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    Assignment one

    The Kectil Ten Points of Leadership
    Positive Leaders Example
    Mission: Erdagon mission was to make turkey economy higher like other European countries or other western countries.
    Passion: As part of his non-violent, non-cooperation campaign for home rule Gandhi stressed the importance of economic independence for India.
    Vision: Mahatma Gandhi’s vision was the ideal society that of a non-violent and democratic social order in which there is a just balance between individual freedom and social responsibility. He has a very high regard for the place of ideals in human life.
    Ethics: Mahatma Gandhi was believed that as human being’s men can never reach the perfection of divine virtues still, they should strive with all their strength to follow the virtues of truth, love non-violence tolerance, fearlessness, charity and service to mankind.
    Compassion: The person who can control their emotions, their fear and their desire for revenge and violence will win every single time Gandhi challenged all people to develop their courage and compassion during time of battle. He also cares for his people, always feel their problems and try to fix them by himself.
    Equality and respect: Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed were smart leader and PH educated. He is positive thinker for his country and he is trying to create moderated Ethiopia. There was no peace with Eritrean country, but after he come to the system, he brings peace to both countries. He goes deep to solve the
    Good government/management: The Gandhi and strategy are the combination of truth sacrifice non-violence, selfless service and cooperation. According to Gandhi one should be brave and not coward he should present his views. suggestions and thought without being violent one should fight a war with the weapons of truth and non-violence.
    Personal presentation: Obama is an energetic president. Who believe in humanity justice and fairness, with full leading potentiality he made united state one country and made it works like a magic! He is good speech giver to a large group of audience with enthusiastic soul and respect all peoples depended on their religion, color etc… he is one of the most positive leaders in the world.
    Team building: John Maxwell says the single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development there is almost no limit to the potential of organization that recruits good people raises them up as leaders and continually development them.
    Measurable accomplishments: Turkey President Erdogan has done so much for Somalia and many other countries. He built school and hospitals in Somalia and gave student the opportunity to go to turkey to continue their student late also opened a military base in Somalia to train Somalia soldiers.
    Negative leader examples
    Mission: Instead of rallying public support ,isayas employs ,coercion imprisonment, for true intimidation and killing to secure obedience while simultaneously pursuing divide and rule strategies for instance his party the PFDJ(people front for democracy and justice).which is the sole legal political party of Eritrea has pitted the three highly populated highland ,regions (hamasien, seraye, keloguzay).which are predominantly Christian and from Tirana ethnicity, against one another by instilling mistrust
    Passion: Eritrean president isayas Afwerki passion is to keep his authority as long as possible by distribute mistrust and hate among the people to ensure that no unified movement can take him off from his position.
    Vision: Dictators are all the same. They use different tools of repression and survival divide and rule however is one of the oldest, most widely used and most effective of their strategies. It involves greeting, maintaining and even enforcing division. distrust and enmity among ethnic, religious, regional and socio-political group, this helps ensure that no unified movement can coalesce to overthrow a dictatorial regime. Isayas is one of the most know examples of dictators who have abstained power through these divisive tactics.

    Author: Suzanne Efrem Title: my own eulogy
    Date: May 5:2000 Location: Somewhere
    I remember when I leave my family and the home country still now. I was just 16 years old .it was difficult for me because it was not easy. but after a few months I came to Egypt to find a safe place to live. there was a lot of youth like me who live without their family .we all registered on UNCHR, but it was still hard to live by yourself .i try to kill myself a lot of time but it was not working, then I side ok fine I will try to live because today is gift and tomorrow is mystery. I was feeling ill I have to go to the hospital but I don’t have money I don’t speak English or Arabic what should I do this was made me cry every single second and then makes me give up. My neighbor has 3 kids she receives services from one service provider called StARS. She takes me to them, and they were kind to me they start to give me all the services and I get medical and financial access also they told me that I can join the education class too. Step by step I start to see my life it was changing because of them. then I become a youth’s voice I start to fight instead of them because the UNCHR is not asking about us but start many visitors were coming to see how we are living that was big honor to all of us. All I need is to fight for youths right and their freedom they have to get all the miner things. they have to go school and wear cloths eat food. all youths they have to get chance to go school because these young youths are tomorrow leaders so we have to support them they don’t have anyone follow up to them they don’t have a family to take care of them they need someone to take care of this is my last word I am sorry that I dint finish my duty but i hopefully sure that one day world will say this time we need to support to the youth refugee and they will help all youth. Tell to my Mom that she will be okay after me she doesn’t have to worry about me because i will be fine and tell her that I love you.

    Organized group discussion
    We discuss in group of five and we end up with the same and brief idea. The secret to success is good leadership and good leadership is all about making the live your team member or workers makes better. So, the role of great leader is not to give greatness to human being but help them extract the greatness they already have inside of them. the effective leader lead by example with honestly, confidence and compassion in intelligent and humor.
    Ten Points of Leadership

    1 mission:
    A mission is the organization core broad purpose and reason for existing and it provides basis for creating vison.
    2 passion:
    Passion in leadership means being fully committed to your goals and being affectionate about it or the thing you do. It is what motivates you to do relentless job in order to achieve your goals.
    3 vision:
    Vison is an ambitious view of the future that everyone involved can believe in. one that can realistically be achieved, yet on that offers a future that is important.
    4 ethics:
    You can define Ethics as the principles that govern a leader’s behavior. Which could be the way of making sense of own values, beliefs and ideas and making sense of needs and differences among others.
    5 compassion:
    Compassionate leadership could mean leading from within. Listening to them with fascination understanding their challenges and helping them overcome them. It’s like a way of being one of them while you reading them and showing them direction. This one is crucially important for a leader In order to get heard.
    6 equality and respect:
    It means treating them equally in any cases and respecting their beliefs or values accordingly too in order to have environment based in fairness.
    7 good government/management:
    Good governance or management means the act of exercising administrative roles necessary to manage organizations affairs.
    8 personal presentation:
    Personal presentation is the way of expressing your leadership qualities or abilities it’s the way that followers could get a hint of your leadership abilities. This one too is essential for your leadership statue.
    9 team building:
    It’s the way of enhancing the relationship between a leader and follower, it’s a way to collaborate in the most effective way. And its leader’s responsibility to build cohesive team.
    10 measurable accomplishment:
    It could tell that you are dedicated and as result of it you got rewarded. And its way of others telling that you have what it takes.

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