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    Huong Nguyen

    1. Please write a short paragraph of less than 300 words on the negative personal effects of social media on youth in your community or country.
    Social media has its good sides but there are also a number of bad sides. In Ghana, social medias is used to spread take news. In this covid 19 season, many bloggers have resorted to the spreading of fake news just to get a large traffic on their website. This is particularly sad as it’s leads to the creation of unnecessary fear and panic. The social media has also been used in character defamation. There have been countless leaked videos of people engaged in sexual activities and other appalling acts. People whose videos are leaked have their names destroyed. Excessive use of the social media is also very bad. This is because it exposed the user to a lot of ponographic contents. This causes then to live careless lives. The use of social media reduces job and academic performance either by wasting time or by consistent mental distractions. This is true because the valuable time spent on social media could have been used to achieve something better

    2. Please write a paragraph of 400 words or less on whether social media played a role in government elections or politics in your community or country?
    Social media has played a major role in election and politics in Ghana. During election periods, many Ghanaians rely on news from bloggers to keep up to date with developments. A substantial number of voters are won through social media campaigns as the campaigns are more often run on social media. When this is done, a significant number is elites and especially the youth are won to political parties. We have experienced “Fake News” in Ghana on several occasions. For instance, during this Corona virus pandemic, many bloggers have spread false news and have created unnecessary drama and panic.
    3. Please write a paragraph of 300 words or less on whether current social media “Influencers” are having a positive or a negative effect on youth in your country?
    Although there have been negative influences in the course of time, social media influencers are having a more positive effect on youth in Ghana. An example is a Twitter account user by name MR LAW. He is a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and he uses his influence on social media to empower students and youth across the country. As it stands, there is not a lack of positive role models in Ghana and social media does not make it worse as users know where to draw the line between their online life and real world life. My peers and I can serve as role models to other youth by maintaining sanity on our social media accounts and setting the example in our daily lives. Unfortunately, social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook lead to narcissism. This is leading to the unpleasant “look at me” syndrome and the growing trend is worrying as people care more about themselves and their crave for undue attention and care less about society. This lead to so much depression amongst persons who are unable to catch attention or just get fed up watching attention crazed people post. It is possible for youth to show the self-discipline to limit themselves to 2 hours a day on social media and this can be achieved with the strong mental conviction that too much of social media can be damaging. An example of a time where youth in my community learnt about an issue and reacted appropriately to address the situation because of a social media campaign is the #Metoo movement that trended on social media. The movement empowered females who had been sexually abused to come out to share their horrifying experience. This movement went on to be used to hold public officers to account and has helped to reduce corruption.

    Answer in a short paragraph what kind of image you want to present and whether you accomplish that.
    I want to project an image of confidence, determination, sincerity, responsibility, and hardwork. I want to set an example for the many youth who have no one to look up to. This is because, growing up, I had no one to look up to and this led to a series of bad decisions until I became more experienced. I have not fully achieved this but I hope to do so shortly.
    Assume you are looking an employer looking to fill an entry level position. What would you look for when interviewing a youth candidate in person? Would the following matter?
    I will look for the confidence with which the person speaks, the person’s composure, the person’s sincerity and his humility. The timeliness of the candidate would definitely matter as I would not feel happen to report in time while the interviewee would arrive later. It will not speak well of him. I would be impressed by a well prepared candidate who boldly answers all questions posed to him or her. The candidate should speak with a combination of humility, authority and preparedness.
    To give a good oral presentation about an important topic with a PowerPoint slide deck, one must prepare by researching well on the topic, rehearsing the presentation. One must be confident and poised to be able to well deliver. Assuming that I am an employer looking to hire a youth for an entry level position I would check their social media. Social media that does not show respect for humnan rights and uprightness would keep me from hiring someone.

    My panelists agree that excessive use of social media can cause depression because most users who are not rich enough to post their houses and cars will grow jealous and fed up with their poor fate. The panel agreees that cyberbullying is wrong because it leads to character defamation and suicidal thoughts. The panelists think there a relationship between the time used on social media and lack of productivity, mental distraction and inability to get a job done. The panel agree with the Kectil 15 Rules of Social Media Use and they can comply with them.

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