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    Huong Nguyen


    2: Negative personal effect of Social media on Youths
    In my community, the negative personal effect of Social Media on our youths is much more than the positive effect. Basically, research make us to understand that average of this century youths make use of social media but the harm it caused is basically more than the positive effect. Recently, i got to discover that youths complained that there is no job out there but they do not maximize the tool, they have at hand. Instead, they use it the other way round. This will lead me to my first point; general addiction. The average populations of our youth do not know the importance and use of social media; they rather use it negatively. A youth can be addicted to social media by staying glue to his or her phone, following the latest celebrity in town. Is it wrong? No, it is not. But when we spend all the time chasing shadows by viewing those who have achieved their dreams and aspirations, what time do we have build ours? It is essential for us to have control over this tool called Social Media rather than allowing it have control over us.
    The negative effects of social media are both physical and mental.
    • Depression and anxiety: When a youth spends too much time on the social networking sites, it could affect his/her mood. It is possible for them to have poor mental health conditions. Social media can only make you compare yourself with another person which could lead to anxiety, and consequently, depression
    • Cyber bullying: Bullying is something people do face to face but it is so disgraceful that youth now bully their fellow on social network anonymously. Most times, people have been bullied and it has affected their fellow youth. Cyber bullying can cause emotionally trauma. Adults are also victims.
    • Fear of missing out: Most youth have fear of missing out of the trendy information on their instagram pages. They are constantly checking their social media handle to ensure that they are not left out. This raises their level of anxiety and makes them to do things that they won’t be proud of.
    • Unrealistic expectations: It is no more news that youths of this era want to show off what they are not. Basically, they will lay down unrealistic facts about themselves and still want others to believe them. So many of these addicted youths are living fake lives. Some are running on debt heavily. Falsehood is everywhere on some social handles like Snapchat, Instagrams just to get enough followers and attention of the people.
    • Sleeping quality: It affects the sleeping time of youths and wastes their time unnecessarily. It is no more news that some youth waste hours of their precious time on social media which decreases their level of productivity on assigned jobs. This makes them unable to reach their goals, thereby leaving below expectations.
    I have seen someone who experienced such negative effect. The victim has to quit the particular social media handle in order to focus on the major aspect of her life and then to maintain her hobby in a healthy way. She had to stop following those people whom she was addicted to following on Instagram. She started following honest content. She ignores her number of likes and followers.
    The youth social media culture in Nigeria is on the high side. About 98% of the youths Nigeria all make use of one social media platform or the other and on the aspect of changing the culture, I really don’t think this culture can be changed because in my opinion, this culture has come to stay.
    3: Yes, excessive use of social media can lead to addiction and this in my opinion I think the more dangerous than drinking or drug abuse. This is because excessive use of social media can lead to decrease in productivity of an individual without the individual being able to help himself. It can lead to increased depression and anxiety on the part of the individual thereby affecting the mental health of that individual.
    4: True. The reason is that it majorly wastes time, when time is wasted just as we know, it cannot be regained again. Time wastage will affect some essential aspect of our lives such as academic performance and workplace productivity. It causes consistent distractions from our duties. This will lead me to the place of Discipline. Lack of discipline will make a young vibrate youth to waste his or her time on social media. It might cause setback at workplace and his career generally.
    5: Social media is one of the key tools used in government elections or politics in Nigeria. Over the years, elections have been in existence and it makes it difficult for people to really know the personality of the electoral candidate; but when social media stepped into it, it became easier for everyone to know the personality of each electoral candidate. Also, social media is now a powerful tool in the hands of the government and political leaders in pioneering political propagandas. It has often been used as a campaign tool for championing motives and personal interest. Furthermore, there has also been attempted use of social media to manipulate the opinion of the masses, as well as speak lies to the people in order to achieve personal political goals. In other instances, rumors and fake news about politician are all over various social media platforms. So many times, this news is an attempt to tarnish the image of others. False accusation has been raised against people through this fake news. Once, it has being said, it can’t be erased again. Just like a broken egg, that cannot be repaired again no matter how hard you try. However, I am yet to see any social media platform been shut down. The social media account of an individual might be barred but, the social media platform will not be shut down.
    6: Social media influencers are the users on Social media who have established credibility and fame in a specific industry, thereby having much followers on various social media platforms. They have the access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity.

    7: No, we are privileged to have a lot of positive role models in Nigeria that are influencing and inspiring the youths to follow. Some examples include Nobel Igwe, Linda Ikeji etc. Yes, social media has made it easier to follow our role model. We tend to see how they live their lives; manage their business and their lives in general. I would love to see great educators, who have in one way or the other fulfill their dreams and mission and to affect their generation positively. I believe i can achieve or make it happen by being deliberate and purpose driven. I have to believe in myself at first. Then, start out with the aim of fulfilling my dreams and aspiration. I must find pleasure in what I am doing and strive to be the change that I want to see.
    8: It is possible to develop Narcissism, because it makes us have self-attention. Every youth have the impression of always wanting to look good. Too much of attention seeking might lead to self- love. Compete and competition can later lead to anxiety and depression. When you can’t meet up to the standard of your competitor, you either feel inferior or go out of your way to get things you cannot afford.
    It also can lead to “look at me” syndrome which might lead to self-pride. Basically, the reason why youths post pictures, wear trendy things and designers and then snap to post on our social media handled is to cast ourselves. To flaunt our beauty and what we have for the public to know who we are. Look at me Syndrome can affect or damage the person who posts (poster) and the reader through the following ways;
    • It causes low self- esteem to the poster. If the poster discovers that he or she has a competitor, the person might feel emotionally depressed or look less of him or herself.
    • It cause self- pride such that the poster might feel he is the best and then loose future on building his or her dream and keep wasting time and resources on the platform.
    • The reader could also feel intimated or lose him or her values.
    • The reader could be addicted as well
    • The poster might want to go out of her way to get some things she cannot afford.
    9: Yes, it is possible for youth to be disciplined. What can make a youth break out of this addiction is self-discipline. The reader would have given him or herself time limit and would be deliberate about not going beyond the specified time. In fact, she can deliberately go on social media break; like consciously and deliberately keeping off from social media for some days or weeks. This will help him or her to develop or build self-discipline. However, it also depends on the nature of the individual’s job. If the job of a youth requires him/her to spend time on social media, then it will be difficult to go by this discipline
    10: Over the years, social media have been a great tool for creating awareness and educating the masses on various issues ranging from religious matters, education matters, health-related issues etc. a lot of scholarship opportunities have been made known to the public through publicity on various social media platforms. In the recent case of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of the information on awareness for the general masses was made available through various social media platforms. This has made it possible for everyone to be carried along about the recent development on this pandemic. In addition, during the Xenophobic attack of Nigerians resident in South Africa in 2019, details of the happenings in South Africa was brought to the notice of the Nigerian government and the general public through various social media platforms. This has really help in creating awareness at various levels. Also, through social media, awareness has been created on providing assistance to individuals that are battling will ill health and are not able to pay their bills. Through mass publicity, various philanthropists have been able to offer assistance within a short period of time.


    2. Each time I encounter people on a daily basis, I always want to paint a picture of diligence, self-organization and excellence. Due to have important first impression is to every individual, I try as much as I can to imprint my personality on the heart of everyone I encounter. Overtime, I have always learnt to do this through have I speak and my general physical appearance. I am always deliberate about the use of body language in order not to pass across the wrong message to those I am relating with.
    Also, I have always desired and consistently walked towards demonstrating great confidence in my dealings with others. This is usually revealed through my body carriage and my form handshake. I also express a great deal of passion in discharging my duties and communicating my views where necessary. I believe that passion is a great driving force that compels acceptance and compliance. With this, I have been able to gain access into the hearts of others and also alone them to find my personality acceptable and reliable. I always stand in awe of the feedbacks and commendations from colleagues, friends and senior managers at my appealing personality which is a reflection of diligence, hard work, excellence and tolerance. I am also certain about the fact that my personality is a reflection of my values which are the building blocks that form the foundations of my life and success in every sphere.

    (Ai) Timeliness is crucial when it comes to the corporate. There is a popular school of thought that says “punctuality is the sole of business”. To this, I believe that the success of every venture is tied to timely intervention and execution of assignments by the employers/employees. To this, I can confidently say that timeliness is an integral aspect of professionalism that cannot be gambled with. Hence, I will be so intentional about timeliness with respect to conducting the recruitment exercise.

    ii) Preparation is paramount to excellent delivery in every venture: Its importance cannot be overemphasized as it determines how successful an individual will be in conducting his business. Hence, I will take into consideration the candidate level of preparation and detailed consumption of relevant materials.

    iii) Reliability talks about being consistently available and productive. It is important for the candidate to pass the test of trustworthiness and reliable. He or she should be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they can be entrusted with classified tasks without fear or doubt.

    iv) I will consider the aspect of humility and preparedness in delivery of assignment. However, I will also lay emphasis on the use of authority where necessary because the display of authority is not tantamount to rudeness when done with a blend of humility.

    v) Some of the attributes I will look out for in a candidate includes the following
    • Empathy
    • Tactfulness
    • Discipline
    • Good relational skills
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Sound knowledge in area of specially

    B. In order to deliver an excellent presentation, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration during preparation, as well as delivery. First, I think it is essential to prepare an appealing slide that does not make use of much words, it should be clean; containing the central theme with stories from your end to explain. I addition to this, one must avoid the use of clustering words and also desist from the habit of copying contents from random websites and pasting directly on your presentation. There should be proper and reduced use of colours, as well as font size that are appealing and easy to ready by the audience. In addition, Slides much suit the audience: this implies that before going for any presentation, the individual must first understudy those he is going to speak to. Factor timing into your presentation: every aspect must be timed, make it short and progressive. Content must be simple, new and innovative. Finally, it is also advisable to make use of a short note that is visible to you alone and serve as a guide to you.

    C) Yes I will check their various social media handles which I believe is a reflection of who they are. This will help me gather more information about the personal am planning of bringing into my organization. It will also help me to keep track of both their professional and social history. Through checking their social media handles, I will be able to gather information that will inform my decisions better. Also, by checking their social media pages, I will be able to keep track of the kind of network the individual possess so as to know if it is beneficial or harmful to the reputation of my organization. Some of the things that can keep me from hiring a candidate based on information gathered from their social media pages are: negative comments/use of words, traces of cyber-bullying or online harassment.

    My panelists are colleagues who reside with me at the staff quarters of my organization. Two of them are registered and practicing nurses, one is an MSc holder in Physics, while the last panelist is a house parent in the boarding section of my organization.

    1AI) All my panelists agreed to the fact that excessive exposure to social media can lead to depression. Some of the reasons provided include: Through comparing themselves with their folks based on what they see and the pictures of their friends online, this can lead to low self-esteem and in the long run, can lead to depression and lack of self-appreciation. Also, it can result into addiction in the aspect of that individual and along the line, there could be a buildup of expectations when they make post and when these expectations are not met, it leads to depression. One of the panelists pointed to the fact that this can lead to setting of unreasonable standard and lack of discipline which may result into a back log of undone works within a limited time-frame. This can lead to worry and depression. Finally, one of the panelists gave another twist to the discussion by saying that in a way, social media can also have a therapeutic benefit. Individuals who are depressed and sad can be elated when they come on most social media platforms through reading comic posts that can brighten up face of anyone who hitherto was feeling depressed and this is quite amazing too.
    B. Cyber bulling reduces an individual’s self-esteem. Depreciates ones perspective and undermines their views. The essence of social media is to create friends and build network. However, cyber bullying negates this goal and hinders the fulfillments of this goal. Also, most bullies resort to the act not because they are physical bullies rather; they do this as a way of virtually building self-esteem which they have not been able to achieve in reality. Cyber bullying can also lead to producing more bullies. It can lead to hatred, suicidal thought, and mental breakdown. It can make the bullied to create self-defensive walls and end up becoming a bully himself by being aggressive.

    My panelists are all in agreement with the fact that excessive engagement in social media can affect productivity, lead to mental distraction and inability to get a job done within the specified time frame. This is because excessive engagement in social media can lead to poor time management that does not allow you focus on a task. It leads to distraction. There must be definition of purpose: Where there is purpose, there is high productivity for people who use social media for their jobs. Excessive use of social media can also lead to addiction that affects focus on job which makes productivity minimal. Also, excessive use of social media can lead to poor organization on the side of the individual which can result into poor delivery.

    2. After considering the Kectil 15 rules of social media use, my panelists agreed to all aspect of the rules except rule number 3 that talks about limiting time spent on social media to not more than 2 hours per day. This is because a lot of jobs now require an individual to stay online consistently on a day to day basis and with this, it will be very difficult to keep away from social media as a lot of notifications will keep popping up as one engages in his/her task. However, a suggestion was made about muting notifications from various social media handles while engaging in daily job task so as to allow the individual concentrate on the assignment they need to make delivery on.

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