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    Huong Nguyen

    Social Media
    1. I have been studying the effects of use of social media on youth since 2018, and surprisingly social media does have dire negative effects on most of youth using it. I got to see many youth develop hatred towards others because of what goes on social media. One of the biggest disappointment that youth have to face on social media is getting reactions on their posts or none at all, they get depressed when they see their friend’s posts gaining much attention and getting more likes, likes matters more than anything on social media. They get depressed to check their profile a day later without even a single notification, a friend request, a direct message, a like, a comment or a share from their timeline. You see people doing the unthinkable just to be recognized in the social media community, get more reactions and shares.
    In 2015 when I was still a student someone took my numbers from my Facebook account, she claimed that I was dating her man, she threatened me and even have her friends follow me at school, she posted my pictures all over social media labeling as a man-snatcher, I was afraid to even leave the house alone, I ultimately had to report the incident to the police and she called to report herself to the station. They gave her a warning and then let her go, well I also didn’t press charges, all I wanted was her to leave me alone, after that, I never heard from her again. What actually helped me was that I had proof of the post and messages she has been sending me, it very hard to deal with social media cases as there are actually no cyber laws.

    1.2. According to me and what I have seen happen in my country, it is not really an addiction but because of high rate of unemployment, we as youth spend so much time on social media to kill time and somehow distress, as you will see many people sharing jokes on social media, and the number of groups and pages meant for jokes and memes are increasing everyday.
    1.3. On the performance it depends on an individual, it also depends on the reasons the individual is using social media for. and in other cases where an individual have focus problem it does affect performance as they will miss deadlines and are unable to grab all the information they are being told as they juggle between work and social media.
    1.4. Social media did play a big role in our past election as the current prime-minister targeted most of his campaigns to social media users and invested on social media campaigns to increase his followers. We are subjected to fake news everyday about government, about public figure even about things that affects us directly like health, work and entertainment. There are so many articles circulating online at the moment that are trying to manipulate people into believing that corona virus is manmade and most of those articles don’t even have a source. Between 2014 and 2015 the deputy prime minister nearly shut down Facebook saying it’s the source of instability happen in the country then, but the shutdown never happened.
    1.5. Well we don’t have lots influencers in my country, and what I have realized is that most people trust online media newspapers as they comply with Lesotho Communications Authority regulations most of the time. Recently I have been following three comedians who have been deployed to influence the public on following right measure to stay safe through this time of Covid-19 pandemic and well, I saw most people sharing their videos and small messages all over Facebook. We have Makhubelu, Sir Matee and Lilaphalapha.
    1.6. We have so many role models in our respective communities and I am also a role model to many youth and young people and I think social media made things simpler as one can just look me up online and connect with me any time of the day. We are able to interact and share with other what is happening all over the country through social media. I wish also old people can use social media and continue sharing their knowledge and imparting wisdom on youth through social media, because a message shared through social media reach multitudes.
    1.7. Yes social media platforms do lead to narcissism, especially Facebook as it is one of the most used platform here in Lesotho. People end up posting nude or half naked pictures just to get attention, which is have another negative effects as teens tend to copy what they see in social media thinking it’s the trend and the cool thing to do.
    1.8. I don’t think it is possible for youth to limit themselves to 2 hours a day on social media as we depend on social media for information, we communicate with friends and family through social media as normal calls are very expensive for unemployed people like us. The only thing that limits the usage of social media is availability or affordability of data credit to the user.
    1.9. From 2018 when the country embarked on national reforms journey, social media have been a very important channel we used to reach youth when trying to gather youth opinions on how they would like the country to be reformed. We created a page meant specifically for youth for national reforms where we shared information and held dialogues to give youth a chance to contribute to building of youth compact on national reforms.
    Recently after this outbreak of corona virus we have also started a movement on Facebook to petition the government as all the government interventions aren’t youth friendly, and the response have been very good, we have even created a WhatsApp group for better coordination.

    The Kectil 15 Rules for Social Media Use
    I think these rules are very important and can be very helpful if followed or applied when using social media. Even though some of them can be very hard to comply with as some people lack self-discipline and some makes a living through social media (advertising or marketing products they sell online).

    Personal Branding
    1. I always want to create a simple yet unique image the first time I meet with people. Physical I want to look simple, but behavior wise I always strive to portray a much more intelligent side of me which make people get interested in me and getting in conversations with me. I always try to adjust to the level of the people I am interacting with to avoid going overboard.
    2. Body language- it says a lot if a person is to be trusted or not.
    Dressing- are they dressed appropriately.
    Interaction- is the person able to keep up in a conversation.
    Knowledge- is the person well informed? Are they up to date with current affairs?
    Language- if the way they speak is respectful or not.
    3. Being on time for an interview is the most important part to catch attention of an employer.
    Studying about the post one is applying for is also important, as well as studying about the company itself.
    Lastly building trust is also a necessity as no one would hire someone they don’t trust to be part of their company.
    4. Being humble it’s a sign that the company’s clients will be in right hands
    5. Dress in a more comfortable manner for both you and the audience. Stand by the side of the screen facing the audience. Write the topic on top of every slide, and there must also be sub-topics to make it simpler to understand. The power point should be in bullet points and shouldn’t be too detailed, details should be verbal.
    6. Most definitely, the first thing I would do is to check the social media presence even before calling them to an interview. Most of the time people air their daily life on social media and sometimes even those that can have a negative impact on them. I wouldn’t hire someone who posts nudes or naked pictures on social media, I wouldn’t hire someone who always posts pictures or videos of them being drunk of doing something that hurts other people.
    Panel Discussion
    According to the discussion we had, it was said that social media can lead to depression depending on the personality of the user and also based on what are the expectations of the user with social media. The competitive behavior which ends in lowered self-esteem amongst peers can also lead to depression.
    It was discovered that there are less or no cyber law which protects social media users, and due to this, there are so many cases of cyber bullying and herd behavior and most of the time the victims are not even aware that their right are being violated. There is too much shaming through social media where people even post screenshots of conversations and it seems that the perpetrators do that trying to boost their confidence at the expense of others. People get harassed and receive unpleasant messages or visuals through social media all the time, sometimes one find themselves even being tagged in such messages.
    There is a relationship between the amount of use and social media and lack of productivity, mental distraction and inability to get job done. Social media consumes time as people get addicted to it and for most people a minute cannot pass without them logging in to their social media accounts. People miss deadlines because of lack of focus on real job while wasting much of their time on social media.
    Panelist do agree with all Kectil social media rules and they are eager to put them into practice and share them with others, even though some of the rules will be hard to complete.

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