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    1. MISSION
    Without mission no leader can become a leader. Mission is basically a task given to a person or group of people. Leaders and their leadership skills play an important role in the growth of an organization. The basic goal of a leader is to motivate his team and to provide a supportive environment for them. For this a leader should know how to lead a team in a proper manner, how to build a healthy relationship among his team, how to develop personal responsibility and self-discipline, practice careful and active listening, understanding persuasion etc. For example, our Prime Minister Imran Khan has a mission to improve the quality of life and make our country corruption free for the unreached and undeserved communities by ensuring access to various services.
    2. PASSION
    Without passion no one can achieve his/her goals to get success in your mission you must be passionate about it. Most successful leaders don’t have a job, they have a passion. Passionate leaders have a profound understanding of people, are outstanding communicators, have clarity of vision, can see opportunity in adversity, full of positive energy, are resourceful and can take action. Prime Minister had a passion to take over the leadership of Pakistan as he saw the people of Pakistan suffering from basic necessities of life like clean water, electricity, education, basic medical facilities. He wanted that every person should be educated and basic medical facilities should be given to them. For this hi inaugurated his own hospital.
    3. VISION
    Vision is basically an ability to think about or to plan something for future or ability to see. A vision statement depicts the framework or picture of the company in future. It includes your inspiration and strategic planning. It describes what you are trying to achieve and what will be your respected future actions. A vision is something that describes how you are going to achieve your goals and what sort of actions and steps you are going to take for that in order to implement your ideas. Here I would like to quote example of Edhi sahib who devoted his entire life to humanity he provided shelter to homeless people and provide source of education to needy one and took a lot of steps for poor’s he was a man of his words from very start of his age he was clear about his vision and later he implemented that too he said no religion is higher than humanity.
    4. ETHICS
    Moral principles that depicts a person’s behavior is referred to as ethics The vital parameters of an ethical leader is to define and align your values, promote open communication and beware of bias. An ethical leader can assure ethical practices throughout the organization. The people can respect the ethical beliefs and values. An ethical leader will protect the rights of each person in the organization or natives if we are talking about a country. Edhi sahib took a lot of steps for providing shelter to homeless people whenever any person gets homeless Edhi was always there to take care of that person he was gem kind of person who served his life for humanity although he was the richest man but lived poorly no one can say that he was the richest person he spent all his money on people and lived happily.
    Compassion is a vital key to being a great leader. If a person is showing some sort of kindness, caring and a willingness to help others, it means he/she is showing compassion. It is the ability to feel for other human beings. A good leader should be compassionate towards his team. Compassionate leaders are those who inspires other people who is followed by other people I would say that whenever a question related to leaders are asked I can think of any other man except Edhi sahib he was the man who was respected in each and every religion and also followed by all religions he was above all he took a lot of steps in his entire life for the comfort of people.
    Respect and equality is a basic right of every human being. While caring out a task, a leader should not be biased. The word equality ensures that individuals or groups of individuals should not be treated differently or less favorably on the basis of race, gender, disability, religion or belief. A true leader deals with his team in a respected manner and is not biased among them. A good leader always give respect to all religions he doesn’t differentiate on basis of religion cast creed like Edhi.
    Good governance is a way of judging how public organizations perform public affairs and public resources in a reasonable way. It is basically the process of decision making and how to implement those ideas or plans. It is the asset of a good leader that he/ she should be corruption free. A good governance should be transparent, responsive, effective and efficient. Our current prime minister Imran Khan is taking so many steps to improve his country he is trying to make it corruption free and bribe free and he is trying to improve employment rate and quality of education.
    Personal presentation is something how you portray or present yourself to other people. Good presentation refers to showing yourself in the best light and image. If leader is good in his moral character and strong than people will automatically follow him if leader will do corruption than everyone will do if leader is sincere than he can make his nation strong and pure.
    Team building is a method of turning a group of employees into a cohesive team. A team is basically a group of individuals organized together to carry out a task in a healthy environment.
    Without team no one can succeed team building is an important part to get success in your goals. If we will study history of any leader than we will get to know that behind every successful leader he always had a successful team. Because no one can achieve his goals alone always a team is required to achieve goals in every aspect of life if we get to see each other we will know behind our back there is always a team who supports us to achieve our goals. Team can be of our blood relations as well.
    A leader must know what kind of goals need to be achieved first and to be later. From which sources leader can achieve goals. Tasks which need to be done first must be planned first and leader must know what kind of steps are required to complete those goals.

    II. Write your own funeral speech.
    I would love to explain my speech through connecting dots and make others realize how our life takes us to the place where we need to be its all connecting dots which I am going to connect my present through the past. I always wanted to be an NCA which is arts college as I am a science student due to which I cant get admission in arts college in 2012 I got admission in my Bachelor’s degree but at the end of my Bachelor’s degree I get to know that admission of MS is containing very few seats due to which I was unable to secure my admission but somehow I saw a post that NCA is allowing students to get diplomas without any test and luckily I got admission in that college in 2016 which was the best time of my life I make a lot friends there but I make one best friend after completing my diploma my friend died suddenly due to cancer we both were planning to go abroad whereas I secured scholarship and just didn’t follow because I never thought to go alone but my friend didn’t survived which made me feel bad I get through so much depression those days were worst of my life but I never quiet that thing made me strong a lot and give me so much courage to move forward whereas no one can replace anyone so in 2018 I got admission in same university in MS by securing my seat and now I have completed it. And now again I am going to search scholarships jobs. What I think is our all destiny our decided already so we must not lose hope because now I am not alone I am surrounded with so many good people around me who are always there for me to help me out in my good and bad times so I think no one should lose hope because ultimately we can have whatever we want we should just not quiet just not lose heart.
    III. Organize a Peer Panel to Discuss the Kectil Ten Points of Leadership
    The discussion concluded that leader must have these seven qualities
    1. Leader must listen to others
    “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” – Bernard Baruch
    Good communication is a central competency of all leaders. Yet, for others, this evokes memories of inspirational leaders sputting out stirring speeches and positive feelings. Yes, this sometimes happens. More often than not, however, the best leaders spend at least the same amount of time listening as they talk.
    By listening with an empathetic ear, by putting ourselves in their shoes, and by maintaining an open mind, we develop a culture of enthusiastic and energetic teamwork,
    -explains John Keyser in an article for the Association for Talent Development,-
    Our conscious listening, which is listening to understand and learn, is our gift to others.
    2. Perseverance
    “Press on: nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” – Calvin Coolidge
    Let’s face it — leadership and administration are tough jobs. They’re not just about money, a better pay, a fancy title and the office in the corner. There’s a lot of dirty work going into the job and even when the journey gets tough the strongest leaders are determined to keep moving forward. We find ways around roadblocks and barriers. They’re working out how to solve issues.
    If we look throughout the world in every industry, in every culture, there’s one consistent trend among successful individuals, and that trend is the ability to persevere,
    -explains Justin Sachs in an article for Forbes,-
    Goals cannot be accomplished overnight and the most successful leaders put a great deal of interest on communicating to their teams the importance of continuing to adjust to the situation and finding a better direction.
    3. Honesty
    “Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.” – Mary Kay Ash
    Leader must be honest because everyone will follow leader if leader is not honest than we can’t say to anything to anyone. Honest leaders make honest nations and strong empires. Honesty is the main part of leader personality
    4. Selflessness
    “The first and most important choice a leader makes is the choice to serve, without which one’s capacity to lead is severely limited.” – Robert Greenleaf
    Whether you’re actually leading a team or planning to do so in the future, take a moment to imagine this scenario: you’ve got a long to – do list for your working day and ambitious plans to check every last thing. One of the direct supervisors has a problem, without warning, that they need help solving. After that, another one of your team members needs some guidance on a challenging project. Respected leaders appreciate the fact that their teams are held accountable. If required, it is their duty to step in with advice, instruction and encouragement. And, that means that they can’t be selfish. More often than not, they have to set aside their own plans and desires in order to offer that required support to their direct reports.
    5. Team Work
    Without team work no leader can succeed no one can achieve goals to get your goals it is necessary to have a good team and team should be collaborative competent and team must not have any fragile ego and team must respect each other to get success.
    6. Trust, Equality and Respect
    “He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.” – Lao Tzu
    Trust is the important part of any leader team trust is always a two-way process like its two different paths of a street. The more leader takes his team in trust the more team gets strong. Leader must make other feel strong leader must respect everyone he should not do any kind of discrimination.
    7. Mission and Vision
    Leader must be clear in his goals he must have very clear vision to make his mission successful its very necessary
    They are all critical qualities— but there are plenty of others involved in good leadership. Factors like persistence, preparation, emotional intelligence and much more are all crucial pieces of the puzzle in motivating others to follow your lead. But if you want to step up your own leadership skills, these seven features are a great place to begin transforming yourself

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