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    Kectil Program 2020
    Assignment 2
    Zakir Hussain

    Part 2
    Negative Effect of Social Media on Youth
    Social Media itself is a great weapon to learn, to improve and to opportunitize ourself but unfortunately majority of the people don’t care about the positive use and they are directly using it in a negative way. Particularly the youth of my country and the community is suffering in a great hurdles due to it. Talking the youth of 15-22 age, they are getting distracted from studies. Moreover due to high excess of internet the immature teenagers watch intimate videos and get addicted to porns that is destroying their social life and self esteem. One of dangerous effects is living in the fake world, people become sensitive about their social account on fb, insta etc. Our Youth is spending more time on internet rather then his/her parents this is very alarming because it’s ending the relationship importance. Depression is significantly increasing in our society due to social media because the fakebook (Facebook) has become really important in our life and it’s hurt. The Cyber bullying is also a great problem and it’s not getting tackle because of insufficient resources and knowledge. The youth culture is totally on negative way it’s hard but not impossible to stand against this dangerous culture and move towards positive culture. But of course it’s need much effort.

    Part 3
    Excessive Use of Social Media
    Undoubtedly! In my opinion the excessive use of social media is a addiction and it’s more dangerous then the drinking or smoking because it’s gradually taking place of your dear ones. Your are going away from real relationships, nature and real life. The youth is the future of world but look they are busy in doing and watching intimate things that’s causing marriage issues, Aids and depression. Even some girls commit suicide because of this social media and it’s becoming common day by day.
    Effects on Jobs and academic Performance

    There is not a crystal clear answer of it. My observation regarding it is that I have seen the majority of students are getting distracted because of it and it’s true wasting time on social media causing unemployment everywhere but it’s not happen every time. I have such friends who are using Social media in a great way but yes they become careless about studies but they are earning online and learning their passions so there are both aspects.
    About 70% of students are getting job issues and lowering their academics performance but the rest 30% is making their careers on social media especially on earning websites. I think that’s a great thing.

    Part 4
    Effect of Media on Election
    Media plays a vital role in politics and during election. I have personally observed that there is a particular media Channel for particular political party. They do their best in order to win the election through their means. Media is a great weapon that we can use for the betterment of the society and the country but unfortunately this is not happening in the world. The personal use and the corruption in the media is on top in my country. They are totally biased.
    Yes, I have experienced many fakes news on media. The fake news are always related to politics. In my country a news channel has given a fake statement of the Chief Justice of Pakistan reporting that he wish for a political party leader to become the next prime minister of Pakistan but the CJ denied and immediately send them a notice.
    There is great manipulation of public opinion through media. The biggest example is that when there anything happens in politics every channel has different reporting of same thing. Every media Channel give favor his supportive party and criticize the opponent and give wrong figures related to public opinion. This is going on from many years.
    Many News Channel and news paper has been shut down for some specific time period for wrong reporting but still media has power and through that they again get the legal rights which is another bad aspect of media as it destroying the justice system. During the dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan a news Channel was censored but it’s not for reporting anything wrong but it was reporting against him that’s why he shut it down.

    Part 5
    Current Rule of Media in Pakistan
    Media is a power. In Pakistan the majority of private Media Channels are creating bad atmosphere for not only youth but also for the old and kids. They way they deliver the things, people are suffering in depression and unnecessary anxiety. I would say that 60% of youth is having bad effects of Current Media but the rest is having the positive effect.
    In negative effects the youth is making fun of everything on media, taking everything fro granted. Seriousness about life is ending and get distracting from life goals. The biggest negative effect is wasting time on it.
    There are also some good effects of media as well. Through the modern media people are getting job and controlling unemployment. Through better and good media means people are increasing their skills and knowledge even in this pandemic situation online courses are best in quarantine. People are using them and getting new skills.
    Majority of them is not influencing the right subject and action. But yes some social media means are doing great job in serving community. For example during current situation the poor families are facing many problem and the social media is helping them in a positive way.
    Positive role models in my Country
    There are a lot of positive role model in the country. Our prime minister is a great example. Social media itself do nothing but the important thing is it’s usage. As for as positive role is concern social media can make it better because our people are very sensitive and always ready for the betterment of society.
    A role model is the one who could lead the nation from the front and work for the progress of the country nor for his own benefits. I like honest,didicated and devoted role model on social media who is free from discrimination , hatred or any kind of social evil. I really want to see a role model who Spread love and peace on social media nor anarchy. It’s not easy to make it happen but it’s not impossible. I will make it possible through peace and love. Those who use social media for unfair means need to be educated and I’ll educate them and will encourage those who think for humanity and for the world.
    Social Media Self Attention Source
    Yes, it has become quite obvious that the social media platforms like Facebook,insta, Snapchat and particularly Tiktok they have become a source for getting self attention. It is leading to ” Look at me ” syndrome. This is also addiction even more dangerous then drinking or smoking. This is damaging for the Youth career because they waste all their times and energy on getting fame for nothing leaving their ambitions and studies behind. This will discourage the personal improvement and skill development which is really bad for the youth.
    Youth Self discipline
    Yes it is possible to limit ourselves to use social media for a short time period as nothing is impossible. It’s like addiction more we use it more we get addicted to it. We can make a daily routine and strict obediency over it and can reduce it’s uses on daily basis. This will gradually decrease our addiction towards it and at the end we can control over it.

    Positive aspects of social media
    Social Media is a great platform for education and awareness. Regarding it during this pandemic condition we have decided to provide groceries to some families and make a post for calling donations on social media and we get great response from there and helped people. The safety precautions and social media regarding Covid-19 is a best example. Moreover I have learned Poetry and content writing on Coursera and Digi skills through these social platforms and some of my friends were facing issues and I share these websites with them and they are also learning from it.

    Personal Branding
    Part 2
    Well, my dressing hair style will be according to the meeting and I’ll speak according to the person. I’m a such a person who don’t like to hide anything. I don’t like fancy thing and I love to be simple so my first priority will be simplicity. I like to present a good and positive image of myself of course a real image towards them. In short for me presenting a real image of myself is above all.
    Employer Interview
     Punctuality is a meter of professionalism. I’ll not make compromise on punctuality, a candidate must be punctual not with his/her attendance but also with the submission of given task.
     Without practice without preparation there is nothing we could achieve. It’s really important for me that is he prepared or not because this will show their seriousness and professionalism towards the job.
     Yes, reliability and trust worthy is another important thing I’ll notice. I want my candidate to be reliable and trustworthy.
     Yes all these things are really important things that I’ll note. I’ll look how he speak with how much humility, preparedness and authority. This will reveal his internal feelings.
     Confidence is something I’ll seriously check. Moreover the eye contact , non verbal communication and how to tackle with tough question really matter for me. To be calm during pressure situation is also a skill and the candidate should have it.

    Part c
    PowerPoint Presentation
    Oral presentation fully depends upon communication. So you should have a good presentation skills for it. You should be properly dressed and prepared for the presentation. Moreover the eye contact, the delivery of words and the color of presenting slide is very important. The size of font should be formal and use the style according to the topic. Your slide shouldn’t contain too much content this will distract both the listener and the reader. Speak with confidence don’t lose intensity and pace during presentation. All these things will make a great presentation.

    Part c
    Yes I’ll check the social media accounts of that candidate. I’ll see his/her hobbies and how much time he spend on these accounts. I’ll also check his post on timeline. I Iove to have a candidate who is not biased, discriminated, corrupt or hate spreader. I like to work with zealous ambitious and smart working people who care about the world.

    Panel discussion
    I have made a online discussion session with my 6 colleges they are leading different societies in our institute. We discussed about the Current social media effects on youth in Pakistan. We have concluded that excessive use of social media lead to depression and it’s more common in the youth. We found many suicidal cases particularly girls who got depressed or cheat on social media and ended their lives. Today our first and last task of the day is to watch and check our social accounts on mobiles. This is really alarming for the country as it’s destroying the thinking abilities.
    We have discussed about the Cyber bullying and herd behavior. There is a great threat of taking data and personal information on social media. We have discussed the cases of MMS and through that the people Black mailed not only girls but boys as well. The alarming situation of enforcing religious and sectarian thoughts comes in here behavior. This is dangerous for the peace of the society. Hacking and making viral the intimate videos of famous celebrities is also a serious issue. Even in the school and colleges teachers get Black mailed through social media in Pakistan.
    We have discussed the negative effects on spending more time on social media. We have concluded after having some reports of school going children who get addicted to social media and distracted from their studies. There is a significant number of people who leave schools because of it. Social media is ending the creativity in the upper class of youth. In our University students don’t even bother to make assignments or slide. They just download from net and simple copy paste system. This is destabilizing the educational system and they are not producing competent students. Wasting time on social media waste our energies too and we are couldn’t done with our job as a result we get suspend from the job and it’s happening in my community. In short we have concluded that social media itself is a good and vital thing for us but we are taking it for negative purpose.

    Kectil 15 Rules of Social Media
    I have shared these rules on my social accounts and with my friends. They really like it and said that it’s a perfect way for someone who want to use social media in a effective way. They are ready to follow them. They are totally satisfied and agreed with Kectil 15 Rules and has shared the rules in their social circle.

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