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    2. Please write a short paragraph of fewer than 300 words on your definition of mental health from a youth’s perspective. How has it made you feel about the concept of mental health? Have you experienced mental health challenges in your past or do you know of someone who has or is ongoing mental health management challenges? Tell us their story (you may be anonymous or use fictional characters, we respect our privacy and of those around you). How was this managed, if at all?
    From the youth point of view, normal functioning of the human body and mind and their emotions and behaviors represents the mental health of a person. If a person not acting normal or as usual according to their daily routine life, it represents that the person is facing son mental distortion.
    I have a class fellow whose mother died 1 year before he got admitted in the university. He is a silent boy, on the starting days we all feel weird but consider may this is natural behavior but after some time we came to know about his lose. He is man of good and friendly nature so he the whole become friend with him and we also got much attached with him. During this incidence he is too much came out of grieve of his Mother death, as he spent most of his time with his friends and get distracted from his sorrow. When the COVID-19 hits, it effects the life of many people and his life too. My Country went to Lockdown for about 6 months, so our university got locked and we hardly meet each other during Pandemic, he got alone; again start to think about his mother, he could not get sleep with the upset mind. Then he got ill then his father concern with the doctor, he is now on some mental medics. These medicines also have a bad effect on his body that he got too much fat. Now the universities got opened again, we will get back to a normal youngster routine. We will also try to help him so that he could recover from his Pain.
    3. In your opinion, is mental health management necessary in society? What are the signs and symptoms that someone is experiencing mental health challenges? Do you believe that these signs and symptoms are more common in their communities or are they seen as the typical signs and symptoms of mental health worldwide? Why?
    Yes, Mental health management is very necessary is very necessary in our society, so that the people like my friend can live a normal youngster’s life. When the person behaves abnormal with respect to his normal active life, this person definitely facing some of mental problems. According to my view, it is not necessary that every person is facing the same problem in their life so they are the typical signs and symptoms of mental health worldwide.
    4. The common statement is that mental health management especially among youth is a developed world problem and not an issue that affects developing countries. Is this true or false? Please provide an explanation and possible examples.
    I am also totally agreed with the youth’s statement because if it just the developing counties problem then mental health problems will only get found in just these countries. Despite of that mental health problems is each and every county where each and every person is worried about their living hood, worried to get a quality education; even some of them not able to a simple education. And some people are worried about their jobs/work, their relations, and some are worried about their bad social relations with other. The point here is that every person is facing some problem in his/her life which effect the mental health.
    5. What do you think are the main reasons for Mental Health issues among youth in developing and least developed countries? Do you think the issues are less or more severe than in developing countries?
    Depression, stress about their future, their food, their education, their jobs, their relationships mainly are the factor that lead the youth to mental depression. These are also the reason of suicide among the youth. In developing countries, the effects of social media also included which also act as a Plus in all these problems, so the developing countries are more affected according to my point of view.
    6. Please refer to assignment 2: Social Media and Personal Banding. We posted a study by Dr. Primack and colleagues in 2014-2016 at the University of Pittsburgh, the study found that there is a significant, linear relationship between social media use and depression, measured either as total time or frequency of visits. Do you think social media has an impact on Youth Mental Health? How are your community leaders dealing with it?
    Yes, there is a direct relationship can be found in the social media and mental health hazards. People started to fell jealous when they watch someone of their class fellows are doing an activity which monetarily out of their range, so they fell jealous from others these things also effects their social life and their behavior with other started to change and that person started to become less active in the society and society also does not accept this type of person because he/she is not from the race of their daily life routine.
    Currently, there are very less community leaders who are dealing with this type of problem, for the empowerment of youth both mentally and physically.
    7. Is there decent access to mental care for youth in your country? Do you think youth seek the help of mental care officers first when they have mental health issues? Are the officers being active in helping the youth?
    There is some mental care center on the public level. But according to mine thinking mental care are not enough to make a strong mind, it must all start from the school level, every student concern everything with the counselor. And it must be duty of every teacher to look after their every student. And whenever a think he is facing sone mental illness he must concern with the mental care center. There is some person who themselves help the youth to make a strong healthy mind.
    8. Please write a paragraph of 400 words or less on whether your government is taking into account mental health management. Give suggestions on what changes you as a youth would advocate for. List a few steps you are willing to undertake as a youth to fight for change in terms of mental health.
    There is some mental health care center work under the government but usually work when a person facing serious health problem, they also have chambers to check to minor cases but, in my country, people do not concern with the doctor unless the problem itself become so huge that cannot be handled by himself. And also, there are no any type of career counselling to guide the youth to their right path this also cause the major health problem when the student is studying in such a field which is meant to him. So, he could not show progress in the specific field and which result into no job which lead to the mental health effects. Same in my Country most problem come when the young person is not directed towards the right path.
    Solution for the mental health varies from country to country with their problems in youth. In case of my country most of the mental health disorder came due to the poverty, uninterested path to study, lack of jobs.
    This problem can be solved when people under that the less facilities make more opportunities to grow. If there are less jobs in the country then we should move to start over own business. I also a deep desire to start my own business. And I think I can change he mind of the people around me by myself become an example for them and by guiding them.
    9. Highlight a role model in your life who was battling with mental health and is a survivor. Explain in depth what makes this individual unique to you as a youth. Tell us their story on how they overcame mental health and the lessons you derived from their history.
    As I have mentioned the life story of my class fellow, whose is in deep sorrow after his mother death and his strong potential. This man gives us a great lesson of never losing hope.
    Ask your panelists about their view on mental health. Have any of them personally experienced Mental Health Issues or know anyone who went through the same and recovered? What are the lessons from these stories?
    they also talk about the life of our class fellow, his challenges in life, his fight with the problems and his survivals. This whole story gives a great lesson of never give-up and fight for the Life.
    Lead a discussion on the most common mental health issues among the youth in your country.
    In my homeland most of the mental health problems came across in the period of education/Studies. Because the student here teaches to do something creative or different, instead their student life is like a horse race where everyone is running to come 1st. no body wants the change in their daily routine instead if someone has the potential to do something creative, he will get suppressed by the society. So, every student is just doing cramming of words and there is a lot of pressure on the student by the society to win this race of better scoring even most of this pressure is applied by our parents.
    Do your panelists think youth have equal and enough access to mental health care services? What are hindrances for a youth in your country from access to this service?
    Yes, there is such service available where everyone can concern with the Doctor or any other counselor about his/her mental health condition but most of the people feel hesitation to concern with psychologist because they have the fear of making fun by the society or may be people call him mad or may be, he loses his reputation in the society.
    Do they feel as though they receive mental health services as frequently? Should youth find their own way to overcome mental health challenges or should they lean to external services? Give options on the type of services that can be offered.
    According to my view the most beneficial, affordable and economical way to take the mental care of any person is that he/she should be make mentally strong by the age of childhood by taking him to different activities which make him mentally strong and also the parents elate will also help him to be a young strong mentality person.
    What are their suggestions to Kectil on raising awareness and educating the youth on the topic Mental Health? What do you think you as a Kectil Colleague can do to combat Mental Health in your communities?
    There must be complete awareness sessions on how to be strong person. Also, some mental activities to check the health condition of every person and then the guidance session about the problem.
    Briefly introduce the actionable points derived from the Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020 (World Health Organization). Do your panelists think the plan is feasible? What has been accomplished this far?
    They have decided to give the divided each area and give the responsibility to their secretariate or governor. And each junior person will be checked by the senior and they will check the progress and condition of that area and planned to overcome the effects. And that’s really a good idea to implement.

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