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    Positive examples;
    Nelson Mandela had the mission to end apartheid in south Africa and ensure elimination of racial segregation.
    He became a civil right leader leading many against the apartheid government.
    He was of key importance in negotiating the freedom and equality of south Africans. Through non-violence protest and activism, Mandela was able to accomplish his mission of eliminating racial segregation.
    Mandela’s actions were fuelled by the injustice the racial segregation brought on his people, the vicious manner in which African workers were treated in their own country and the opportunities they were deprived began a great concern.
    Mandela being a law student at the time felt the need to take actions against apartheid and put an end to it by bringing together like minds and people of similar interest which brought about the ANC.
    In the bid to put an end to apartheid, according to ‘morning side centre for teaching social responsibility’ Mandela and other young activist had begun to advocate for a mass campaign. He joined hands with f.w de wert to negotiate an end of apartheid which resulted in the 1994 multiracial general election in which Mandela led the ANC to victory and became president of agitation against apartheid.
    While Mandela had previously opposed cross racial unity in the fight against apartheid, he came to be influenced by the writings of socialist thinkers who supported organising across racial lines.
    Mandela was ethical in his approach to end apartheid, he could have used violence to fight the against racial segregation but he chose a fair way to go about it which was his non-violent approach.
    This include the internal resistance to apartheid in south Africa, mass action against ruling national party to name a few, which reduced negative outcomes that proceeds violent protests and damage to citizens.
    In addition, the non violence approach was effective for the course he was leading.
    Mandela was compassionate in his approach, because he had the opportunity to oppose cross racial unity as a way to fight the racial segregation but he let the writings of socialist thinkers who supported organizing across racial lines influence his reasoning.
    He realized that since the fight was for peace and the movement was for restoring equality and human dignity, it should be peaceful and should be against the unjust not any race or colour.
    Equality and respect:
    Barack obama practised equality and respect in his governance during his tenure as the president of the united state of America, his believe in diversity of America’s population to his commitment to equal opportunity.
    This was evident, according to wiki in august 2011, barrack obama signed an executive order announcing a government wide initiative to promote diversity inclusion in the federal work force; removing barriers to equal employment opportunity to name a few.
    Good governance and management;
    According to wiki, during obama’s tenure in the office, America’s reputation abroad significantly improved. Obama’s presidency has generally been regarded as favourable to all evaluating among historians, scientists and general public. During his term, he promoted inclusions for LGBT Americans, wide range executive actions concerning global warming and immigration in foreign policy and so on.
    Personal presentation:

    Team building:
    In nelson mandela’s approach to end apartheid, he was able to unite like minded individuals and co founded the ANC with other like minded youth, including joining hands with f.w de wert to negotiate the end of apartheid.
    Measurable accomplishment:
    Nelson Mandela stopped racial segregation in south Africa.
    Barrack obama was the first African non American president and he practised equality for all during his tenure.

    Negative examples;
    Woodrow wilsons ‘s mission was to extremely segregate the white race from the black race, as the 28th president of the united state of america, he overlooked anti segregation policies in his government.

    According to vox ‘wrote one of his colored clerk who could not actually be segregated on the basis of the nature of his work consequently had a cage built around him from his companion of many years.

    His actions were fuelled by his pursuit of progressive agenda which paved the way for united states to become the geopolitical forces that it continues to be today.

    Wilson Woodrow during his time practiced extreme racial segregation.

    According to an america experience article, when Woodrow was asked his reasons for racial segregation, he said it was to reduce friction. His vision was to create an america with no white and black friction owning to his approach.

    he was ethical in his approach of making america a geopolitical force. He could have sent the blacks out of the white territories including housing vicinity like the apartheid but he was liberal in his segregation by allowing blacks who couldn’t be segregated based on some reasons work with their white colleagues.

    Woodrow was ethical in his approach, the black who couldn’t be segregated due to a particular reason were still allowed to work with their white colleagues but segregated with a literal cage.

    Equality and respect:
    Woodrow didn’t practice a government of equality and respect, he didn’t put some political law into consideration and he didn’t allow equality among his people.

    Good governance and management :
    Woodrow Wilson was scorned by most people, according to American experience article. during his time due to his leadership approach and how he didn’t put some laws into consideration.

    Team building:
    Woodrow Wilson had his new postmaster general at the time who was also in support of racial segregation. Although much wasn’t said about woodrow having a team who helped in carrying out racial segregation, he gave orders which was implemented.

    Measurable accomplishment :
    Wilson Woodrow was able to make the united state of america a geopolitical force that it continues to be today.

    Funeral statement.
    All men are created equal of course, but I believe our impact and the life lived makes us different.

    At the end of the day I would want my life to be a positive example to others. So I would want my funeral statement to be short and precise.

    I would want my life to be said as one lived for others and not for me alone, I would want my life to be said as one that took on responsibilities to pave way for the coming generation through my impacts in hep in others.

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