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    1. Kectil 10 Points of Leadership

    Mission is like a set lay out for any organisation or a person with a purpose. Every leader is driven by a mission layout on how he should align himself/herself on what his putpose and aspiration are. Nelson Mandela mission as a leader is to contribute to the making of a just society for sounth African where everyone regardless of color can have a safe and just place to call theirs. Without a mission, there won’t be a process or vission. Keeping this in mind makes a leader function actively with his goals.

    Passion is what drive every leader to be diligent and consistence in pursing their goals. With out passion a goal might not be achieve productively. Learning from Dr Martin Luther King Jr, his passion drive him to be unstoppable until the change is seen, and this passion drives him to move the country and now the world. Passion can come in a positive and negative ways sometimes, a positive passion gives a long lasting impact while negative passion just can leave the world in broken pieces. Its important know how to harness our passion for a social change and impact. A lot of young people only have a social mindset of gain in what they do but lack the right passion for it. Passion keep you focus on achieving your goal.

    The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. Vision keep you on the track on what need to be achieve so you know where you are going from the start. They can see into the future.They have a clear, exciting idea of where they are going and what they are trying to accomplish and are excellent at strategic planning.Vision shows you a clear picture on your goals. Vision gives you a clear roadmap on what to do and how it should be done. It gives you clear insight on how to get things done.

    Ethics is principle that governs one behaviour and character. This direct every leader to know the right and the wrong things to do. Its more of individual value or organisation value who different them from one another. Ethics deal with the purity of individuals and their intentions. A good leader must have these ethics trait:Honesty,Dignity,Serving others, Respectfulness,Justice and Community building.

    Compassion is crucial to leadership efficacy.Compassion is very key value that every leader need to possess by putting themselves in others shoe and see through what others are going through to proffer best solution to help them. This at some point has to do with empathy and respect for others and the relationshop management with others. Acting compassionately is essential, but there’s one more thing. Compassion’s a mental state we need to find firstly inside us, our intentions for being compassionate must be clear. We can do kind things or compassionate acts with good consequences.Having compassion as a leader on others help you to understand them and know how to comfort them. This will help you work effectively with them. This is somewhat why empathy and emotional intelligence is quite important in leadership. It teachers us to show care and concern for one another.

    A leader must be humble and treat others equally irrespective of their tribe, culture, skin, religion and belief. Be humble; let go of any desire to take credit for success. Your contribution is no greater, no less than that of another. Hold others accountable to Leadership Equality by seeking their input. Promote the idea of Leadership Equality to those around you, above you, below you. Spark a grassroots movement. Spread the word. Encourage others to join you. A President of country is a President of the people tribe, culture, belief, color and religion not to a President to his own belief or personalities alone. Respecting others belief and culture and not treating others differently because they don’t believe in what you stand for is a good trait of a good leader. Respect for yourself and others and this has nothing to do with age or class but right to others opinion. Leaders need to know that the fact that their opinion seem right doesn’t mean others have a wring opinion.

    We should be able to create a good and sustainable management and environment for our team as a leader. Good governance is about the processes for making and implementing decisions. It’s not about making ‘correct’ decisions, but about the best possible process for making those decisions.
    Good decision-making processes, and therefore good governance, share several characteristics. All have a positive effect on various aspects of local government including consultation policies and practices, meeting procedures, service quality protocols, councillor and officer conduct, role clarification and good working relationships.Good governance is accountable. A good government carries their surbordiante along in all decision making. Good governance is transparent.Good governance is responsive.Good governance is equitable and inclusive.Good governance is effective and efficient. As a leader you should able to manage the people and the resources so as to have an effective organisations or flow. Good government and management has to do with how well we manage others too without being biased or taking sides.

    Personal presentation has to do with what you want people to about you and how want them to perceive you. These are the value you represent as a leader. Personal presentation is all about marketing YOU, the brand that is you. What others see you do and hear you say will influence their opinion of you,so personal presentation is about painting yourself in as positive a light as possible always. Good presentation skills require organisation and confidence. If these two essential items are not ticked off, then it’s time you looked at developing presentation skills. This type of personal development work will really assist you to develop first more confidence, which is the key. Then, by you getting organised, well presented and ultimately building self-esteem, those dream jobs will appear and your ambitions will be realised!
    Being well presented in the workplace in a presentation, in a meeting, during a discussion with a colleague or client is essential. If your career matters to you develop your presentation skills! Leaders need to let their process be as presentable as their presentation)

    The goal of any leader is an organisation to create safe working environment for their team and see that everyone work together for a common goal and vision of the organisation. This include creating team work and understanding each team member weakness and strength and see ways to help them fit in to the rest of the team. A successful leader is capable of providing confident people management and effective implementation in leadership organisation such as the management development in which members of the team can discover effective ways to get accomplish tasks by cooperating with other team members. It can also give way to the discovery of potential leaders, as well as discover what they can accomplish by means of effective delegation.Another goal aimed by team building activities is the development of communication skills, by which team members are expected to learn the importance of communicating ideas and experiences among the group to accomplish goals. The activities can also help them learn to ask for help and how much or how little communication there needs to be among co-workers. This can then help them learn how to set clear objectives and measure performance, as a team. And every team member opinion need to be respected.

    In the past year, I have been able to manage a good team as a Regional Director and a General Director for two organisations respectively. My leadership achievement is measured by respecting individual team mate opinions and putting all together to achieve our goals and objectives. We’ve been able to empower, educate and enlighten the children, teenagers and youth in my region. You can accomplish little by working alone but you can achieve alot by a great team putting the beat vision,mission, goals and objectives together. Over the years I have been able to manage diversity working with people from my country and other countriies. I have been able to train over 400 teachers, 3000 kids, 12 communities and 2000 undergraduate on peace and resilience related and Global citizenship Education.

    2. EULOGY
    There is a quote that has always work for me from a very early years of my life which says “The beauty of Life is not about how happy you are but how happy others are because of you”. As a young boy growing up in a village where we grew up with violent extremism , war and riot which basically affect the psychological thinking and behaviour of some of my peers, I realise I need to change something about my life and seee things differently. Growing up, I and my subblings and mother live with my grandparent while my father work in the city with his second wife while he come home once in a while and we get to travel to see him once we are on holiday and my mother has more responsibility to take care of us. Despite the fact that grandpa was the first polical chairman of my local government then, there are times I ,my sibblings and mother hardly get something to eat and most time we beg to have a manageable meal but the resilient and determination of my mother grew stringer to get us a better education as she couldn’t have much as a nurse. This really taught me to appreciate even the little thing of life and live a decent life regardless my environment.
    As a kid I became really curious for change, knowledge and education which got me into writing different exams and reading a lot to inspire my peers. I believe education is a strong tools that can solve so many problem the world is facing ranging from violent extremism, terrorism , poverty and most urgent problem we face in the world and this got me to take education serious even when my parent got separated and I my sister had to stay with my mom parent. Life is never a bed of rose and sometimes your journey might take you to some unforeseen place and destination. As a young boy who believe in education, my education pursuit begin quite longer due to my inability to get into university and my failure after gotten my 1st admission but never for once did I give even when its becoming a mockery and most of my mate have left me behind. There is this fulfilment I get while pursuing my academic and it give more strength to start pursuing knowledge more often as I pursue a former education .
    My journey as an educator become more purposely after I joined a friend NGO, One African Child Foundation in 2014. This year happens to be a year I almost give up on everything and my heart is filled with depression but it turns to be one of my best year as a become part of something purposeful and impactful as given back to communities and ensuring every Africa children have access to Quality Education starring from the community I am.
    I started the region with only 5 volunteers then and we started going to schools and community to train schools children and out school children on Education for Sustainable Development, Peace Education and sustainability. Over the journey I was made the regional Director of the regional which I serve for 3 years and create over 80 young leaders who volunteer for the organisation.
    Over the years I have been able to manage diversity working with people from my country and other countriies. I have been able to train over 400 teachers, 3000 kids, 12 communities and 2000 undergraduate on peace and resilience related and Global citizenship Education.
    As an undergraduate then , I’ve worked directly with professors and Vice Chancellor of University and their HODs.
    These achievement came as a result of my resilience and most importantly my zeal to see change in the world. I want to see a world where every child regardless of their skin color, religions, gender and ethnicity can have equal access to quality education, safe environment and healthy living.
    My drive for change to help even more people motivate me to create a social enterprise and digital marketing company to help people promote their ideas, business and organisation.
    My journey has been a slow one but a purposeful one. As much as we are thriving to because better everyday. I want to encourage everyone to see beyond the competition and greed in the world and focus on developing others and creating more solutions rather than being a problem.

    I organised an online webinar with my peers to discuss Kectil Ten Points of Leadership and what each Point means with real life example. It was an interactive discussion as the discussion brought up a lot of point on the loophole of some organisation leadership and relatively individual leadership skills that can be work on. Kectil Ten Points of Leadership is good good value every organisation and leaders need to be taught on and we brought up initiative on how to use this to train more organisation and young leaders.
    A good real life example is how the Nigeria government have deviate from a good ethics to personal interest and suffer more masses in their decision making.

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