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    Huong Nguyen

    The 10 kectil leadership points and what it means for my mission.
    Talking about the positive leader means having the 10 points of kectil leadership as a quality or orienting yourself, working on the qualities to reach the 10 points positively.
    I present an explanation for each point according to my mission as a positive leader with values
    1. Mission: A leader must have a mission which is an objective to achieve, for example my case my mission to set up a Chad Start-up Incubator to support project leaders and create job opportunities. A short-term (Support structure) and long-term (employment opportunities) mission
    2. Passion: Having passion is love for what we do, for example helping young people is my passion
    3. Vision: To have a vision is to follow your compass to follow the guide so as not to get lost. For example I must avoid mixing my activities with political activities or many others
    4. Ethics: I must do my actions with ethics and deontics while respecting the rules.
    5. Compassion: A leader must sympathize with having others and support them so I must put myself in place with the young people and share their difficulties and sorrows
    6. Equality and Respect: To be a leader is to respect and put people on the same level without making any difference, for example treating the young rich poor at the same level during my work and reception
    7. Good Government / Management: This refers to transparency in my actions with young people
    8. Personal Presentation: A leader must value others first but avoid abusing his title

    9. Team Building: achieving a goal means having a solid team, for example I already have a team that shares with me the vision of the structure to be put in place
    10. Measurable Accomplishments: Reaching goals is good but it has to be smart, that is to say, measurable

    My funeral speech

    Inspired by Martin Luther King on praise, I would like to tell my parents that they have not lost a son because they now have several sons through my teachings on peaceful coexistence, forgiveness and the positive values ​​of leadership but my large structure the Chad Start-up incubator which will continue to train and impact other worthy sons like me Guinbe Arnaud.
    I would like them to say exactly what my existence is to change someone’s life, to give a smile to the orphan and hope to the poor who have lost everything and if that does not exist they should not invent it .
    I would like to tell my wife that he now has a husband, my son who incarnates me and that she must pray for him.
    To my parents, children and others who know me as friends, brother and others, if my life has been useful for you on an aspect like forgiveness, love, work, charity then know well that I do not want a great funeral but the only way to honor myself is to do the same as me.
    To my collaborators, know that if you quickly forget the grief and do what I would have liked to do for a job well done, forgiveness but above all think of the helpless vulnerable.
    To my foundation and tribute to my father and myself under the name of the two Djeramia-Guinbe, may it be the refuge of the poor, hope of the orphan and sign of peace.

    Guinbe Arnaud

    N’Djamena February 22, 2020

    Written by Guinbe Arnaud

    Place: University Catholic Center
    Number of participants: 12 young people

    1-Knowledge about the foundation and the KECTIL Generation
    2-Panel on the 10 points of KECTIL leadership
    3-Challenges for the next panel

    1-Knowledge about the foundation and the KECTIL Generation
    The first point allowed participants to discover the foundation and its activities, as well as the laureates and the application procedure, as well as the age groups of 17 and 26. So I took the opportunity to explain the 12 kectil modules for the year 2020
    2-Panel on the 10 points of KECTIL leadership
    Before introducing the 10 points of leadership, we asked what is leadership and the characteristics of a leader?
    The panel had several answers but for certain the word influence in the negative sense comes back.
    Then after the exchanges and concrete examples with positive leaders, they began to understand what wants each point but also what wants to share the KECTIL foundation on positive values.
    Many of the youth just started to do a little self-assessment and also classify the leaders in their family, community, country and continent.
    3-Challenges for the next panel
    Like all human work, there have been shortcomings which remain challenges to be met in the coming days on other panels. We can cite some challenges namely
    • Lack of visibility for this event
    • Launch a Chad Generation Kectil Club or Chapter for other lessons
    • Legally register the association a Club or Chapter Chad Generation Kectil
    • Set up a Kectil Génération office in Chad
    • Create a Kectil Generation Club page for more participants
    • Organize training on Kectil lessons
    • Create a logo from that of Kectil
    • Raise awareness among young people to join the Kectil network for 2021

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