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    Chinenye Ogbodo

    1. MISSION.

    Without mission no leader can become a leader. Every leader must have a mission statement which will be a shining light towards his or her goals in fulfilling or focusing on their leadership abilities.

    Nelson Mandela had a dream to make Africa and his home coutry raise against incapabilities, subjugation and maltreatment and it was a goal for him to actualize.

    2. PASSION

    Passion produces perseverance.
    And without passion no one can achieve their set out goals or accomplish any target to get success. Everyone who is on a mission must have passion towards achieving their mission. They must be passionate about it.
    Nelson Mandela is a great leader who is passionate about his peoples freedom and his ready to sacrifice himself even if it’s blood drops, he was incacerated because of how passionate he was to get freedom for his people. The passion lifestyle of Nelson Mandela should be a living example for every leader out there.
    Passion is the fuel that drives every certain goals and bring it to life.

    3. VISION

    Mission begets Vision. A man without a mission cannot have a vision.
    Vision is about visualizing great for the future or the capacity to see what others cannot see. Every leader needs a vision board to depict his goals, actions, plans for its organization or institution for better growth.
    If the mind of man can conceive it, he can achieve it, so can a visualize vision be achieved.
    Nelson Mandela had the vision of a free country like his when he say “I believe that one day, this nation must be free, I have a dream this nation will raise again. What s great world from a renowned leader who had the vision of seeing the future.

    4. ETHICS

    Ethics are principles guiding a person to detect what’s wrong and right.
    For an organization or a leader to excel he/she must possess some guiding principle to keep discipline alive for efficiency. An unethical leader cannot assure ethical practices throughout the organization or his leadership.
    One of Nelson Mandela’s ethical principles is the practice of discipline. He was diligent at giving deliveries.


    Being compassionate is a leadership trait every leader should possess to make leadership worth vying for and accommodation.

    Leadership is all about exhibiting and showing kindness to the people who are promoting your leadership corridor. We must learn to show mercy to everyone we come in contact with because no one knows what the future holds.
    A good leader should show compassion and kindness to everyone and Nelson Mandela is a witness to this because he choose the part of service to humanity with the believe its the best work of life.

    Respect and equality is a basic right of every human being. We are different individuals who are united under one common gosl, irrespective of age differences, gender, disability, skin color, race and religion.
    Every true leader must have a tolerance spirit to carry everyone along and condone excesses.

    Sir Nelson Mandela believes that even the little child on the street deserves respect and concern towards relevant issues in the society as everyone is equal and deserves maximum respect.


    Good governance shows of how a leader governs the affairs of his/her jurisdiction for proper guidiance and management.
    People management is also one of the skills every leader must carry for proper execution of duty. Nelson Mandela after his incaceration became the president and his works were felt.


    Personal presentation portrays how one positions themselves and this boils down to people’s perception about them
    Little wonder, the way you dress is the way you will be address. Every leader must put on their armour for others to inculcate good values.


    Team building is a mutual agreement of individuals who are driven towards certain goals In life. team building is a collaborative work whom are ready to make sacrifices to achieve their goals towards a task. Team building is a task every leader must characterize with.
    If we desire to create and maintain a sustainable impact in our generation and generations to come, then we must understand that it’s not a one-man goal but the goal of every one of us must come together to achieve.

    Collaboration is everything we need to keep making a sustainable impact, the power of working as one makes the impossible possible.
    Mandela with his people to achieve their freedom.
    We must support each other sincerely in our actions and inactions, believing and encouraging another to be great regardless. Together we are unstoppable and unlimited for there’s no limit to what we can achieve if we can always act like one.


    There’s an end to every goal. Trusted leader must for every goal theres always a target at the end to achieve the initial goals sets for a project.
    Nelson Mandela achieved freedom and his dreams were realities for all to believe.

    II. Write your own funeral speech.

    It’s with a pleasant heart you are reading this from me, from a place of rest I see your tears but believe me they are all tears of joy because I’m in a safer world. Do not weep for me because I lived, I existed, I accomplished my mission and my purpose fulfilled.
    Many lives impacted, I do not wish to see tears on your faces but remember I lived all my days smiling and I would also love you to smile this very moment for me once more. It’s not how long we lived but how well, until we meet again stay safe.

    III. Organize a Peer Panel to Discuss the Kectil Ten Points of Leadership
    The discussion concluded that leaders must have these five qualities.

    1. Leaders must be professional listeners.
    In as much as leaders represents an hallmark of greatness they should be great listeners too.

    2. Show simplicity all the time.

    3. Deliver excellently.

    4. Persevere.

    5. Mutually understandable.

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