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    Huong Nguyen


    Now days we clearly can see the dark side & the personal negative effects of the social media and let’s start with the biggest one and the most common mental diseases ‘ depression’. Everyone looking forward to be in the highest level as much as possible. So, once you saw a something you need it but you don’t have the access to get it now you feel sad at first then it turns to depression if the problem doesn’t solved. The major of the feeds on social media is about happiness even if this is not true but mainly youth posting good news and smiley pictures. So, most of us goanna say look at that man he got everything he want but actually it’s not true at all. I have experienced depression before for a while, and to be honest with you there are many and many of youth feeling bad because of the incorrect usage of the social media. For example, I saw the others have all what I need or I’m planning to do but I didn’t realize that those things that they got are distributed among many people not only in one man hand, As it always blocking the whole picture to be appeared after while I made a virtual character automatically without any interfering by me & this ghost is called “ALL”. The all have what I’m missing, I did a lot of efforts to realized that ‘ALL’ is made by me & to achieve what ALL did I have to start fixing my achieving’s vision and by time I could do it by the grace of Allah. Now its horrible culture as it based on the lackluster content, I hope they can change this soon to build a well oriented structure.

    The social media in the political life is a weapon, politician must know how to use it in order to not assassinate themselves politically. Egypt In 2010 a few months ago before the 25th Jan revolution 2011.
    The Facebook at that time about being a well-known social platform among people. So, we can say that one of the reasons of this revolution is a video for a young engineer been tortured by the security in a police station which leads to killing that guy. Of course the regime’s media won’t publish any news about that. But here is the new weapon that changed the path of the media as the video of torturing this guy been uploaded on the Facebook and so many people saw it and find the truth of this accident. As we can see here it’s the starting point of using the social media platforms to get the news instated of the newspaper and the TV channels.
    The state understand the power of the social media very well. Although the decision makers doesn’t like the social media at first as it’s consider as the peaceful face of the electronic warfare as I said before but they adapt to use it.
    Starting from 2012 after Dr. Mohamed Morsi the Isolated President by the a 30th Jun 2013 revolution until now there is an online war between the supporters, Opponents and the terrorists as well the peak time was from 2013 till 2015 until the Marshal Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi won the presidential elections and took the lead, after that it decreased step by step. I believe that there were Facebook accounts were been censored as those accounts were publishing terrorists actions against the Egyptian country. Many people saw it’s OK to censure the social media to trace the terrorists as it’s a national security case and other said it’s against the freedom as they arrested the political opponents as well.
    After the gulf crisis between Egypt, KSA, UAE & Bahrain from a side and Qatar on the other side as AlJazeria network was helped the terrorists and was publishing fake news just to shake the core of the other countries as those countries allege. The Four countries cut the diplomatic Relations and closed all Qatari websites.

    The Social media has an impact on the whole life as we can’t deny our life is completely changed by a way or another because of the social media platforms. . Before COVID-19 the social media have the worst effect ever as it was conquered by the Mahrganat Singers, those singers influenced the underage that the fastest way to glory in by one of two options the first one is to go for singing not understood song with sexual lyrics or to use the body through nudity and sex to achieve the famousness. Now days the numbers of the influencers on the social media are decreased. As the stage is only for the knowledge, medicine and innovation to find a cure to COVID-19. So, this we can see the positively change in the community through this virus.
    Yes, the Social media platforms leads to narcissism as many of the users are using it to just be celebrity regardless what he/she doing in the life, definitely it leads to look-at me syndrome as they have no valuable vision towards themselves at first and to the community. That’s destroying the taste of the reader and the principles for the poster. That’s makes the people got crazy only because of the number of reactions and shares regardless the content and the value.
    The man with a real strong freefell can do anything. Man walked on the moon in 60’s because they were determining to do that. For me I set my mobile phone to remind me if I spend more than two hours per day to take the control back. So, it’s easy to decide but it’s hard to do. Added to that COVID-19 forced us to know the importance of the remote learning.


    I’m trying to be decent in everything all the time in the professional life, my message is to show that I’m a responsible man who is full of passion & energy and very quiet at the same time. The talking way is very diplomatic based on knowledge with a leadership background. Decent & smart dress is the preferable. At first most of people were saying that I’m a conceited character but once we start talking they found me completely the opposite. So, I started to solve this problem through being more sociable and proactive in the Acquaintance in the events.

    Of course all of this matter, added to that he/she must show the passion and the entrepreneurial spirit to gain experience and knowledge.

    To give a good it must be simple as much as it could be, not too long, haven’t many words on the slide using the story telling style to grip the attention.

    Yes I will check it as it is very important thing to know the mentality and the attitude of the candidate.
    Things on social media would keep you from hiring someone are many such as the name of the E-mail and the Acc. It must be decent and professionally the content that he shared and his/her must be respectful.

    The panel discussion’s report

    It was more than two hours discussion between 6 of my peers the average age is 23 years 6 months. There was a consensus that social media is one of the biggest causes of the depression, especially for teenagers, and it has many risks that we see clearly now on ourselves, our friends, and our neighbors.

    At first they agree that excessive use of social media can cause depression, they likened the social media as mystery’s gate the one spend a lot of time to find nothing even he/she knows that there is no specific purpose to keep scrolling down but there is a passion to that. Teenagers are the most vulnerable to get depression as at that age the mentalities be created. So, they got a constant point of view that the life is very easy by which They lost passion and perseverance and were convinced that life is easy and should not be tired to get what they want besides having very high ambition which leads to sharp depression to them. The fear from being unacceptable among the community is a vital role, one of the panelists said that he deleted many posts before as it’s didn’t get the expected reactions or any. So, he wanted to keep his image is cool and funny as always. Also the fear from not being updated with the latest trends to in order to losing the interactions with the friends.

    There are many cyber-bullying on the social media even some of the panelists got a cyber-bullying many times added to that the herd behavior is common as the weak people fear from being alone in this electronic world.
    They believe that the more hours be spent on the social media the less productivity become as there is no time to let the brain get rest as always thinking about what the other’s gonna say about us on the social media. They are totally agree with the Kectil 15 Rules of Social Media Use. Especially No.6 and they are ready to apply it and share it with others and hoping that rules achieving the desired goal among the social media users.

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