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    I. Comparative Examples of Real Positive and Negative Leaders
    Mission: First thing for a leader should be his mission. And the mission of a leader must be for others. He should never think for himself. My example of a positive leader is Imran Khan. Imran khan had the pain of Poor. First, he built the Shaukat khanum hospital, Free hospital for Cancer patients. Then he wanted to change the corrupt systems of Pakistan. All his was for other, he never thought of himself. He was one of some blessed rich people of the country. He could have spent his life without doing anything. But he stepped up and started working for this poor nation.
    Passion: Life is never symmetrical, there will be ups and downs. Sometimes you will feel that everything is very good. But sometimes you will feel that everything is falling apart. And remember only those who will survive the bad times without losing their passion will get their goal. A real leader must know how to survive through the lows of the life.
    Ethics: Moral principles that govern the leader’s behavior must never allow him to differentiate people on the basis of gender, color, origin, sexual orientation, language, or anything. He should always respect everyone’s culture and norms. He should be the one who will always support meritocracy.
    Compassion: A leader must know the hardships of a common man which he faces through his lifetime. And this compassion must reflect from the policies he will make. Imran khan during his tenure in the government started the biggest poverty elevation campaign “The Ehsas Program”. This program is helping the poor people for their education, their health and other aspects of their life.
    Good Governance: Without good governance nobody can take the nation to their highest potential. A leader should know how to make people work for his policies. Because a policy can never be implemented by one person, there will be bureaucracy and a leader should know how to control them.
    Personal Presentation: the leader’s personal presentation must reflect his policies. For example, Imran khan started the austerity campaign his life style his dressing his travel his style of greeting his guests depicts that he supports austerity campaign. That’s how people will follow him and his campaign will become successful.
    Team Building: A leader can never have impact on a society without a team as he cannot control everything himself. He should select the best people totally on merit never on the basis of nepotism. Imran khan selected his team totally on the basis of merit. He never supported nepotism.
    Measurable achievements: Imran khan Built the first free cancer hospital. He broke the two-party system in country which supported each other to save corruption. He mobilized masses and poured awareness of their rights in them. He became the prime minister of Pakistan.

    In my vicinity I believe Shaheer Sialvi is a negative leader who has a mission but that doesn’t demand peace and therefore is a negative leader. Though I agree that Hitler is a perfect example of negative leadership.

    II. Write your own funeral speech.
    Hi everyone, this is the first time I am not sad on the funeral just because I know this woman has done everything one can do in her life time. She did what she wanted to do. She achieved what she wished for. She was the only lady I saw in my lifetime who was so daring, bold and enthusiastic. And the way she cared no one can cared for. She was the most compassionate woman I ever met. She had so much pain for poor that she could die to help them. She touched so many lives and changed them positively. She was always smiling. I am sad for people who haven’t met her. She had an urge to learn. She was curious to find the secrets of this world and engaged in healthy discussions to know the reality. In fact today this world lost a gem.
    III. Organize a Peer Panel to Discuss the Kectil Ten Points of Leadership

    OUTCOME OF THE PANEL DISCUSSION: We concluded the following points:
    1: The most important thing for a leader is compassion.
    2: The leader should be daring enough to take up the responsibility.
    3: There should be no question to the credibility and integrity of a leader.

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