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    2. Negative Personal Effects of Social Media on Youth in My Community

    At the time of 4th industrial revolution social media has become one of the influencing weapon of change. People around the world use it in both positive and negative ways. My community is also part of it. In social media there is no restriction in sharing any personal thoughts, as freedom of speech occurs everywhere in the world. Though some countries like North Korea, China monitors people’s social life strictly with law inforced interference. In my country social media is a big part of everyday life. People like to share their opinion in interested subjects with personal work sharing.
    Most of the youth use social media for passing their time. It is taking the place of video games, books or other social activities day by day. It is effecting youth by its unilateral standards. As everyday negative posts are circulating like wildfire. Discrimination between rich and poor becoming more seen nowadays.
    One of my friend recently faced threatening in facebook. She exposed a sexual pervert with some screenshots and after that got some anonymous threat messages. At first she did not discussed the matter with anyone as she was scared but after taking a tele session from a support group run by a facebook community she decides to come up with her fear and tell the cyber security cell about the incident.
    Above para indicates both positive and negetive influence of social media. My friend getting depression by social media and also getting help from social media support group teaches us that it is ‘us’ the main problem who does not know how to handle it properly.

    3. Yes. Excessive use of social media is an addiction. We have to control our time management on social platforms as it is making our days unproductive.

    4. Yes. I think this is true that use of social media reduces job and academic performance either by wasting time or by consistent mental distractions.

    Social media is designed to be addictive. Most people kill valuable time there by just surfing the timeline. There is a relatable example : I got the mail about assignment 2 time extension at 30th April and wanted to start the task from the day after that but I was so much hooked with my social platforms that I started my assignments from 5th May. It made me procrastinate with a important learning opportunity for me.

    5. In my country social media is used as a weapon politically to spread ideology. Government strongly monitors every platform and every post of citizen. There is a digital security act which is used for social media incidents.
    In 2013 the Government banned social media platforms as there was an emergency situation in the country. Political violence erupt all over the country, hundreds of people died many were injured. Such weapon as patrol bomb were used by the criminals to stop the upcoming election.
    We see regular attempts to manipulate public opinion with exaggerated social media posts. People get divided and starts to argue about their opinion and successfully manipulates them.
    Personally I am fighting with fake news problem of social media. Fake news or post spreads like a wildfire. In 2013 we saw series of unfortunate events leading by fake news leading them to community unrest. People vandalised religious places and torched minority houses by believing fake news.
    In the digital world social media is one of the leading influencer around the world. It is a game changer innovation of century. Research and other proves says in 2016 American Presidential Election was influenced by social media propaganda. It helped Donald Trump to win the election and getting important states. This particular example is enough to prove how powerful social media is.

    6. In my country social media influencers who tries to engage with students just focus on skill development and job market. They doesn’t teach them humanity, empathy and equality. Topics as gender discrimination, child abuse, violence against women doesn’t get enough attention here.
    Though most of the influencers creates positive vibe among their followers all over the country. It is true that people like to follow their idle. Every student follows their dream with an influencing character designed in their head for motivational purpose.

    7. Yes. Social media lacks positive change makers. There should be enough role models from every community of the country. They will help their community by spreading positivity.

    8. Social media platforms like facebook, Instagram,snapchat leads us to narcissism. All we care is how many like, share and love react we got from our post. A big number of user use social media just for entertainment purpose. Everybody wants the spotlight to be on them. ‘Look at me’ syndrome sprode there like a disease. And that’s why they do not care about other users that much.

    9. It is possible for youth to show the self-discipline to limit themselves to 2 hours a day on social media. For achieving this goal they have to show a strong character and build on self control power.

    B. Personal Branding

    2. Whenever I present myself I want to look simple and strong. I want people to project me as a straight forward person who likes to talk on point.

    a. I am looking for an employer looking to fill an entry level position. What would you look for when interviewing a youth candidate in person? this following will matter.

    i. Is the candidate timely? Did he/she show up at or before any agreed time and ready to do the task at hand? Timeliness is a major indicator of professionalism.

    ii. Did the candidate study and get prepared for the meeting? Did he/she read materials ahead of time to get ready for a meeting or did he/she try to slip by and fake the way through with no preparation?

    iii. Did the candidate appear reliable and trustworthy?

    iv. Did the candidate speak with a combination of humility, authority and preparedness?

    v. List other attributes I would look for when you interview the candidate for the job.
    ● Digital literacy
    ● Empathy

    b. For a successful oral presentation you have to deliver specific on point view of the subject. With proper dress up a presenter has to build up the topic with interesting facts. Storytelling ability can make presentation more powerful.

    c. Yes I would check potential employees social media. I will check for given list
    ● Racism
    ● Gender issue
    ● Political influence
    ● Extremism
    ● Abusive content

    C. Panel Discussion

    Panel Members: 5
    Platform: Google Meet

    1. Panel started with the discussion about the study by Dr. Primack and colleagues in 2014-2016 at the University of Pittsburgh. Which I have shared with them before the discussion.
    a. Every panelists agree with that excessive use of social media can cause depression. They think that self filtering option of social media can harm peoples steadiness. Everybody on social media tries to establish themselves as most happiest person in the world, the display a pro active happening life that his/her friends think that his/her life is going very good. Looks like this is a competition going between them. Those behaviour triggers OCD on other users which leads to depression.
    b. Following up from the last discussion I asked about a social media tendency people practice nowadays is forcing everyone to think the same way.
    panelists agreed on this issue and had a healthy debate on it. As we see social media posts and comment boxes are becoming warzone everybody is trying to defend their own theory. In the end it seems like that nobody is listening to anyone just being themselves and not opt for any change in their lives.
    c. Every panelists think there is a relationship between the amount of use of social media and lack of productivity, mental distraction and inability to get a job done.

    2. Discussed the 15 Social Media rules with panelists.
    They have given good reviews about the rules. Although number 2, 7, and 12 are really important for students of all ages. And they also willing to distribute the list with their friends and family.

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