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    2. Please write a short paragraph of fewer than 300 words on your definition of mental health from a youth’s perspective. How has it made you feel about the concept of mental health? Have you experienced mental health challenges in your past or do you know of someone who has or is ongoing mental health management challenges? Tell us their story (you may be anonymous or use fictional characters, we respect our privacy and of those around you). How was this managed, if at all?
    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”
    Mental health is total health of mind and the emotions of oneself. Mental health is highly depending on other persons reactions to oneself. Yes, Mental health challenge, she faced lot in her teen age (anonymously). She used to be brawler in her classes, constantly everyone saying she is not like others and better stay out of everything we do. She often gets too angry over that time, and goes into a fight. Because it was tough for her to maintain the over dominating power of these gangs. It often went like she didn’t have friends to hang over. She had cried for many Sleepless nights with endless waiting on getting friends. Her entire teenage went revolving around these thoughts and finally she got out of her high school. The same person, when she entered into college days. She was no more a brawler, she was friend with entire college, this happened when she started to realize, how she is different from others. In the way of knowing things, in the way of getting to know herself better. She came to know her true nature, what she liked most was to spend time with books, rather than speaking on some movies and actors and actresses, besides her entire focus was on getting to know things from the basics of what happened, she started to learn more, she became charming in the entire college and finally she can see herself into many number of curricular activities. Later she found out, it is due to the lack of knowledge on what she like, what she doesn’t like; in short on her own abilities If she had known things about herself, she could have avoided all these things. She can manage herself only when she started to know better about herself.

    3. In your opinion, is mental health management necessary in society? What are the signs and symptoms that someone is experiencing mental health challenges? Do you believe that these signs and symptoms are more common in their communities or are they seen as the typical signs and symptoms of mental health worldwide? Why?
    Yes, mental health management is necessary in today’s society.
    Signs and symptoms:
    Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Behavioural Disorder
    Bipolar Disorder
    Borderline Personality Disorder
    Because many didn’t have the idea of what is their emotion, how to handle them. Emotions such as anger leads to violence. Depression leads to addiction. As an individual this will regard as emotions; but as community it will regard as addicted people, who doesn’t know how to handle emotions, who gets themselves into violence or at worse cases putting themselves into suicide attempts. These symptoms are very common in worldwide. Every country does have all these addiction people (with news from different countries stating). Individuals make the world communities. In this case, any typical symptom with an individual will surely lead to affecting the community. Say for example, A drug addicted person will likely be infusing drug into him/herself will lead to disastrous life. The people around that person will also get affected. If do they have strong mental power, they get the person out of this. But if the people around the person is weak in mental power then they likely to get addicted and thus making it very worse as a community. Worldwide such problems occur.

    4. The common statement is that mental health management especially among youth is a developed world problem and not an issue that affects developing countries. Is this true or false? Please provide an explanation and possible examples.
    No, mental health management is not likely a problem of developed or developing countries problem. It is false. Mental health management is a worldwide problem, it is not only a problem that affects the youth in developed countries but also in developing countries. In Developed nations, the mental health problems occur from too much work, bad health habits, etc. But in developing nations, the mental health problems occur with less financials, not proper organizational management with a stress case. Besides, mental health problems occur in developing nations because of the unawareness of what are they undergoing, most of the time- they never talk about all these mental health problems. Many times, they have the misassumption of that saying one do have a mental health problem will make them abnormal or mad person. Besides, in developing nations financial freedom and employment is not good like in developed nations, this is also one problem where many face depressions and make their lives a miserable one. In my country, people in urban and metros would suffer from work related stress, where their lives become challenging one. In case of people in rural areas, farmers suicide is a very big issue. They lack financials for paying to the debt they got for raising crops. And getting counsellors or Psychiatrists or Psychologists is tough in rural areas. As I said before, it is not a problem of developed countries alone, it is a problem of developing countries too.

    5. What do you think are the main reasons for Mental Health issues among youth in developing and least developed countries? Do you think the issues are less or more severe than in developing countries?
    The main reason for mental health issues among youth in developing and least developed countries is not knowing how to react for a particular problem or situation. It is more severe in developing countries, because mental health awareness is much in urban and moreover there is no separate division for Psychiatry in rural hospitals. This shows there is no special care is taken for mental health. And besides, knowledge in a society for emotional intelligence, attitude and emotional care is not taken care well. This is not given from the school days, though there are platforms to study on this, a proper structure on emotional awareness is not given.

    6. Please refer to assignment 2: Social Media and Personal Banding. We posted a study by Dr. Primack and colleagues in 2014-2016 at the University of Pittsburgh, the study found that there is a significant, linear relationship between social media use and depression, measured either as total time or frequency of visits. Do you think social media has an impact on Youth Mental Health? How are your community leaders dealing with it?
    Yes, social media platform impacts both negatively and positively on Youth mental health. With Total time or frequency of visits, it definitely has a very greater impact. Community leaders use that as a platform to share only for the sake of professional and other related things and thereby reducing the number of frequencies they make themselves to get into social media. In case of other people, they will be in online for the rest of the period of time. Chatting, posting posts and spending too much time will surely make them less productive. Community leaders run a time tracker to know where their time is running. So they have errands to check on the time spending in social media.
    7. Is there decent access to mental care for youth in your country? Do you think youth seek the help of mental care officers first when they have mental health issues? Are the officers being active in helping the youth?
    Yes, they do have the access in urban areas. But what I heard from Psychologists that, there is no specific clinic or decent access separately for mental care health in rural areas. This is a shocking revelation for me too. There is only general doctor in rural areas, I have visited parts of rural areas in my country and got some more insights on this from Psychologists. According to the Psychologists, it is necessary to create a separate centre because there is not much awareness within them, regarding all the mental health problems within them. The officers are working hard to create awareness. Yet with all the traditional beliefs, creating mental health care is tough in rural areas. With regard to other aspects, breaking one’s custom is not really advisable; and such thoughts on society is still prevailing.

    8. Please write a paragraph of 400 words or less on whether your government is taking into account mental health management. Give suggestions on what changes you as a youth would advocate for. List a few steps you are willing to undertake as a youth to fight for change in terms of mental health.
    Yes, currently with COVID-19 pandemic, government is taking lot of measures to create awareness in people. They provide helpline numbers to get guided for their mental health. As an entrepreneur who is working against depression, I am creating questionnaire and other activities to analyse oneself much better (Psychoanalysis). It is because we tend bind ourselves with emotions; emotions are the one that break us and build us. Mental health can be managed besides medicines and awareness, one has to know about one self very clearly. For example, COVID-19 situation is the best example. Many lack jobs, many lack freedom to get around, but there were many who brought jobs in online and besides there were things that can be done by sitting in home itself. This sort of emotion or personality is called adaptability, now one who doesn’t have idea on what the real problem is and he doesn’t have the awareness not to get adapted will surely get Depressed and get one self into negative part of his mind. With communities I am currently working with psychologists and building my idea which is to create awareness about oneself on how he decides and what are all his negative habits- based on the behavioural analysis a personalized approach, I am trying to bring into my community. For this idea, I have been selected from the Indian Government under Department Of biotechnology, within that Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Cooperation have given a fellowship and provide me the title as Social Innovator. I am trying my best to provide things to the society.

    9. Highlight a role model in your life who was battling with mental health and is a survivor. Explain in depth what makes this individual unique to you as a youth. Tell us their story on how they overcame mental health and the lessons you derived from their history.
    My role model is my school teacher. She was having very tough time with financials, her family and the work. Finally, she was into too much stress. She overcame that stress by taking two days leave and started to work on her problems. Later she got her higher education and left the school. Her financials were stable. Her work load become less. Since she was able to get her master degree. The lesson I have learnt is that when things go out of hand take a rest and start working where the problem really is. From that date on wards I was starting to take leave from all the problems and work and I try concentrating on my problems and finding a solution for that.

    Assemble 4-6 of your peers between the ages 18-26 for a discussion session that you lead on the effect of social media on youth in your country. Although the lockdown order may have been relaxed in some countries, we do not want any of you to risk your health. Please do not organize face-to-face panel discussions. We highly recommend you to do online meetings on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or alternative channels convenient for you.

    Discuss the following and submit a short report of the outcome.

    Ask your panellists about their view on mental health. Have any of them personally experienced Mental Health Issues or know anyone who went through the same and recovered? What are the lessons from these stories?
    Since many were not ready to open up in the open discussion forum. I gathered information from them personally. Most of the time the youth who I took into account where not into mental health issues, they try to live their life most. But many stated it is the work that make them stressed. Most of the time they stop working for that day and complete it by next day.
    Lead a discussion on the most common mental health issues among the youth in your country.
    These emotions take the role and make oneself into serious mental issues. Youth in my country suffer from such mental health issues. Besides we discussed on
    Do your panellists think youth have equal and enough access to mental health care services? What are hindrances for a youth in your country from access to this service?
    Yes, they have equal and enough access to mental health service. The hindrances for a youth in your country is that rural people don’t have much access to this service. But with COVID-19 pandemic everything has been digitalized, and the counselling is also digitalized. So, it paved a lot of way to come into major coverage for the rural people.
    Do they feel as though they receive mental health services as frequently? Should youth find their own way to overcome mental health challenges or should they lean to external services? Give options on the type of services that can be offered.
    Yes, they get mental health services when they needed. Yes, finding their own way is most advisable. But the problem is certain times, it is compulsory to make ourselves aware on what we are undergoing; besides when we don’t know oneself much better it is not easy to make other’s understand what really is going on. We can get advices but to get proper understanding of what is wrong and right with our emotions, is much needed one. External service is one that can fulfil this character. External services can be one that makes things make yourself know much better.
    What are their suggestions to Kectil on raising awareness and educating the youth on the topic Mental Health? What do you think you as a Kectil Colleague can do to combat Mental Health in your communities?
    Kectil can intiate a Brainstorming session on reasons for mental health and besides it can connect with the other parts of the world, so it can make the session very much easy to get what is the real problem within oneself. As a Kectil colleague I can create awareness, besides as an entrepreneur I am trying to solve this problem by providing Indicators for the personality development and to overcome from their mental health problems.0

    Briefly introduce the actionable points derived from the Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020 (World Health Organization). Do your panelists think the plan is feasible? What has been accomplished this far?

    Action Plan 2013-2020: Four major objectives are set forth by WHO:
    more effective leadership and governance for mental health;
    the provision of comprehensive, integrated mental health and social care services in community-based settings;
    implementation of strategies for promotion and prevention;
    and strengthened information systems, evidence and research.
    Yes, the group of people think this is feasible. It is because the integrated mental health and social care services in community based settings will help a lot with the people. With the information world, it is much easier to strengthen the world. With all these settings.
    What we felt accomplished so far in the community is that there is effective leadership and governance for mental health. There were times, someone if he spells Mental health and says he want to see a doctor, that was really felt like the person was personified as a mad man. Those times are changing with these rules. Since it is an international Goal set on mental health, the community starts to See this merely similar like a physical illness. This doesn’t mean the person is mad or he had become abnormal person. Still it is not fully eradicated, But we as a part of our community try to hold hands together to achieve what is best for the community. Creating Awareness through social media is what we as a group are doing. Besides as an individual we look after each other as friends when tough times get into our lives. Since we are at looking the society’s real face and the burdens we took for the case of family, puts so much pressure on our minds. Where we tend to look back our values and try not to be stressed at these situations. This what we are trying to establish in our locality.

    1.Galderisi S, Heinz A, Kastrup M, Beezhold J, Sartorius N. Toward a new definition of mental health. World Psychiatry. 2015;14(2):231-233. doi:10.1002/wps.20231.
    Thanks to the Psychologists and Psychiatrists whom I have consulted

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