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    KECTIL ASSIGNMENT 2:- Social media and personal branding

    2. Please write a short paragraph of less than 300 words on the negative personal effects of social media on youth in your community or country. Have you or someone you know experienced depression, cyberbullying, or other negative result of using social media? How was it handled, if at all? What is the youth social media culture in your country? Can youth take a stand and change the culture?

    Answer: The negative personal effects of social media on youth in my country is the “all eyes on me” mentally, seeking attention from people on social media to the extend that they loose themselves in the process. A very good friend of mine couldn’t handle the pressure of being perfect on Instagram due to majority of the beautiful girls with beautiful and perfect bodies she saw on there. She became depressed that she couldn’t match up to what she was seeing so she decided to delete her instagram account and her level of confidence increased because she doesn’t have to question herself. The youth social media culture in my country is all about living the fake life on social media and thinking it’s all about the looks and yes, I can take a stand and change the culture because social media has a lot more to offer and it’s not about competing on who is living the best lifestyle.

    3. In your opinion, is excessive use of social media by youth an addiction? Are the damaging effects as bad as drinking or drugs?
    Answer: Excessive use of social media by youth is definitely an addiction. At a point I was addicted to my social media that I press my phone every time to keep up with everything that was happening and it had damaging effects on me. I was always by myself and not interacting with anybody, I wasn’t spending enough quality time with family and I became less productive with my time. So, yes I think excessive use of social media have damaging effects as bad as drinking or drugs.

    4. It is said that use of social media reduces job and academic performance either by wasting time or by consistent mental distractions. Do you think this is true or false and why?
    Answer:- This is very true because when one is always on social media, time that is suppose to be used to prepare for a job interview, study for a test or exam, work while at work is wasted. And at the end of the day, some one fails to do well at a job interview and fail the test or exam which is being less productive with time also with bad consequences.

    5. Please write a paragraph of 400 words or less on whether social media played a role in government elections or politics in your community or country? Have you experienced “Fake News” in your country? Have you observed the attempted manipulation of public opinion using social media as a platform? Has any social media networking been shut down or censored?
    Answer:- Social media plays a huge role in government elections and politics in Nigeria. Most of the campaigns are done on social media and people tend to show there support too by posting and sharing. Through social media, aspirants get the opinion and thoughts of the masses also and people tend to speak their minds and pour their hearts out. I have experienced fake news in my country a lot, an example was when broadcast messages were been forwarded on WhatsApp about how people should stay at home one night and that the government want to spray the whole city because of corona virus using a helicopter which didn’t happen because it was just fake news. Recently someone just decided to spread rumors about resumption of universities in Nigeria to be in November due to the COVID-19 pandemic which the federal government didn’t announce. I haven’t observed any attempted manipulation of public opinion on social media and no social media networking have been shutdown or censored that I know of.

    6. Please write a paragraph of 300 words or less on whether current social media “Influencers” are having a positive or a negative effect on youth in your country? Are they “Influencing” the right subjects and actions? Please be specific and provide names.

    Answer:- Most of the social media influencers in Nigeria are having a positive impacts on youth while some tend to start up chaos on social media. First is my favorite Nigerian Influencer UCHE EZE popularly know as BellaNaija, a social media brand known for entertainment and lifestyle content, including music, weddings, style, relationships, Nollywood, and local events in Nigeria which to me is influencing the right subjects and actions. Next is someone who I’m not in complete support of her content, LINDA IKEJI. Linda Ikeji is a writer, entrepreneur, and blogger that’s best known for her self-titled blog, where she covers everything from entertainment and fashion to lifestyle and beauty, and also gossips a lot. Her celebrity gossips stir up a lot of chaos and disagreements online which is not a good thing to aim at. She still does it anyways for reasons best known to her.

    7. Is there a lack of positive role models in your community or country? Does social media make it better or worse? What kind of role models would you like to see leading the voice on social media? How can you and your peers make that happen?
    Answer:- As much as we have bad role models on social media in Nigeria, we still have good role models that triples their number. Social media actually makes it better because these good role models motivates us to do good in society, do community service and positively affects people’s lives.
    My favorite kind of role models are celebrities from the entertainment industries that use some of their profits to reach out to the less privilege and they are already leading the voice on social media. With motivation from them, my peers and I can just try to follow in their footsteps and make the world a better place.

    8. Do social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook lead to narcissism—an effort to get self-attention? Is it leading to the “look at me” syndrome? How is that damaging to the poster and to the reader?
    Answer:- Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook lead to narcissism hundred percent especially Instagram when the concept of the app is basically showcasing pictures. Narcissism is one of the biggest issue the youth in my country Nigeria are suffering from right now.
    When someone wants attention they go extreme to get that attention and some of the things they do is not that that portrays who a leader is and it’s damaging to the person’s image. The reader will definitely sense narcissism and won’t take them serious as people who will be professional and handle important things and respect will be lost.

    9. Is it possible for youth to show the self-discipline to limit themselves to 2 hours a day on social media?
    Answer:- I personally don’t think youth can limit themselves to 2 hours of social media a day. Out of a 100 percent less than 10 percent can do that because social media is where most people see recent things happening around the world from time to time by regular checking of social media while others can’t do that due to their addiction to social media but I think people who are striving to change can try.

    10. A positive aspect of social media is education and awareness. Please describe a few examples where youth in your community have learned about an issue or subject and reacted appropriately to address a situation because of a social media campaign.
    Answer:- COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example of social media awareness because through social media, a lot of youth knew about the virus and how it works and learned how to avoid it through the various campaigns done by different organizations to teach people how to prevent the virus. There was a time around 2018- 2019 that the special anti-robbery squad (SARS) in Nigeria started harassing citizens for no reason and citizens took it to twitter and everybody started tweeting about their encounter with SARS. They started a campaign to stop this harassment that was going on and by that, it got to the federal government and due actions were taken to stop the harassment.

    Feedback on the 15 kectil social media rules:- The 15 kectil social media rules is quite educating because I just learnt of the 4:1 rule where I learnt that my social media should not just be about me. I agree with all of the rules except the 2 hours of social media a day because I feel it’s too small, maybe 5 hours a day should do.


    2. Think critically about what image you project when people meet you in person. What is your message? How does who you speak, dress, your body language, your hair, all give a subtle message about who you are and what you think is important? Answer in a short paragraph what kind of image you want to present and whether you accomplish that.

    Answer:-The image I want to present is that of an ambitious and vibrant serious minded person and I accomplish that because my dressing and the way I carry myself and also the way I speak gets me that respect that any time I want to address a group of people, they pay attention and listen to what I have to say.
    a. Assume you are looking an employer looking to fill an entry level position. What would you look for when interviewing a youth candidate in person? Would the following matter?

    i. Is the candidate timely? Did he/she show up at or before any agreed time and ready to do the task at hand? Timeliness is a major indicator of professionalism

    Answer:- Being punctual is one of the attributes that makes a good employee so YES I’ll definitely consider this.
    ii. Did the candidate study and get prepared for the meeting? Did he/she read materials ahead of time to get ready for a meeting or did he/she try to slip by and fake the way through with no preparation?

    Answer:- Getting prepared for this interview will matter because it shows me the level of interest the person have for the job.
    iii. Did the candidate appear reliable and trustworthy?

    Answer:- This won’t matter because people pretend during interviews but what will make me determine wether he is reliable and trustworthy will be his/her records and dealings with people around him/her.

    iv. Did the candidate speak with a combination of humility, authority and preparedness?
    Answer:- Yes, I’ll take this to consideration.
    v. List other attributes you would look for when you interview the candidate for the job.
    Answer:- Teamwork, relationship with other people, good communication skills and confidence.

    b. After watching Nozipho’s Web Session, write a short paragraph about how to give a good oral presentation on an important topic with a powerpoint slide deck.

    Answer:- The first thing about giving an oral presentation is to be excited about what you are about to talk about and then speak with confidence that will let the audience know that you know what you are saying as a presenter. Last but not the least is to avoid reading from screen. The audience expect the speaker to prepare and be able to talk to them without having to look at the screen and read from it. If the speaker reads stuff from the screen, it reduces the level of trust in what the presenter is saying.

    c. Assume again that you are an employer looking to hire a youth for an entry level position. Would you check their social media? What kinds of things on social media would keep you from hiring someone?

    Answer:- I’ll definitely check their social media handles purposely to check if they involve themselves in herd behaviors and fighting on social media which will stop me from hiring them if they do such.


    Assemble 4-6 of your peers between ages 18-26 for a discussion session that you lead on the effect of social media on youth in your country. Discuss the following and submit a short report of the outcome.

    1. Describe the study by Dr. Primack and colleagues in 2014-2016 at the University of Pittsburgh which found there is a significant, linear relationship between social media use and depression, measured either as total time or frequency of visits.
    Answer:- The study by Dr. Primack and colleagues found that there is a relationship between social media and depression. Women had 50 percent higher odds of having depressive symptoms than men. Dr. Primack advised health workers working with depressed patients to advise them to reduce the time spent on social media, limiting interactions on social media and also unfriending people that makes them depressed on social media.

    a. Ask your panelists if they agree that excessive use of social media can cause depression and why or why not.

    Answer:- All four of my panelist agreed that excessive use of social media can cause depression. One of them said in quote “ Yes, excessive use of social can cause depression. Based on so many studies that have probe the relationship of social media addictiveness and mental health, it is revealed that individuals or students who spend alot of time on social media platforms, have been linked with depression as a result of aberated perception of life, of happiness, of enjoyment and hobby, which comes from the false view that their friends or followers are having a good life than they are”

    b. Lead a discussion on cyberbullying and “herd behavior” (i.e., forcing everyone to think the same way).

    Answer:- My panelist believed that the concept of cyberbullying entails the intimidation and perpetual threat that comes from social media oppressors against users. Social media oppressors tend to mount pressure on users to either perform a certain task or exhort resources from them in ransom for some covering. A user will be bullied by receiving perpetual threat of harm for an event or activity that he is aware of. An example of this is seen in the football world, where players who have one time missed crucial chances in a match receive continual insult, death threat, harassment and other gruel acts. Another example can be posting the act nasty comments or photos on the comment section of a particular user with the arm of harassing, bullying and oppressing the user. A member in my panelist also said in quote that “Cyber Bullying is the most rampant thing now on social’s now in fancy names like “Savagery and Sarcasm” you cannot make a mistake or speak wrong English or post a supposedly ugly picture and expect not to be mocked virally….it’s so bad!!!! No post goes without a sarcastic comment from bullies. it’s the best sense of humor now. What happened to our positivity?. Now everyone is expected to be Savage and be applauded at the expense of another.who took away the primary purpose of making the world to be a global village to turning it into a den of mean clowns!!!!”.

    C. Do your panelists think there a relationship between the amount of use of social media and lack of productivity, mental distraction and inability to get a job done?

    Answer:- My panelists think that social media causes depression and someone with depression doesn’t think straight and is always distracted. When Someone spends most of the hours of the day on social media he/she doesn’t get enough time to be productive or get a job done properly. A job can be done but it will be rushed and not given enough attention because of social media.

    2. Review the Kectil 15 Rules of Social Media Use. Collect the comments of your panelists. Do they agree or disagree with the Kectil Social Media Rules? Do they think they can comply with these Rules? Would they be willing to distribute them to others?

    Answer:- My panelist all agreed with the kectil 15 Rules of social media use except the 2 hour time of social media use. They believe that people run businesses online and also attend classes online that will take more than 2 hours but apart from that they can distribute the rules to others and they can also comply with the rules.

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