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    Name: Favour Ikhile
    Country: Nigeria.
    Assignment one.

    I. Comparative Examples of Real Positive and Negative Leaders
    One good positive leader I know is Nelson Mandela while a bad example I know is Nnamdi Kano.
    Positive Examples: President Umaru Musa Yar’adua and Nelson Mandela
    Mission: On the 28th of June 2007, Yar’Adua publicly disclared his assets (becoming the first Nigerian president to do so), according to which he had ₦856,452,892 (US$5.8 million) in assets, ₦19 million ($0.1 million) of which belonged to his wife. He also had ₦88,793,269.77 ($0.5 million) in liabilities. This disclosure, revealed his mission. He was one who was not fighting for power to embezzle funds.
    Passion: This president was a very passionate man for national development. He was one wiith strong passion to make a mark.
    Vision: The Late President’s vision was that Nigeria will be one of the top 20 economies in the world by year 2020 through the framework of FSS- 2020. We often talk of Vision 2020, this concept was conceived by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, in 2006, the blueprint of Vision 20:2020 was launched in September 2009 by late President Umaru Yar’Adua’s administration amidst fanfare.
    Ethics: Nelson Mandela chose not to accept violence as a political weapon”. Mandela rejected the condition and delivered the statement through his daughter, “What freedom am I being offered while the organisation of the people [ANC) remains banned? Only free men can negotiate. A prisoner cannot enter into contracts”. This indeed were the words of a man who understands the ethics of leadership.
    Equality and Respect: Both Examples cited above were very respectful individuals. It was said of Nelsob Mandela that when he was with one, one had all his attention, whether one was a President, a mere child, a hotel porter, a driver or a junior staff member. Nelson never forgot a friend.
    Good Government/Management: Good government is what everyone prays for. In my opinion, the President Umaru Yar’adua ‘s regime is the best government I have encountered this far. We all wished he lived long. Probably, Nigeria would be among the top 20 economies globally as he envisioned.

    Personal Presentation: Someone rightly said – “first impression matters”. Our presentation gives an idea of who we are before others. President Yar’adua lived a simple life. He was even the first President to declare his wealth publicly to show some level of transparency.

    Team Building: President Nelson Mandela worked a team spirit. He once said – “When people are determined, they can overcome anything.” As someone rightly said – “Sometimes the simplest distractions or disagreements can prove to be large obstacles to our efforts and, if we can only dedicate ourselves to the task at hand and to working together, this may not be the case”. Team Spirit is so important for young leaders.
    Measurable Accomplishments: During President Yar’adua ‘s regime it’s recorded that the prize of fuel and rice tremendously became very affordable for the average Nigerians.

    Negative Example (with a few qualities outlined)
    Mission: The Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kano’s mission was to seek for the Igbo tribe to break out of the country. He was a really focused man with a defined vision but then, the question is – “if all tribes breaks out that way, what then will be said of our great country Nigeria?”
    Passion: Nnamdi Kano was actually so passionate about his course and had several followers.
    Vision: His vision was to see Nigeria disintegrate so that the Igbo tribe will no longer be disadvantaged in his own perspective.

    II. My Funeral Speech
    Wow! This is one big question I’d have to answer. Importantly, I would want it to be mentioned that I was a dogged fellow who spent time gaining depth and encouraging other youth to do likewise, guiding them selflessly. Someone who passionately pursues what so ever he lays hand on, to the utmost end. I want to leave a legacy of sincerity and diligence in the lives of young people.
    May it not be said that I built a house in every major city in my nation, with none to accommodate the homeless. May it not be mentioned that I was the most successful from my clan without the ripple effects on others. Indeed, may the reading of that speech cause men to not just cry but make a commitment to live for others.

    III. Panel Discussion:

    Age: 25yrs
    Country: Nigeria.
    The lifestyle of mahatma Gandhi has been a source of inspiration to many great man like the likes of Martin Luther King Jr.According to one popular quote by Mahatma Gandhi, he said “An eye for an eye only makes the world blind” and believed that fighting only makes the situation worse and abhorred committing violence.He is the proponent of achieving the truth through Nonviolent Resistance.
    Nigeria as a Nation is face with problems that emanated from corrupt practices which no one has resisted to. Currently, Nigeria is faced with a serious uproar of killings in the Northern part as a result of different beliefs between the Christians and the Muslim .The perpetrators of this heinous crime are called *Herdsmen* and they are killing Christians and the injustice is now seeming to be something normal because the government is doing nothing about it. Mahatma Gandhi struggled for freedom which is his country’s Independence from the hands of the British. Mahatma Gandhi was arrested and tried, he said “If let loosed I would do the same thing and so he said he doesn’t need the light punishment rather he demands the greatest punishment”. He was ready to die for his cause and Nigeria needs her freedom from the hands of the Herdsmen. The Christian needs her freedom.
    Mahatma Gandhi also had passion for life and equality as he believed in a just society, where men and women would have equal right as cited in his article and Nigeria has a role to play in learning about this because in Nigeria, Women are abused,molested, deprived of their rights. They are in most times subjected to wicked punishment as a result of fulfilling culture that has no basis for respect for human lives.
    Furthermore, Mahatma Gandhi advocated the manufacture of Khaddar or home spun cloth in order to replace imported textiles from Britain. This was aimed at improving their local products and making it standard overtime and Nigeria needs such revolutionary movement because in Nigeria, we are very much too dependent on foreign foods,materials, textiles and as such,our home made and local products are not being utilised.Our youths are not motivated to be innovative because the country’s leaders show an absence of care.
    In summary, Nigeria is blessed beyond measure and to unveil the blessings,Nonviolent methods to approach disputes and challenges should however be implemented.

    Panelist: Gift Orezi Owhekugbe
    Age: 22
    COUNTRY: Nigeria
    The Nigerian state came into existence by virtue of Lord Lugard’s amalgamation proclamation speech; delivered on January 1, 1914. This brought the Southern and Northern protectorates together; forming a single entity called Nigeria. From this time, the entity has continued to function as a nation inhabited by people of diverse ethnic, tribal and religious backgrounds
    At different points in the country’s history, issues of ethnic marginalization have risen. These have led to agitations for secession. One of such historic calls for disintegration was the agitation for the secession of the then Eastern region;which was spear- headed by Lieutenant Colonel Ojukwu on May 30, 1967 and brought about the historic civil war. It started on July 6, 1967 and lasted for three (3) years (1970). This civil war culminated in heavy bloodshed which saw the nation losing close to three (3) million indigenes ;mainly women and children.
    “Negotiators finally reached a deal on 16 April, allowing the City Council to recognize the union and guaranteeing a better wage. Although the deal brought the strike to an end, several months later the union had to threaten another strike to press the city to follow through with its commitment.” *Ref (Standford University on Memphis sanitation worker strike)*.
    Nigeria and Biafra leaders should also emulate/ adopt this form of settling grievances. Irrespective of what President and the leader of Biafra might have in mind, they should not forget the bloodshed that followed the civil war of between 1967-1970 which claimed millions of innocent lives. They should not kick start a situation they may not be able to control. They should employ all possible means to pervert any war and acrimony that might want to rear its ugly head at this critical time in the history Nigeria.
    Dialogue is the way forward!

    Panelist: Leader Gbemisola
    Age: Not disclosed.
    Country: Nigeria.
    Focus: A reflection on my perspective on some of the 10 points of Leadership.
    Mission: is the fundamental guiding principle to the vision one is trying to achieve. It simply shows the way one is trying to accomplish his or her vision irrespective of the challenges and obstacles faced. It fundamentally answers the question of how am I going to accomplish my vision and shows the action steps one carries out.
    Passion: the fuel of your engine. It is something you love and what you earnestly desire which could sometimes make you lose sleep. It drives you and what you enjoy doing.
    Vision: is basically where you see yourself in a possible future. It primarily answers the question of where am I going? What do I want to be in the nearest future? Etc. We can consider vision to be a futuristic ambition, meaning that it is long term. It is what one works towards. Your vision could be considered as your purpose or a strong sense of duty in which you feel strongly obligated to achieve.
    Ethics: your standard, core values, morals, beliefs and demonstrating integrity. It is all about knowing what is right and wrong, as well as doing the right thing even if you would be crucified for it.
    Compassion: the ability to love others irrespective of your differences. Compassion gives rise to empathy
    Equality and Respect: Being fair, not being discriminatory, giving others equal opportunities and rights

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