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    Kectil Assignment #2

    Please write a short paragraph of less than 300 words on the negative personal effects of social media on youth in your community or country. Have you or someone you know experienced depression, cyberbullying, or other negative result of using social media? How was it handled, if at all? What is the youth social media culture in your country? Can youth take a stand and change the culture?
    Negative Personal Effects of Social Media plays a very vital role on the mental health of the youth. It leads to problems and complications for the one who is going through. I haven’t experienced or known someone who has experienced it but I have read a few cases on the internet about cyber bullying and misuse of the power of social media. They were handling by cyber cell of the police department and harassers were arrested. Cyber bullying is a constant source of distress and worry for the one who’s going through it. Cyber Bullying leads to one’s low self-esteem, reluctance, Social Withdrawal, changes in personality for example depressing, crying spells.
    Social Media culture has three important parts communication, socialization and change, the most common in your culture is communication and socialization and this socialisation is misused sometimes which leads to negative impacts on the youth population. We can create awareness programmes for the youth population and tell them to use the facility positively and teach those digital rights and security so that they can encrypt their data and save themselves from bullied on the internet.

    In your opinion, is excessive use of social media by youth an addiction? Are the damaging effects as bad as drinking or drugs?
    In my opinion, excessive usage of social media can be considered as an addiction. Anything which is present and existing in our life more than we need can be dangerous and harmful for us. Some researches suggest that excessive usage of social media can result in anxiety and depression and they are considering it as internet addiction disorder. It is considered as a disorder when an individual captivate themselves with it at the cost of attaining daily responsibilities or pursing other interests, without thinking about the negative consequences it can create.
    So if I have to comment on it and give my opinion I would consider it as harmful as drugs and drinking. In a society, we consider drugs and drinking as harmful because it damages and destroys our physical health but what we neglect is that excessive use of social media have a capacity and capability of damaging and destroying our mental health and wellbeing, which is equally important as physical health and well-being.

    It is said that use of social media reduces job and academic performance either by wasting time or by consistent mental distractions. Do you think this is true or false and why?
    The statement which says “Use of social media reduces job and academic performance either by wasting time or by consistent mental distraction” is true in my opinion.
    A coin has two sides and so does social media. It has both advantages and disadvantages but because of those disadvantages the above statement seem true and legitimate.
    A social media is a way of connecting people from far a way, people from world wide are present their and are just one search and click away. It just not only gives us an option of connecting with people, it also allows us to post and share humour content on which students and professionals get distracted and their usage of social media increase, because of which their performance at academic and job reduces. Apart from that, it also affects our mental wellbeing by being an addiction, and a place where cyberbullying, hacking, scams and frauds are very common. Furthermore, it also creates negative impacts on our health such as sleep deprival, headaches, social withdrawal, eye strain, moreover it also triggers our emotions of sadness instead of wellbeing. We start to compare and contrast our lives with others which results in social anxiety and depression.

    Please write a paragraph of 400 words or less on whether social media played a role in government elections or politics in your community or country? Have you experienced “Fake News” in your country? Have you observed the attempted manipulation of public opinion using social media as a platform? Has any social media networking been shut down or censored?
    If I see generally, social media has not directly played any role in our country as polling or elections were never happened online, not even on social media. There is a practice of regular paper voting system and then counting. Though there is a huge corruption in paper voting but still the consider online voting more risky and don’t use but. Actually, I would say they haven’t looked for this option ever. But the major thing that is essential to talk about here is that the social media has influenced the political activity, election or voting as now people are persuading populations through social media sessions and campaigns. We also had similar experience in the recent elections where online campaigning through social media was on fire and grabbed a lot of attention. Social media had an influence on population to select certain person as well because they ere seeing lot of videos, posts, sessions and influential talks from youth to vote a certain person. I cannot write more on this since we haven’t experienced fake news or any wrong information regarding elections and politics. Since, the culture is to critique politicians it is still there but not any misinformation regarding these matters have been shared largely. But I would say the more political focus of our country is exhibited through other sources of media which is news channel and newspapers. So it was very commonly seen that these channels and papers have been censored and shut down for some time to avoid all the news that was speeded. However, after all this there is a huge chance that social media can become source of misinformation, fake news, leaking of personal information or conflict creating content for political people and parties here in Pakistan.

    Please write a paragraph of 300 words or less on whether current social media “Influencers” are having a positive or a negative effect on youth in your country? Are they “Influencing” the right subjects and actions? Please be specific and provide names.
    In the past few years the role of a social media influencer has highly made an impact on the society. To some extent I feel that these influencers have made a positive impact on all the generations but especially the youth population. These influencers connect with the audience via different platforms for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. These influencers with their vast network of followers and friends, serves as node to make these connections more smoothly and more effectively. They connect with audience by creating awareness, talking about topics which aren’t talked about. There so many different types of influencers and each influencers plays a different role in impacting people but their goal is the same which is that they communicate with the audience by sharing their thoughts on different platforms using different mediums for example blogging, vlogging. For example, talking about menstrual cycle was not common, but these confident people have come out and talked about openly example youth working in AASW global. These influencers not only socially but also make impacts on businesses by promoting them, market them, giving reviews by which any businesses can get a support to grow. In my country there these influencers are making a wide and a positive impact and some of them which I personally know is “Out&Aboutwithchapsi” she creates the best content whether it’s food, lifestyle, travel or any social topic, she has made a such a strong impact in our community by connecting with such a large amount of audience and catering them.
    Flawgger by anjiya altaf from Karachi Pakistan, she is influencing and catering ideas through her humour and she is doing it beautifully.

    Is there a lack of positive role models in your community or country? Does social media make it better or worse? What kind of role models would you like to see leading the voice on social media? How can you and your peers make that happen?
    In my country we don’t have lack of role models but I can say we have plenty of role models which we can look up to. These role models make social media better for us with their Wisdom, Experiences, Advices and their tremendous and exceptional work for the benefits of society In my opinion those role model has a voice to speak for people on their behalf, create awareness , bring change should be leading it whether belong to any field or background. We can arrange sessions like TED Talks and invite these influencer and role model, to speak and create an impact on our population with their words of wisdom.

    Do social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook lead to narcissism—an effort to get self-attention? Is it leading to the “look at me” syndrome? How is that damaging to the poster and to the reader?
    To be precise, narcissism emerges when narcissus, a Greek man, fell in love with his shadow seen in water.
    Social media too lets us see our reflection and here all of us can be whatever we want, either what society wants us to be or what we actually are. Though using social media, one might be able to get a clear picture of his / her thoughts.
    However, it’s clearly upon a person if he’s obsessing over the social attention or just keeping it casual. Being narcissistic isn’t harmful even if don’t cling on to it. Though it also proves to be damaging when people constantly seeks for social approvals at everything and consider themselves superior due to their self-loving nature, maybe at that point this attention gets harmful.

    Is it possible for youth to show the self-discipline to limit themselves to 2 hours a day on social media?
    A human is capable of doing everything he wants; he even can limit his use of social media. However as per I believe, in today’s time, most of the things are tend to happen on social media itself.
    People can communicate there, get expert advices, find a relevant course, enjoy their leisure, gather data and conduct surveys, market and promote their ventures and what not. We’ve been bestowed by such an amazing and benefitting platform where we can do almost all our chores. Despite of this I don’t think anyone will be able to resist the use of social media since it’s been helpful every other second especially in this pandemic situation.
    Though with will you can do possibly everything.

    A positive aspect of social media is education and awareness. Please describe a few examples where youth in your community have learned about an issue or subject and reacted appropriately to address a situation because of a social media campaign.
    There are so many examples in how my community have learned through the social media campaigns. There are number of educational campaigns running throughout social media all year long. In my experience the Karachi Down syndrome program campaigns every year in order to create awareness for these kids , every women’s there are ad films and short stories running all over social media appreciating the efforts of a women , this year on International Periods Month a campaign was run through the #DontRushChallenge which is trending these days to create awareness about it tagged as #passthepad, lastly Student TaskForce for COVID 19 Social Media Campaign is running successfully by letting the people know about facts , myths , Dos and Don’t for COVID -19.

    Assume you are looking an employer looking to fill an entry level position. What would you look for when interviewing a youth candidate in person? Would the following matter?
    The things that will be considered in a candidate is that how much he has timely, trustworthy and passionate and how much he/she has come prepared for it. This can be identified through nonverbal gesture, eye contact and tone. It can be clearly seen whereas coming prepared with confidence and proper work shows professionalism. Another depiction of professionalism is timeliness that the person is punctual and will be able to work on time, completing task on time is essential for a candidate to give to the institution. Moreover, the person has to dress up formal which is another key for professionalism. The tone the words the gestures also give a person a hint that the candidate is trustworthy his experiences will also show his level of commitment and reliability.

    Write a short paragraph about how to give a good oral presentation on an important topic with a power point slide deck.
    For a good oral presentation on an important topic with a power point slide deck it is important the presenter should be audible clear and confident. He should always plan before making and presenting the presentation. The slide should be catchy enough to grasp audience attention that includes font and beautiful illustrations, the points on the slide should be concise, it is irrelevant to flood all info on slide cause that makes the audience loose the interest, too much information can keep the mind boggle and also it takes a lot of time. The presenter gestures should depict that audience opinion matter and he isn’t imposing also variations in tone tells us that what information is important to take notes on he should also keep this in mind that he should present the slide rather than just reading it without explanation as audience is literate and can read he can make short notes for his preference of not forgetting the information. Time managements is highly important as sometimes giving more information and being talky makes the audience feel ignored and bored. Moreover the presenter should have a backup plan if things go wrong, backup will help to catch back and also time won’t be wasted. Conclusively the presentation should be aesthetically formal and should end timely

    Assume again that you are an employer looking to hire a youth for an entry level position. Would you check their social media? What kinds of things on social media would keep you from hiring someone?
    Social media has become such a big part of our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that employers are increasingly using social networks to research potential hires and gather more information than they would otherwise obtain during the interview process. Yes, i will look at social media of the candidate in order to counter check the profile. The candidates should have an online presence so that employer should gather more information prior to calling a candidate for an interview.
    We will look at candidate’s background listed online so that it should match the qualifications he or she has stated on a resume or will share during the interview in order to avoid any discrepancy.
    A professional online persona is the key, a person’s reliability can be seen through this. A person sharing all the information on social media invades the privacy of the organization. The candidate should keep that in mind and keep their personal social profiles, such as Instagram or Facebook, private. Meanwhile, they should maintain business social networks, such as LinkedIn making sure to update their skills, job history and affiliations with professional organizations.
    Moreover a person have a different personality in real and social media, and interview and social media check can really depict out that a person would share experience of being trustworthy but social media posting is different so that will violate rules, to be safe counterchecking accounts is important.


    Ask your panelists if they agree that excessive use of social media can cause depression and why or why not.
    Do your panelists think there a relationship between the amount of use of social media and lack of productivity, mental distraction and inability to get a job done.
    Review the Kectil 15 Rules of Social Media Use. Collect the comments of your panelists. Do they agree or disagree with the Kectil Social Media Rules? Do they think they can comply with these Rules? Would they be willing to distribute them to others?
    An online panel with colleagues was held on social media related experience of young people and discussion around mental health, depression, cyber bullying, loss of attention and productivity relating to social media was done.
    I think majority of them were in saying yes for this discussion that the pictures, status and other posting happens at social media makes them depress. Most of the time they feel they have nothing to do so they are only scrolling. On the other hand, it provokes anxiety when they see any of colleagues posting good dresses, food, pictures with partners of especially travel photos. It makes them depress and makes them realize that they haven’t achieve anything in life.
    They also feel that social media keeps them occupied and effects their functionality. Sometimes they forget to complete certain tasks which were expected from them and usually they forget to juggle between loss of messages and posts so they can’t concentrate as well.
    The colleagues were happy to get a guide and rules to improve their social media practices and were agreed with most of these points. They are happy to generate calls and discussions with colleagues and spread it more.

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