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    2. One of the negative effects of social media on young people in Benin is mostly depression. Young people in Benin suffer from a silent depression that they find difficult to share with others. An example of such a situation was recently when the first case of death related to COVID was reported19. This information was relayed widely on social media, which created a generalized panic and depression in one of my friends. Luckily she and I were able to communicate during this period, and I had to comfort her with messages of hope. Our discussion helped her to get out of such a depression.

    3. For me, excessive use of social media by young people is an addiction. Because if you use them excessively, you can’t control the time you spend, and you take the use as something you have to do. The effects, in this case, are severe, like depression, for example.

    4. Personally, during the periods when I spend a lot of time on social media, I continuously experience a decrease in my daily concentration and performance. However, I think that on social media, we can connect to academic pages that can help us to grow.

    5. In 2016, social media played an essential role in the election of our current president in Benin, President Patrice TALON, who used social media to reach a younger population that, in turn, convinced the rest of the communities. Moreover, our country is currently organizing communal elections, and because of the covid19, social media are the only channels allowed for campaigning.

    6. In Benin, more and more, we have influences that are examples for young people. I also noticed that there is a form of militancy that is virtual militancy where many young people influence others through sharing their community actions.

    7. I believe that at the moment, there are more and more positive examples in terms of models who try to influence others. I would like to see on social media young people who identify problems in our communities and find solutions to them to inspire the rest.

    8. These different platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook) often show the “look at me.” People usually do it for their pleasure, but it reveals the “look at me.” For the person who reads and is not mature, this can lead to a desire to have necessarily the same lifestyle as the poster.

    9. Is it possible for youth to show the self-discipline to limit themselves to 2 hours a day on social media?
    Yes, I think it’s possible. Indeed, it won’t be easy, but we can do it with a lot of organization and pressure on ourselves.

    10. A positive aspect of social media is education and awareness. Please describe a few examples where youth in your community have learned about an issue or subject and reacted appropriately to address a situation because of a social media campaign.D
    Here is the example of a journalist who recently denounced on Facebook the harassment of which she was a victim. Her publication was shared, and she received support from Beninese youth. This situation indirectly led to a virtual campaign against sexual harassment in the workplace. The President of the Republic, having been aware of the situation, instructed the judiciary to shed light on the case to establish who was responsible.

    a. Assume you are looking an employer looking to fill an entry level position. What would you look for when interviewing a youth candidate in person? Would the following matter?

    When interviewing a youth candidate in person, I will look for all of the following criterias ( Is the candidate timely? Did he/she show up at or before any agreed time and ready to do the task at hand? Timeliness is a major indicator of professionalism; Did the candidate study and get prepared for the meeting? Did he/she read materials ahead of time to get ready for a meeting or did he/she try to slip by and fake the way through with no preparation?; Did the candidate appear reliable and trustworthy?;Did the candidate speak with a combination of humility, authority and preparedness?). I will also look at if the candidate knows the company well.

    b. After watching Nozipho’s Web Session, write a short paragraph about how to give a good oral presentation on an important topic with a powerpoint slide deck.

    To give an excellent oral presentation, it is necessary to master the subject on which one wants to make the presentation, to put the essential to remember in the slide deck and to develop it during the presentation, and especially to practice several times before the day of the presentation.

    c. Assume again that you are an employer looking to hire a youth for an entry level position. Would you check their social media? What kinds of things on social media would keep you from hiring someone?

    Yes, I would check their social media because, for me, by browsing your social media, you can already get an idea of the type of person you are. If I see, for example, that the person publishes publications that insult others or incites hatred or violence, that can keep me from recruiting him.


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