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    Huong Nguyen

    A. Please write a short paragraph of less than 300 words on the negative personal effects of social media on youth in your community or country. Have you or someone you know experienced depression, cyberbullying, or other negative result of using social media? How was it handled, if at all? What is the youth social media culture in your country? Can youth take a stand and change the culture?
    Unfortunately, I’m experiencing depression over different periods due to social media for various reasons. We can start with the part which I expect my friends interact on my posts then I find nothing happens while others have tons of interactions which disappoint me at the end. Despite the fact that I have over 1800 friends on Facebook whom I have interacted with in the physical world & even shared memories with but you can say that over 95% of them don’t even check on me. Another thing that makes me have low self-esteem when boys keep commenting on girls’ photos & support those girls just because they look nice & I don’t even have half of this attention when I post the similar posts (I’m just tired of fake people). Sometimes seeing those perfect photos & moments all time on social media make me feel like I’m the only imperfect person out there. I remember why I first joined facebook it was for communicating with one of my relative who didn’t even bothered doing so back then which made me so sad. One of those moments when I feel bity on myself when I see posts about what friends, family & beloved ones do things like putting some efforts in a video or make a surprise or just anything to make a special person happy. I’m usually the person who do so for others. I keep a faded hope that someday I will get something unique like this, just someday ( All I need is just small act of caring not a fake one).

    3. In your opinion, is excessive use of social media by youth an addiction? Are the damaging effects as bad as drinking or drugs?
    The answer is yes. Anybody can addict anything in the case of excessive use for that thing. The problem with social media addiction is that it new type of addiction that’s why people are not that much aware of it. I myself aware that I’m experiencing a degree of addiction for using social media one way or another. Addiction leads to damage in relationships, isolation, affects productivity & even cause depression which can be happened & caused by excessive use of social media.

    4. It is said that use of social media reduces job and academic performance either by wasting time or by consistent mental distractions. Do you think this is true or false and why?
    I think it’s true. In a perfect situation, if you check the social media for specific purpose & close it but in most causes you keep interacting with the posts & keep checking your wall & so on which waste your time at the end of the day. Added to that the fact that your phone keep notifying you with everything happening which can distract you from your current activity.
    5. Please write a paragraph of 400 words or less on whether social media played a role in government elections or politics in your community or country? Have you experienced “Fake News” in your country? Have you observed the attempted manipulation of public opinion using social media as a platform? Has any social media networking been shut down or censored?
    Many countries experienced tries of affecting the will of the citizens over different ages with various means. Even before the social media era. It was clear in my country during the presidential elections over the last 10 years when competitors have teams working on making the opponent image looks bad & even share fake news & spread those news out to weaken the opponent positions. According to my analysis to peoples’ behavior on social media, they’re only sharing their own thoughts & opinions. So when they see posts different from theirs, they focus on proving their on point of view not trying to listen to different opinion to understand it. Something I noticed during the last 3 years among youth is that a large sector of them try to show off their support to our country or specific direction to earn some credit & benefits out of that. Egypt is one of the countries who is facing terrorism. One of the terrorism’s tools to achieve their despicable goals is social media so it make sense when our country have to monitor social media because it affects our national security. Being manipulated or not through social media depends on the personality of the receiver. Whether this receiver is welling to be with or against.

    6. Please write a paragraph of 300 words or less on whether current social media “Influencers” are having a positive or a negative effect on youth in your country? Are they “Influencing” the right subjects and actions? Please be specific and provide names.
    7. Is there a lack of positive role models in your community or country? Does social media make it better or worse? What kind of role models would you like to see leading the voice on social media? How can you and your peers make that happen?
    Influencer do influence youth in both ways. We have various reasons for that. Let’s say that Mo Salah who has positive influence on youth did something according to his thoughts & believes which is against a teenager who raised differently. Then Mo salah have a negative influence on that teenager. On one hand youth at young age get influenced easily by what they see whether it’s positive or negative. On the other hand influencer are not perfect they can do mistakes. Being influencer puts responsibility on their shoulders but that doesn’t mean they’re always right. We have great influencers in our community who bring right subjects & do right actions as Sally Foaud (TV Presenter) & Mo Salah (Football player) while we have influencers with negitve effect as Ramz Gala (Actor) & Mohamed Ramdan (Actor & Singer). Ramz Gala for example bring famous people on his show & put them in deadly situation for fun & he gets millions of views. For me I support those positive ones & just igonore the negative ones. I don’t believe in having just one role model because no one is perfect so I prefer to take the good from each one.

    8. Do social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook lead to narcissism—an effort to get self-attention? Is it leading to the “look at me” syndrome? How is that damaging to the poster and to the reader?
    Unfortaunly, yes that’s true. Sometimes people want to show others that they’re okey & living great lives while they’re trying to cover their downsides in life. Usually the poster gets damaged when (s)he doesn’t get the expected attention while the reader gets damaged when he feels like that he’s the only person with imperfect life.

    9. Is it possible for youth to show the self-discipline to limit themselves to 2 hours a day on social media?
    It can happen. If we as youth managed our priorities better & become more aware of ourselves & what our needs are.

    10. A positive aspect of social media is education and awareness. Please describe a few examples where youth in your community have learned about an issue or subject and reacted appropriately to address a situation because of a social media campaign.
    In my opinion, one of the best campaigns I have ever seen that tackling series sensitive problem as high rates of divorce is (Mawada) campaign. Added to that antibully campaign we had before.

    I usually project the image of the serious modest smart girl when people meet me. I speak in good clear tone as much as I can. I dress in comfortable clothes generally & formal when needed. I don’t just act randomly, I’m usually careful with my words & body language.

    I would put into consideration when the candidate arrive but will not stress on it much if he’s late a couple of minutes. I would ask him how he hard it was to get here. Through the interview I will see whether his serious or not about the job & being late was honestly out of hand. Being prepared & doing the h.w. to search the company & the position is a must. I would look how good his knowledge, language & computer skills but also put into consideration whether he’s willing to develop & learn more or not. I would check his linkedln as well & put into consideration what he post on social media but not being judgmental about his social media (Just to have a closer look to know his personality & try to measure my concerns throughout the interview).

    To give powerful presentation all you have to do is be simple & clear. It’s better to tell story to catch people attention. Powerful presentations are about adding our own thoughts & ideas not just copy & paste pieces from different websites. Pictures are great but too much of them are still too much. Before showing a video, we have to test the audio & the internet connection. The clicker will give us more room to move as well.

    ¬After 3hours of discussions with 5 of my friends on zoom application. These are the things we had reached:

    • Most of them see that it depends on what you follow on social media to get a depression or not (if you follow murder news & all the negative pages then you will get depression of course), Other opinions including mine it’s about expectations on social media (You’re trying to find matching opinions & thoughts while expecting to get some interactions) which lead to depression when not met. Another mentioned factor for the relationship between social media & depression is our mode (Specially the fact that we see plain text). We don’t really see each other’s faces or feel the emotions in the tone, voice & body language. We’re just seeing moments & posting about them while we stopped creating ones. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 large sector are using social media in ways leading to more depression.

    • At first they were talking about the perfect case scenario but later we discovered that either us or close people to us have experienced cyberbully or at least herd behavior. But we all agreed that the famous get bullied badly.

    • They see that the most negatively affected segment from social media is the teenagers. They’re giving up on the physical world & living in the virtual one while their parents are not being aware of all of this.

    • We reviewed 15 rules of social media. We all loved them & even willing to apply them & spread them as well. We all see that they’re applicable. Our favorite ones are number 2 &6.

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