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    Daniel Ochieng

    Assignement 3: Mental Health
    According to the WHO Department of Mental Health document investing in Mental Health 2004 edition, mental health has also been defined as a state of well-being by which the individual recognizes his or her abilities, is able to cope. To the normal stress of life, works productively and fruitfully and contributes to his community.
    Mental health means the opportunity for individuals and human groups to develop their skills and achieve the goals they set for themselves.
    I personally have not experienced mental health issues but studying this I realize this scourge that exists and affects young people in my community.
    I take the example of my father who tells me a bit about his difficult childhood story and I realize of a man who is intelligent but who was unable to develop his skills to achieve his goals. He is in a state of shock but one day my success will do him good.
    He was a fatherless from his childhood and struggled a lot to be successful but it was not possible and still bears the pain and hatred towards everyone.
    3. The management of mental health is very important in society especially the ministry of health and youth should take care of it and create a special department.
    The signs are hatred, discouragement, depression, delinquency and revolution.
    I think these signs and symptoms are more common around the world because it’s the same disease that attacks vulnerable layers.
    4. This scourge affects developed and developing countries so some causes are not even for some, for example the lack of opportunities of young people in underdeveloped countries force young people to cross the sea to reach Europe and even some die and others suffer torture on the way to adventure. In developed countries, lack of listening and the time granted to young people by parents, support leads some young people to commit suicide.
    I would say that the numbers are huge in the underdeveloped countries because the subject of mental health is not on the agenda or even ignored.

    5. The main reasons for mental health problems in young people are
    – Lack of listening
    -Lack of love
    -Lack of opportunity
    The problems vary from country to country and it is not the same context.
    Some are resolved in developed countries and not in underdeveloped countries.
    No human group is immune to mental disorders, but the risk is highest among the poor, the homeless, the unemployed, those with low levels of education, victims of violence, immigrants and refugees, indigenous populations, children and adolescents, abused women and the neglected elderly.
    6. Social media has an impact on mental health by increasing exposure to bullying and reducing both physical activity and sleep among young people.
    7. There is no decent access to psychiatric care for young people in my country
    8. The government of Chad does not consider mental health as a specialized service for treatment, but there are services for people with mental disorders.
    I suggest that the Ministry of Health and Youth work together to establish a specialized service for the care of young people who are too exposed
    It is up to the NGO to also intervene in the affected areas in the management of mental health.
    Of my responsibility to organize debates on the issue by involving young people and doctors on the issue of knowledge and management of mental health.
    9. A model of life to fight against mental illness, you must belong to a youth association, play sports, be courageous and take leadership training.
    Do personal development to have a strong mind and read a lot to develop your career.
    Here are some actions to take to fight against mental health
    Organize a debate on youth mental health
    Launch a campaign against youth mental health
    Create a body within my association for counseling on mental health
    The story is about my mentor who was first an orphan of a father and then a street child in a small town.
    There was no way to enroll him in school but he returned to school with a big age gap than the others

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