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  • March 9, 2020 at 12:30 pm #2267
    Huong Nguyen

    Mission is a word that answers what an individual or organization set to achieve at all time. For instance, former President Barrack Obama through young Africa leadership initiative is of the mission to train young African leaders about entrepreneur and good qualities of servant leadership.
    Passion: is the object of strong desire in achieving ones mission. Mitchell Obama is passionate about rural community development, despite of her wealth and power, she still carry out some duties with those poor in the rural area like fetching of firewood.
    Ethics: The word the is logical in nature because it is a set principles that deals with human morality, conduct and behavior. Good ethical behavior gives great and positive result. Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede is an example of an ethical man in Nigeria educational system.
    Vision: is the power of foresight about one’s mission. It also deals with a laid down rule to accomplish such great task ahead of someone mission. Late former president Musa Yar’dua is a visionary leader to have a greater Nigeria before his death.
    Equality and Respect: The concept simply means when one is not gender biased when determine human strength and also showing respect for opposite sex and also taking to other people’s opinion during deliberation. Such Person that apply this leadership is myself Oseni TOHEEB OLAMILEKAN.
    Good Government and Management: Is when the leader is corruption free and he or she always think about the follower first and he or she is not an authoritarian leader. Good leader have team management that make the team to achieve their long term and short term goals.
    Personal presentation: A Yoruba proverb say “irinisi ni iso ni lojo” i.e the way you appear, the way people will address you. Personal presentation gives first impression of who you are. The workers of United bank of Africa appear at work on red tie and blazer. The national leader of All Progressive Congress of Nigeria appear most time on mufti and traditional cap with unique sign always.
    Team Building: is growing people that will be loyalist to you now and future. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is still relevant because of the team he built since 1999 in Nigeria politics.
    Measurable Accomplishment: Tony Elumelu has empower over 9000 young entrepreneur in Africa.
    Compassion: Dr. Saheed Amusa is compassionate about his student at all time.

    As’salam alaikum waramotullahi wabarakatuhu. I believe by now my Janasah will have be done in the prescribe way by my religion. To my family and friends present at my funeral, I want know that you have learnt some lesson that we are nothing in the hand of our creator. To my two beautiful wifes and children, do well to remember in daily prayer. To the staff and management of my company i.e Toheeb group of company, let our legacy continue by providing more basic needs of the society, most especially our transport and logistic body. Am very sure I will be happy where I am now because by Allah’s will, I live a fulfilled life in contributing my quota humanitarian services and national wide development. Alas! Beware that all soul will taste death, therefore do well to do remarkable deeds. Thanks for seeing me to this point, may God bless you all.

    The opening remarks and prayer is done by me before moving to the discussion proper. I highlight the ten qualities of leadership for discussion and its relation to Africa Ubuntu. Miss Nafisat explain Africa Ubuntu as essence of being human, caring for others and embracing hospitality of one another. She buttress her point by saying leaders generally are agent of change. Miss Grace also stated that leadership occurs when one member of an organization opinion affect the body positively, not necessary that the person should be a leader in the team. Mr Alamin also emphasize that there are some styles of leaders but the best of all is servant leader whose motivation transform and inspire his or her team member. He briefly pick point some principles of good leader such as: listening, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, stewardship and foresight. I also contribute my quota by saying that: for a leader to make positive impact, he or she must establish a warm environment, encourage people around him to offer opinion. Good leader must have high level of tolerance, emotional control and personal integrity so as to achieve the vision of the organization. Our discussion lasted for just 30 minutes, and we concluded talking on some effective skills that strengthen leadership traits such as interpersonal skills, technical skills and emotional intelligent,

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