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    General Olusegun Obasanjo or President Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR, fondly referred to as OBJ, as any of these two caps fit perfectly, served as a military head of state between 1976 and 1979 and later, a democratic president between 1999 and 2007 in Nigeria. He is a nationalist and one of the nation’s leaders that have managed to stay relevant for a period of time spanning three republics.
    Muhammadu Buhari is the current president of Nigeria and has served also as a head of state during the military regime from 1983-1985. He was elected into office in 2015, after running for the office thrice and was re-elected in 2019.
    Faure Nyadema is the current president of Togo. He took the seat abruptly after his father’s death, Gnassingbe Eyadema, in 2005. He has been re-elected thrice ever since.
    Mullah Mohammed Omar, former leader of the Talibans and Afghanistan president.
    Using the ten leadership points, a positive and negative comparison of these leaders will be drawn out for assessment and analysis.
    1. Mission: His intention was to elevate the status quo of Nigeria and Nigerians internally and externally, and possibly design the Nigerian dream. Internally, he planned several projects majoring around agriculture and food security, education, telecommunications, job creation and economic growth amongst others.
    2. Passion: One of his greatest passions has to be education. OBJ funded constructions of libraries across the country. In 2017, he commissioned a Presidential Library to serve a wide range of purposes ranging from research, and history to leisure. As president and head of state, he established the Universal Basic Education that ushered thousands of children into primary education, especially in the north. A very intriguing fact is that he has over 65 books and publications in his name and didn’t get a university degree until after his second tenure.
    3. Vision: He had foresight which helped exponentially increase the Gross Domestic Product of the country, boost our technological expertise and relevance, to integrate Nigeria back into the Commonwealth of Nations, to ensure equality and protection of human rights. On the regional scene, he played non-negotiable roles in repositioning the African Union.
    4. Compassion: Military regimes are characterised by marked stifling of human rights and total violation of the people but converse held in OBJ regime. In his tenure as a democratic president, the Niger Delta Development Commission was established, in the oil-rich region, to not only develop it but also to train and employ the youths in this region to curb militancy and oil-bunkering. Ogoni land is an oil-polluted region in the Niger Delta where OBJ started its cleaning up for continuation of farming and fishing activities, this exercise was however not followed up thoroughly by subsequent government.
    5. Ethics: His work ethics are superb. Personally, he fights against harmful barbaric practices carried out on girls and women. He is a devout christian and an active churchgoer.
    6. Equality and Respect: As reiterated previously, human right protection was one of his focus. He was an active gainsay in the insidious violation of right that was rife in the regime after his that subsequently earned him jail term. Appointments were conferred based on quota system as constitutionally outlined and enforced by the Federal Character Commission. His first tenure did not only mark our ushering into democracy but also, a new era of women in administration and politics, as OBJ subsidised inclusion fees for women into political parties, appointed more women than administrations before his and formulated more gender policies in favour of women. Amina J. Mohammed, the deputy secretary-general of the UN, was one of these female appointees and she served as an adviser on the then Millennium Development Goals.
    7. Good Government and Management: As regards management of public funds, OBJ was the president who instituted the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. These two bodies are saddled with the responsibility of tracking and uncovering and misappropriated funds and ensure its return to the government. Establishment of the Warri refinery, in addition to others, to manage petroleum and petrochemical refining.
    8. Personal Presentation: He believes in keeping fit, eating right and totally avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Being a typical Yoruba man, he is a bubbly man and is almost always dressed in Agbada, a flamboyant regalia peculiar to the Yoruba ethnic group, values African culture and greatly reveres traditional practices. This is simply summarized by the FESTAC ’77, the biggest festival of art and culture to ever hold in Africa till date, which he organized.
    9. Team Building: OBJ professionalized the military and paramilitary and transformed both sectors to allow synergy while clearly defining their jurisdiction. He created the ministry of defence in this regard and also established the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps.
    10. Measurable Accomplishment: They include
    i. Construction of the National Theatres
    ii. Exposure to Telecommunications
    iii. Growth of the middle class
    iv. Giant strides in securing the debt relief of 18b dollars in 2006
    v. Hydropower plant in the Mambilla Plateau
    vi. Food security project and fertiliser production companies
    vii. Construction of Muritala Mohammed Airport
    viii. Stadiums
    ix. Development of the Federal Capital Territory(FCT)
    x. Repositioning and regeneration of the African Union
    xi. Stable power supply etc.

    1. Mission: Omar wanted the Taliban group to take over the ruling of Afghanistan, spread it to as many countries in the Middle East. This, he did by leveraging on religion to pool members from different countries.

    2. Passion: Faure sole passion is to continue to preside over the governing of Togo, to ensure that his family holds perpetual control over the country, completely overhaul the constitution and consequentially plunge the economy into unsalvageable amount of debt.
    3. Vision: Omar vision was to create and widen literacy divide between males and females, and join forces with other Islamic sect to fight, terrorize people, cause instability and fragment the East.

    4. Ethics: Nyadema ethics are below par. Multidimensional corruptional as seen in election, finances, disobedience to the rule of law are few of his many tainted principles.

    5. Compassion: Under the Buhari-led administration, the number of reported cases of kidnapping and killing has spiked tremendously. Inter-state security is almost non-existent, leaving lives and properties at the mercy of bandits. All he uses his office for is to send commiserates to families of deceased and the horrendous cycle continues.

    6. Equality and Respect: There was zero respect for the rule of law, due process and human right with the Taliban in control of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Girls were denied access to education while their male counterpart freely went to school. Females who were defiant enough to got harmed severely.

    7. Good Government/Management: Buhari’s government is characterised by mismanagement and misappropriation of resources, failure to appoint officials with high level of expertise and finesse. The judicial and legislative arms act as extensions of the executive arm instead of statutory independent bodies.
    8. Personal presentation: Buhari is noted to be mostly dressed in embroidery designed Kaftans, Babariga(overflowing robe) and caps, mostly by virtue of his being Hausa. He speaks sluggishly, one word after the other, with a Fulani accent.

    9. Team building: Omar built a large team that had a reputation for subduing women to the shadows and punished them when they went out without male guidance.

    10. Measurable accomplishment- Buhari’s administration has achieved the following;
    i. His fight against corruption is a witch-hunt and a fight against opposition.
    ii. Social media usage is currently being regulated to violate citizen’s right to speech
    iii. No freedom of the press. Citizens that try to speak out despite all get arrested and some others disappear without traces.
    iv. Ministerial appointees and executive seats are exclusively nominated from the northern Nigeria defying the federal character policy.
    v. Nepotism over Meritocracy

    This discussion group was made up of five people between ages 16-20. My group redefined leadership to accommodate unconventional leaders— not necessarily power—, some of these people have created the needed change and impacted many lives in their locality.
    Mission: Described as desire backed up by authenticity, planning and organization. Elon Musk’s mission is to rapidly transit the world to a sustainable energy future, for energy to be powered by renewable sources and consequently save our planet.
    Passion: Stella Adedavoh was a medical doctor who saved over 170 million Nigerians from the deadly Ebola virus. She had a palpable passion for medicine and even more for Nigerians.
    Vision: Foresight is the defining word, and it was given up for Victor Ugo, the founder of MANi, which is a mental health organization that advocates and counsels on mental health. It is mostly run by youths and is making measurable and remarkable impact in Nigeria.
    Ethics: In Nigeria, many leaders cannot sustain a good reputation. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, a former Central Bank Governor and recently dethroned Emir(traditional ruler) is acknowledged as one with nifty values. He is known to call out the government for not performing up to demands and expectations regardless of personal losses.
    Compassion: Malala was emphatetic. Filled with compassion, she provides girls in every continent financial aid, especially for females lacking access to basic education.
    Equality and Respect: This point was defined as reverence for the law and the people. Rwanda has over 60% women in its decision making settings, making it the highest in the world. This history is written against President Kagame’s name.
    Good Management: Akinwumi Adeshina, president AfDB, was cited as quite notable at this. From generating a billion dollars to providing sustainable solutions for the future. He is getting backing from the AU to run for a second term.
    Personal presentation: Barack Obama is famously known for his eloquence, speaking prowess and the persuasive strength it possesses. Many hold the view that this personal presentation of his was pivotal to his becoming president.
    Team building: Dora Akunyili built a formidable team that impounded and destroyed tons of fake and substandard drugs and food industries, saved millions of lives with her peculiar skill of team building and died keeping people safe.
    Measurable achievement: Fashola Babatunde was popularly nominated during this discussion because of the all-round development Lagos(a buzzing and populated city in Nigeria) experienced when he served as governor.

    (This is based on everything I am, everything I’ve gotten today, 13th March, 2020)
    Faridat was the only girl her parents had,
    And she was enough.
    As a little girl, she would help clean during the weekends,
    Sit with her father, watching him do one of the many things he could do,
    And ask so many questions,
    She would play with her younger brother and calm him when he cried unprovoked..

    At school, she was a smart kid. What made it more phenomenal was her inquisitiveness.
    Not the best at sport but cheered her friends to gold.
    Never prided herself in being first alone but in the communal satisfaction to derived in the end.
    She loved competing so much. She said she loved the adrenaline rush and it renewed her spirit of winning.

    At college, she made and had the best friends.
    Make no assumptions, she was a terrific friend too.
    She had great mentors. She spends most of her time doing impactful extracurricular.
    She was one to sit casually in a chair and think critically for solutions, this she got from reading books by great people.
    One to come up with a solution to a lacking necessity in her community.
    A great team player. A music lover. A food lover. A book lover.
    Faridat was very interested in technology advancement.

    Faridat never dreamt of working in one place forever, she wanted to specialize in global health for that reason.
    Dreamt of working for Medicin Sans Frontiers.
    Dreamt of studying trends of diseases across Asia, South America and Asia.
    She wanted adopt children of diverse races and visit Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy and most South American countries.
    She wanted to live and not merely exist.

    On retiring, Faridat wanted to live near the beach or on a farm.
    She wanted to be a life navigator.
    A mentor to young people living around her.
    To offer free medical services to those who can’t afford.
    Teach little children during her free time.

    She would want everyone fighting for their mental health to know that they will win the battle, no matter how long, triumphantly.
    She would want woman of ever race, form, struggle to know that they are enough, they do the most and they are stars.
    She would want every college student to find what they love and do it aggressively.
    She would want everyone to take care of the planet, their home.
    She told herself while writing this,” Faridat, you’re being so extra” through a smile glazed with tears.
    But she meant all of it and would want to be remembered like this.

    Compiled by Musa Faridat Ibrahim

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