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    I.Comparative Examples of Real Positive and Negative Leaders.

    Positive example:
    (1) Mission: Nelson Mandela mission of freedom fighting was to see South Africa as Democratic and Non-racial state where both white and black can have equal rights to live equally and peacefully coexist.
    (2) Passion: Mandela love for humanity made him to fight for freedom of equality for all regardless of race. He had a balance love for both black and white.
    (3) Vision: At the beginning of Mandela struggles he described to join the African National Congress which is currently a political party whose primary mission was to bring all African together as one people to defend their rights, freedom and other Pan Africanist Organizations like(SACP) South Africa communist party where he consistently committed his struggle to Non-violent protest against white supremacy.
    (4) Ethnic: Nelson Mandela was ethnical in his strive against racial discrimination. He led a non violent protest against the government of South Africa in 1961. where he order his followers to be peaceful in their quest for equality.
    (5) Compassion: upon Nelson Mandela winning the election of South Africa and becoming the president in 1994, he was asked by many black South African to revenge against those ill treated him but Mandela refuse. He described to make South Africa a peaceful nation for everyone both black and white.
    (6 ) Equality and Respect: Dr. Martin Luther Jr endeavor was to negate racism, racial discrimination and segregation in The United state and he also advice the black to respect and accept the white as brothers and sisters in humanity.
    (7) Good Government/Management:Thomas Sankara , one of the Africa’s Leader from Burkina Faso . During his leadership as president of Burkina Faso he encouraged gender equality where he appointed women to high government positions and encouraged them to work outside the home and stay in school, even if pregnant women which was not normal in Africa at that time, he was also an anti-corruption Leader. Sankara encouraged the prosecution of officials accused of corruption and lazy workers.
    (8) Personal Presentation: The Personal Presentation of Leader defines his stands and his leadership mission. Like Muammar al-Gaddafi always wore his native African clothes which signified his pan-Africanist mission to liberate Africa from western culture and adapt the African tradition has a way of life.
    (9) Team building: In 1994 , Apartheid had ended and Mandela has just won the first election in which black had the right to vote. Many Black, who had been dominant politically, socially and economically for decades bayed for freedom for revenge, The white on the other hand , fearing reprisals, planned to leave the country.Mandela realization was the only way forward to ensure prosperity in South Africa peacefully exist as one people and work together to develop their country.
    (10) Measurable accomplishment:Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf former President of the republic of Liberia, she served as president of Liberia (2006-18) making her the first Female head of state of an African country. As president Madam Sirleaf secured millions of dollars of foreign investment and established a truth and reconciliation committee to probe corruption and heal ethnic tensions. I think one of the greatest accomplishment of Madam Sirleaf is the courage and motivation she give to other women. She served as an inspirational and motivational icon to many women all around the world. She spoke against rape and Domestic violence against women in Liberia and outside Liberia. She one of Liberia best president.

    Negative examples:

    (1) Mission: Charles G Taylor was the 22nd President of the republic of Liberia, mission was to become a president of Liberia after gotten sacked by former president Samuel K.Doe for embezzlement, he eventually flow to Libya where he was trained as a guerrila fighter. Charles G.Taylor returned to Liberia in 1989 as a head of Libyan -backed rebel group, the national patriotic Front of Liberia, to over throw the Doe Government and become the next president which he succeeded in.
    (2) Passion: Mr. Taylor love and greed for power led him to go against his own people and causing thousands of people to die.
    (3) Vision: Charles G Taylor led war attack on Doe’s government involving teens age children know as child soldiers to get rid of Doe’s Leadership.
    (4) Ethnic: Adolph Hitler was negative in a mission of getting rid of the influence of Jews in German . He described to take a radical stand by causing the murder of mass member of Jews in the 1949s.
    (5) Compassion: In 1972, Ugandan exile attempted a coup agains Idi Amin former president of the republic of Uganda.they failed and Idi Amin retaliated against the ethnic groups that were the rebels
    and thousands of them were killed. He also kill hundreds of Asians and European .He believed they had know rights to live and do business in Uganda.
    (6) Equality and Respect: Hitler as a leader discriminated against the Jews .He disrepute the Jews and took them as an inferior sat of people.
    (7) Good Government/Management: General Idi Amin Dada of Uganda was one of the worst president in Africa history.he was a major general in the Uganda Army, when he became president, he created a military dictatorship, where military where military officers were put in top positions of government and the military tribunals were put above civil law. He redirected most of the country’s money to the military and to himself which left the country and rest of Ugandan suffer in abject poverty.Idi Amin dada took so much of the country’s Money for himself that the inflection rate in Uganda rose to 1,000 percent by the time he was driven out of power.
    (8) Personal Presentation: negative personal Presentation of a Leader is righting this followers or the people in which he is leading . Like Adolph Hitler , it is said he was always look at to be a fearful person. In fact , during his leadership he did not had a written communication with none of his under men. He communicated with them verbally and his his Command.
    (9)Team building: The Libyan bureau which provided military and ideological training for revolutionaries from different parts of the world. After former President Samuel K Doe sacked Charles G Taylor from his Government because of Embezzlement, His Greed and Anger made he to flow to Libya and join the Libyan bureau that trained him as guerrila fighter , later Charles G Taylor returned to Liberia 1989 as a head of a Libyan-backed rebel group, the national patriotic front of Liberia to overthrow Doe government which led to the death of many of our dear leaders and family in Liberia.
    (10) Measurable accomplishment: the Measurable accomplishment of one of Africa most dictators Idi Amin Dada is characterized by rampant human rights abuses, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killing, nepotism, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement. Africa has witnessed dictators who have done absurd things and who have plundered their country beyond redemption. The level of damage Idi Amin has caused Africa is unprecedented. And he’s remembered in the African history as one of the dictators Africa bleed for Through his leadership.

    II. Write your own funeral speech.

    From water and dust, Allah created his Insan ( Humankind) into existence and then after living, suddenly maut ( death) comes upon them. Sadly, I realized that every nafs (soul) will taste death, if you want to know the reality of this life then go and visit the khabarskan( graveyard). Go and look at those desolated graves. Go and see who is buried there. The same politician and the same ruler and the same governor and the same minister, who when he used to walk people used to say “Move out of his way, move out of his way! Someone great has come. When he would move, he would move in a cavalcade of Limousine.If this world was going to allow anyone to live forever I swear then Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wouldn’t have drunk from the cup of death.I swear If you know the reality of this life, you will worry day and night and the worry will never stop until you meet the Almighty Allah the creator. Brother and Sister in this life return to your Allah because this life is full of nonsense, injustices and wrong doing. let prepare ourselves before death call upon us. Ali(Ra) said Death, you cannot escape from it, if you will oppose it . It will overpower you and if you ran away from it , it will find you. Run run whenever you want but only it’s appointed time that death will find you, even if you were in a fortified fortress. Death is our Final common denominator, I’m worry about my death in every time spent on this earth. I’m a Muslim by faith I don’t know if there will be someone to give my eulogy but If there will be someone to read my eulogy, please the person that will read my eulogy should be someone that has an Islam knowledge. please tell him that I never love much praises.Please him/she to deliver my Eulogy not great than 45 minute for the audience not to get stodgy. I want someone to mention that day, that Mohammed M Kromah tried to served the Almighty Allah with faithful respect and Commitment.I want him to mention that day, that Mohammed M Kromah tried in his entire life to served humanity. I want him to mention that day, that I tried to love and respect everyone irregardless of affiliation. because al-Qurtubi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: And I say: based on that, kind treatment of neighbors is enjoined and is recommended, whether they are Muslim or not. And this is the right thing to do. Kind treatment may be in the sense of helping or it may be in the sense of being kind, refraining from annoyance and standing by them.I want him to say that day, I tried to do what is right and speaks against what is wrong. I want him to say that day, that in my entire life I tried to be charitable. I want him to say in my life I tried to love and served humanity with respect and integrity. Surat Ali Imran 3:103 said Hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. Remember the favor of Allah upon you, when you were enemies and he brought your hearts together and you became brothers by his favor. I’m a servant of Allah and I will always be, And Lailaha leilawuho Muhammadu Rasuluilahe is my last word on this sinful world.

    III. Organize a Peer Panel to Discuss the Kectil Ten Points of Leadership.

    We had a successful discussion on the Kectil Ten point of Leadership which we like is some ways of life. It was actually an interactive discussion wherein Leaders of my peer from different localities had their views on Kectil Ten point of Leadership.

    At the Program Leader Mohammed M Copper, was our first speaker and he basically talked on three of Kectil Ten point of Leadership. Which are Mission, Passion and Vision: he said in his view is the the ways of life. Every leader should have in their mind this three point in leadership in other to foster their dreams. He said I believe, Mission in Leadership talks about the goals a leader aims to accomplish whether long term or short term with example to proved his view. He made mention of Mahatma Gandhi Mission as a freedom fighter of India to liberate is people from imperial rule of the English a non-violent movement known as Ahism. he said For Passion it’s the inner feeling that motivates a leader to carry out the mission he / she dreamed about. Example: Mahatma Gandhi passion was to see an ideal society of India where people will have balance life of social and political freedom. He alway envisions a society free of injustice and race discrimination he said vision is the practical steps I. Accomplishing a mission. It vividly shows how a leader carry out his mission to become successful. For example Gandhi employed non-violent resistance to lead the successful campaigns for Indian independence from British imperial ruled . He later, became role model for many freedom fighters and social activists around the world the like of Nelson, Dr Martin Luther jr etc. Belah Swaray served as our second speaker and he talked on Ethnic and Compassion: he said in his view Ethnic issues is one of the most difficult problems in Liberia. Looking at ethnic as a self-identification and membership in ascribed group of people in and around the world. The issue of Ethnic have been the center cycle of Liberian politics. People have been vote into power because of Tribes and Religious which I think is wrong. They need to be tested if they can serve the people properly. Today, we continue to run risk that ethnic discord may lead to deep, prolonged and even more destructive inter ethnic conflicts in the country struggles that could last far into the future. He said I think the should of ethnic Peace and harmony will be done through reconciliation relationship on the person level. He said the issue of Compassion, I think all leaders should have compassion for his people that he leading, because you are there by the people, for the people and to the people. So, therefore: you should work in their interest as leader because that is your function.compassion is very important in leadership. It’s the feeling of wanting to help people. As a be Compassionate towards your people. The third speaker was Mohammed D. Konneh, The Chairman of Gate Africa. One of the organizations that is fighting for better leadership in Liberia and the world. He give his views one Equality and Respect, Team building. Team Building. He said Firstly,when we speak of team building,let us look at the background of it in relation to it meaning. Team Building is the process or an act of bringing together individual or group of people with diverse skills and ideologies, thereby making them work for a specific goals for which they are trained to accomplish. Team Building is something that every leader or institution must focus on if they want to bring into reality what they perceived as goal(s). When building a team,one must consider that they are creating a force that he or she can rely on in fulfilling the objectives for which the team is being built for. As such building team is like erecting the foundation of a house,if the foundation is not well solid,lead to a poor house been built and if it is really solid give the house a lasting value. Team Building requires recruiting individual or group with different skills and expertise that can work together to achieved the exact purpose for which they are brought in unity for. In team building,even though it requires people with diverse skills,it also should be people with like minds. Team building involves people with positive mind, willing to pursue purpose for which they are recruited for, that are competent or can adapt to different environment. Team building requires people of courage, people with passion, dedication, compassion, discipline, people with ethics and respect, morals and lastly they must be made to believe in the reasons for which they are being recruited on. For the aspect Equality and Respect these are two words that constitutes the foundation and the main background for the success of an institution or individual. He said If any individual or group wants to achieved something unique and special,they must apply great deals of equality and respect in their quest. Equality and Respect are like engine of an institutional or societal progress. If any individual or organization lacks equality and respect, it will be very difficult for such organization to accomplish it objectives and goals. Due to the absent of equality and respect in or amongst members of a particular gathering or groups,there will be internal rumbling and conflicts that will definitely taunt the growth and development of the environment which it exist. As it’s the law of nature that everyone and everything deserve to be treated with respect. If you want to received respect,one should also give out respect accompany with great deal of ethics. If any team lacks those two(Ethics and Respect) recipes, the necessary ingredients needed to make progress will be bad for the growth of any individual or group (s). The lack of those two derails and obstruct the growth of any society and therefore give rise to the lack of trust, confidence, conflicts and delineation. Lastly,if any individual, institution or society wants to make progress or achieved their goals and objectives,they must implore great deal of Equality and Respect for members of the team or for oneself. When that’s done there will be true growth,trust and understanding .
    As a leader I listen to other view and added my voice to their voices. I was the last to speak at the Program and I spoke on the issue of Good Government/Management,Personal Presentation and measurable accomplishment . For the aspect of good government/management have to do with the government stands against corruption, improper functions in the government. The government should encouraged the aspect of gender equality, domestic violence. All government officials should work in the interest of it citizens. If any government officials refuses to do so should be prosecuted. Personal presentation should be the hard work you have done for humanity and on the other hand can be the danger you have caused on people. But I urge all leaders to have a positive personal presentation, because leaders are the beacon of peace and harmony for our people. We much work to solve their problems. And Measurable accomplishment is the the catalog of all your positive and negative work do through your Mission. As the last person to speak I want to give a big appreciate to the Kectil family for giving me an opportunity to redo my Assignment.

    Our sources are research through google and Self Analyzation . Thank you Kectil.

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