Htet Mayt Aung – Myanmar

  • May 14, 2020 at 12:36 pm #2621
    Huong Nguyen

    name:Htet Mayt Aung
    Country: Myanmar
    Social Media
    Myanmar is a developing country and only permit to access the internet in 10 years. So, media literacy is not only weak in the youth community but also in other communities. In the prior period, parents and guardians did not allow to use their children and youths’ social media. My country is the highest cost for data in ASEAN; prior period, social media culture spend only to high and middle economic layer. Gradually, it spends to low economic layer. Most crimes are more worst in this layer. In the countryside, many people are honest and lack of cyber knowledge. But, cyberbullying is spending on all layers. Among the youth community, almost depressing are coming from social media. Youths cannot have a chance to touch another economic layer before.
    Myanmar is large in inequality. So, many youths have depression because of their financial and social situation. Most cyberbullying in my country’s youth community is appearance. Many youths focus on appearance and they use their most time to make up their appearance. Youth are the leaders of the world. So, leaders have to be wise and determined. To overcome these challenges, the education system has to focus on critical thinking and self-determination. In my opinion, culture is two parts, exterior, and interior. Heart of our culture is helping others. Custom is changing every era, we cannot stop it. In my country, our culture is stronger than before because of social media. There is many youth authentic organization to come out.
    In my opinion, using social media too much time harms mental health. Using drugs and drinking is extremely banned by the community. In some communities, youths can use these things. So, using these things only depends on the environment not social media.
    Myanmar is the young age in media literacy. Youths most feel the turbulence of social media. Most of them use social media, some use too much time in social media instead of academic and employment.
    My country is now a democratic transition process. So, political competition is strong in my country. Fake news not only involved in elections but all political affairs. Many people cannot afford to read political books, so they mainly depend on social media news. It is enough to say social media is influential to the public. There is a social media shutdown in Rakhine State because of civil war.
    Among youth, celebrities and movie stars are role models for them. Sometimes, their actions hurt youth. Youths are apart from annual friends and close to virtual friends. There is a positive effect, we can some predation to the character of the person with their social media account.
    Reducing is the social media time is not easy. We have to reduce in many ways. One of them is to digitalize your hobbies. For instance, an automobile lover can search-related information on social media or search engines. Beginning of my country digital education is social media. People can post injustice cases to social media and get public power from this.

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