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    Daniel Ochieng

    Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.
    It has made me feel about mental health in a way that I believe that the way we think really affect our way of life and how our environment is developed. I have someone who is currently passing through a mental health challenges in a way that he has a stigma of his blood group and genotype which is not supposed to make him live longer than 5years on earth. One-day he was abused and insulted by his friends that he is a sickle celler and ever since then he didn’t recover from the thinking till today. Though he has managed it by me telling him that the abuse was not something that sticks to his body system
    I made him understand that he shouldn’t think about what his friends has said so that he can live longer and stronger.
    ANSWER 3
    In my own opinion, I feel mental health management is so necessary in the society because it helps to control the way occupants in a community are being treated and how they relate with people who have conditions and situation that that may battle with them Mentally. Parts of the sign to know someone is passing through mental health challenges are people thinking that they are being deprived of their right because of the current condition and situation they are based on a particular disability in them or deformity in their body system. Yes I can say these syptoms are so common in the community we are today because it’s what we noticed in our every day life.
    ANSWER 4
    It’s is absolutely false that the common statement is that mental health management especially among youth is a developed world problem and not an issue that affects developing countries. Example to support this is that in the developed countries many people pass through mental health from financial level to health wise.
    ANSWER 5
    I think the main reason for mental health among youths in developing countries is the ability for a particular youths to advance emotionally wise and intellectually wise is what makes most of them fall into emotional problems and this affect their mental health because they want to be like what other youths are. Also in least developed countries, financial buoyancy and position wise can make them traumatic emotionally. The issue are more severe in under developed countries because most of the system there are being controlled by the privileged, rich and governing councils.

    ANSWER 6
    Yes Social media has a great impact on Youth mental health simply because most of the youths of now a days take things and people they see online as role model. This makes most of them go to extreme to make sure they acquire what they see online such as illegal business and swift wealth illegally. The community leaders of today would rather deal with youths morally instead of making them pass through rigorous training to adjust their mental ability.
    ANSWER 7
    NO, Nigeria doesn’t have decent access to mental care for youth because even our government doesn’t care about what the youths passes through. Youths in Nigeria only seek help of counselors instead of mental health officers because those who base on mental health are majorly the non profit Initiative and Non Governmental organizations. So they are hard to see.
    Yes. There organizations are so active and are helping Youths who seek them for help.
    ANSWER 8
    The government of Nigeria is not taking into account mental health management because they are less concerned. Reason because they take interest if the masses as the last thing on their list and it’s not making youth have a good greater exposure on how to adjust themselves to what is actually needed to make them overcome some mental situation.
    As a person, I am currently running a non profit Initiative whereby I can handle mental health for both boys and girls especially youths and adolescent. The few steps am taking is
    Running a non profit Initiative where my various initiatives can be executed.
    ANSWER 9
    I have a senator in my country who was battling with mental health because he has no kids since the past 35 years he has been married and lots of challenges has been following up the barrenness of his wife. About last year his wife took in and gave birth to triplets. The lesson I learned from it was that he didn’t give up in the whole process and while they where in the storm.

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