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    Name: Leyla Humed
    Country: Eritrea

    Kectil Assignment 2: Social Media and Personal Branding
    2 Short Paragragh about negative social media effects in my country or communty
    Lots of PHDs and Scholars are still searching Social effects of social media, could be positive or negative We can mention a lot bad effects but what I can mention which I noticed around my country or the community which I live currently are some and common.
    Superficial relationships instead of meaningful relationship: we meet and hang out with friends just on APPS rather than real life and it turns out that you don’t exactly know the person that you keep in touch with. And once you are inactive in social media, you lose those friends and vice versa. They separate us from real interactions and make us feel worse.
    Addiction: This is the main factor that made people to misuse social media. This is because we make a lot effort to get self-attention , follow and be followed, the emotions that controls us when we communicate with people through texting each other and this all lead us spending more time on social media and be completely addicted
    Consuming and self-comparing: I already said that addiction is main factor which lead us to those mentioned things, The more we use it, the more we waste our time and money and compare ourselves with the people who we meet on social media could be friends, celebrities or any one we meet on social media . This lead us to have less self-satisfaction and in turn results anxiety or depression.
    Cyber bullying: I know a girl who I rarely used to meet on messenger and chat. She had been in Italy and at last came to Germany to seek asylum. She was refugee and had been living closely with her community who live there. She was teenager and had two children whom she had without getting married. I suddenly heard on Facebook that she died. I was so shocked and asked many people to find out the reason of her death. I asked many people but the information that I had from the people who had known her closely was that she killed herself due to being bulled on social media and real life. As long as I had Known her, she was so active on social media but due to unknown reason, she had been bullied which led her to kill herself. May her self-rest in peace!. Those experiences are not few; many people around me and including me get bullied on social media and face harassments. People think of it as a Joke but they don’t realize that when bullying, those micro moments that the person feel will lead him/her to have macro problems and this is one consequence which lead people to suffer from anxiety and depression.
    In my country, there is no excessive use of social media due to the network issue but generally, just like the rest of the world, It played a great role in changing all people especially youth way of life. Comparing 10 years ago and now, it appeared to be having less communication and discussion between peer in person, using APPS instead of using libraries or books to work on a project of assignment. Consume time and money to follow un useful things on social media, lack of sleep to the people who can access WI FI…..etc. And this will gradually lead the youth to suffer from the bad other effects of social media such as anxiety, depression and stress and suicidal thoughts. Those bad effects are not common now but are experienced somehow. As youth and being one of the victims which suffer from social media, I would like to take a stand and change the social media culture to help the people how to good use of it. Try to give awareness to people about social media’s negative effects and positive effects, use it as a tool which we can benefit from not let it to have a full control of us and lead our lives.

    3 Opinion- Is excessive youth of social media by youth is an addiction?

    In my opinion excessive youth of social media is addition. I can say that this is because when we start to really care what people think about us and end up having frequently coming and see what have been posted on social media, aiming to have more followers and friends through social media and start to be active on social media for long period of time and waste time in working hard to make followers to just show your existence and uniqueness, by other means get self- attention.
    Engagement with social media and our cell phones release a chemical called dopamine, when you receive a text, good feelings surrounds you. All the little features like, comments, likes and being able to share posts are just gimmicks designed to get us hooked by causing dopamine to be released. This is the exact chemical that makes us feel good when we smoke, drink and gumble. This scientific experiment explains that it’s highly addictive.

    4 social media reduces Job and academic performance by wasting time or mental distractions. Is it true or false?

    This is definitely true. Researchers suggest that young people who spend more than two hours per day on social media are more likely to report poor mental health including Psychological distress (Symptoms of Anxiety and depression) and poor sleep which are caused due to addiction. Continuous lack of sleep also affects your daily life performance and productivity. When we repeatedly prioritize this instant gratification and addictive dopamine rush giving APPS over our long term goals which require work, we come up with something called procrastination, this is when you waste your time checking on your cell phone and finish your tasks or Job on a rush the day before the deadline is about to come. Most of the time, procrastination is filed by the fact that we are addicted to our devises. Therefore the more we are
    addicted to social media the less we get enough sleep and suffers from anxiety and depression and the less productive we be.

    5 Please write a paragraph of 400 words or less on whether social media played a role in government elections or politics in your community or country? Have you experienced “Fake News” in your country?

    As I have mentioned earlier, Social Media is not that much used in my Country as such, It hasn’t played a role in government elections or Politics. It’s one of the developing countries and so far one government is elected since Independence in 1991. It’s not a democratic country and thee hasn’t been election through social Media. Politics which doesn’t support the government is spread on social media by the people who live outside of the country not inside as it’s not freely used. But when I was a child, I remember I have experienced of fake news about a new transmitted disease had been transmitted within with in the country and all of the people feared but it was later clarified on Newspaper not on Social media that it was a fake News. As far as I know and on the time I had been in my country, It hasn’t been shut down but was controlled by the government not to follow influencers which affects the government negatively by letting less access or other ways like spying.

    Please write a paragraph of 300 words or less on whether current social media “Influencers” are having a positive or a negative effect on youth in your country? Are they “Influencing” the right subjects and actions? Please be specific and provide names.
    Nowadays, almost all theof the people in the world want to be Influencers for the reason to have profit and self-attention. When people follow influencers, they are not just follow what the Influencer posts, They are also following her /his opinion. The internet is filled with Services to buy likes , Followers and subscribes and more. So anybody can fake digital fame but you cannot fake real influence and trust. Influencers Dominate Social Media ; Many of who have over a Million followers under their belt. And when we see we when look at their content is it educational? Funny or particularly inspiring humane, Does it grow us in some way? Often No. Instead we see is this flaunting of money and wealth, Unrealistic standard of beauty and success. When followers consume this content and keep scrolling and it just makes them feel worse about their selves. Genarally people like to follow Celebrities or influencers who already have many followers. The Youth in my country as well follow Celebrities or very known Influencers and those people’s Social media is dominated Platforms are dominated by Contents that seeks to worsen their issue and not make it better.
    For example: Followers spend time and Money checking 100 posts of Cars money fame Influencers Partying so on and so Forth and those Superficial contents at the end make them feel worse about them selves and end up learn nothing.
    There are Eritrean Political act ivies Influencers also who live in Abroad who are negative social media Influencers. Instead of uniting the people and try to bring people in the same Political understanding, they work on differentiating Eritrean Citizens according to their ethnicity and religion. They have brought a large Negative effect on Eritrean youth to follow their Opinion and somehow made the people to be racist to each other and to have different Eritrean Communities in Abroad classified by their relgion and ethnicity.

    10 In the place that I work, I have seen many Youth staff including me started to give Corona Virus Awareness to other refugee Youth and children we meet in our community or over the phone and advise on safety tips like Social distancing, wearing masks and wash hands regularly with Alchol based hand ruband advise to stay at home and self Isolate . we encourage youth to watch news COVID 19 on social media from trusted health programs or organizations. Youth staff also discuss on how work Interactions and schedules should be during this tough situation and try to work productively to help in providing youth and childrenwith materials or any assistance which are help them in this situation.

    Pannel discussion

    a) I asked three (couldn’t find more online) youth coleagues through internet group chat and all of them agreed that excessive use of social media cause depression. They all agreed that this is caused when social media users are addicted and this is the worst negative effect from all the negative aspects of social media. This makes people to excessively use social media not just lead to waste of time and money, especially in developed countries, it’s becoming more usual to see friends and married people break up and cut relationships. They also mentioned that addicted people nowadays are Isolating themselves from their society and famiy which we they observe in Community during family gathering or different celebrations.
    One of them also mentioned excessive use of social media can cause other health issues not just depression as the health specialists indicates, Most addicted peopke don’t exercise or move as a result, they become overweight and infected easily by different diseases.
    b)I asked how social media is causing cyber bulling and herd behavior : They all mentioned that this is becoming common and many people have become victims of internet threat ,problems which causes them to have stress , depression and suicidal thoughts or experiences. This is made by opening accounts using the names of the person that they hate or want to attack and use it to threaten, bully the person or other people .
    Two of them also mentioned that Some people also use the accounts of celebrities, religious or political influencers which they don’t like and bully them to be hated by followers or fans in order to change their perspective on which they support the influencers in.
    c) They all mentioned that excessive use of social media cause lack of productivity, Mental distraction and inability to get a Job done. Two of my panelist said that they have been facing such kind of problems due to spending more time on the social media Apps and lack of sleep. They both realized that they were not being productive during the day and feels exhausted the whole day and didn’t finish their tasks and found themselves them to work over time or in the week ends. They didn’t have good time management and always feels overwhelmed and unable to get a Job done. When this continues to happen and after taking time management trainings, they realized that the main cause was excessive use of the Internet Apps. One already started not to use the internet more than two hours a day and the other is still trying to cope and use less the internet during work times.

    They all agreed with the Kectil social media rules and found it interesting. They also came up with the Idea to give awareness session to unaccompanied children and youth refugees on their Psycho-Aid class about Social media use including the Kectil social media rules to try to apply it on their daily lives because refugees in this Country are also facing the same issues and are becoming the victims of different health issues whether it’s mental or physical.

    Thank you

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