avoid being called feminine or weak in which has caused some negative action or behavior of the boy child. For instance substance abuse which have been linked to depression brought about by some of these stereotypes leading to stigma.
    According to New York Times, toxic masculinity is what can come off teaching boys that can’t express emotion openly; that they have to be tough at all times, that anything other than that makes them feminine. Also according to A.P.A its these cultural lessons that have been linked to aggression and violence leaving and men at disproportionate risk for school discipline, academic challenges and health disparities including cardiovascular problems and substance abuse.
    2b. Yes, toxic masculinity can be unlearnt and this can only start with men accepting and listening to their fellows when expressing emotion or being vulnerable rather than shaming them. Unlearning this act can also be done by encouraging men to show true emotion more than internalizing it. Thankfully social media platform such as twitter is doing a great job at abolishing this act by sharing real life stories that encourages men to unlearn toxic masculinity and embrace healthy masculinity.
    In addition awareness and education as regards this course would go a long way in setting things right.
    Furthermore, the older generations should be included when passing information that helps to understand why toxic masculinity culture should be abolished, parents and guardians should encourage healthy masculinity right from when their children are kids; teach them to embrace genuine emotions and nit shy away from it.
    2c. As a KECTIL colleague I would join hands with organizations keen on abolishing such practice as toxic masculinity.
    i. I will create awareness more on the advantages on healthy masculinity.
    ii. I will implore men to speak their minds more and frown at anyone trying to bully or stigmatize them for expressing emotions or vulnerability in my immediate community and beyond.
    iii. I will encourage men to treat mental health issues just like any other health issues and not shy away from it or wish it away.
    2d. What do you believe the benefits of integrating the Sense if healthy masculinity into a community are?
    i. This will create an atmosphere for easy and healthy relationship but just within the men but also with the females.
    ii. This also entrenches equality.
    iii. Healthy masculinity gives ways for inclusiveness.

    3a. What natural abilities do men support women with to transform the society?
    i. Men are naturally and physically stronger than women, so they can help to protect women in the society by enabling their physical strength
    ii. Men should collaborate more with women because each gender has it’s role to fill in the society
    iii. Procreation
    iv. Child training.

    3b. Comment on how male are using their natural abilities in the community.
    i. Men help more when it comes to physical exercises and activities
    ii. Child training
    iii. Procreation
    iv. Decision making.
    v. With their natural abilities, men tend to do tedious jobs within the community.

    4a. Does the panel agree with this pledge? Yes.
    4b. How would you go about encouraging males to take the KECTIL male promise?
    We tend to explain the significance to them and implore them to do so.
    4c. What do you believe can be added to the make promise and why?
    I believe the KECTIL male promise says it all and encompasses what it should, so I do not feel anything else should be added .
    4d. What responsible steps do you believe are constituted in facilitating other females who find themselves in risky situation?
    i. Speak to a trusted person
    ii. Seek help
    iii. Leave the place they feel insecure about.

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