Alexander M. Klibanov

Date and Place of Birth:
July 15, 1949, in Moscow (Russia) 

Naturalized U.S. Citizen (1983)


1974                            Ph.D. in Chemical Enzymology, Moscow University

1971                            M.S. in Chemistry, Moscow University


2015                            Tau Beta Pi’s Leonardo Da Vinci Lecturer, MIT

2007-11 and 2014-     Novartis Chair Endowed Professorship, MIT

2012-13                       Roger and Georges Firmenich Endowed Professorship, MIT

2011                            MIT Biological Engineering Senior Class Faculty Award

2006                            Distinguished GRUM Lecturer in Drug Discovery & Development, University of Montreal (Canada)

2004                            UNAM Distinguished Lecturer, National University of Mexico (Mexico City)

2001                            Walter Enz Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kansas

2001                            Elected a Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
(Scotland’s National Academy of Science and Letters)

2000                            Merck Distinguished Lecturer, Rutgers University

2000                            Top 20 Biotechnology & Bioengineering Papers of the Last Forty Years

1998                            Robert Lutz Lecturer, University of Virginia

1996                            Perkin-Elmer Distinguished Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh

1995                            Elected to the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A.

1995                            Nathan O. Kaplan Memorial Lecturer in Biological Chemistry, University of                                                       California at San Diego

1994                            R.W. Johnson PRI Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Research Institute

1994                            Warren McCabe Lecturer, North Carolina State University

1993                            Elected to the National Academy of Engineering of the U.S.A.

1993                            Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award of the American Chemical Society

1993                            Biotechnology Divisional Lectureship Award of the Institute of Food Technologists

1992                            Charles Sabat Lecturer, Rutgers University

1992                            Elected a Founding Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

1992                            Louis C. Jordy Research Scholar Lecturer, Drew University

1991                            International Enzyme Engineering Award

1991                            Marvin J. Johnson Award of the American Chemical Society

1990                            Monsanto Lecturer, Ohio State University

1990                            NRC Distinguished Lecturer, Academia Sinica (Taiwan)

1989                            Ipatieff Prize of the American Chemical Society

1989                            Backer Lecturer, Groningen University (Holland)

1988                            Dow Lecturer, University of Ottawa (Canada)

1987                            Distinguished Scholar Lecturer, Hope College

1986                            Leo Friend Award of the American Chemical Society

1984                            Who’s Who in Frontier Science and Technology

1984                            Sohio Lecturer, Case Western Reserve University

1982                            American Men and Women of Science

1981‑1983                   Henry L. Doherty Career Development Professorship, MIT

1975                             S.S.R. Ministry of Higher Education Prize


Professional Experience:

2007-11 and 2014-     Novartis Chair Endowed Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering, MIT

2012-2013                   Roger and Georges Firmenich Professor of Natural Products Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, MIT

2000-present            Professor of Bioengineering
Department of Biological Engineering, MIT

1988‑present              Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, MIT

1987‑1988                   Professor of Applied Biochemistry
Department of Applied Biological Sciences, MIT

1983‑1987                   Associate Professor of Applied Biochemistry
Department of Applied Biological Sciences (formerly
Department of Nutrition and Food Science), MIT

1979‑1983                   Assistant Professor of Applied Biochemistry
Department of Nutrition and Food Science, MIT

1977‑1979                   Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Chemistry
University of California at San Diego

1974‑1977                   Research Chemist
Department of Chemistry, Moscow University


Current Journal Editorial/Advisory Boards:

“Biocatalysis and Biotransformation”, “Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology”, “Central European Journal of Chemistry”, “Biotechnology Progress”, “Biotechnology & Bioengineering”, “Microbial Biotechnology”, “Open Journal of Pharmacology”, “Nanocarriers”, “Journal of Antivirals and Antiretrovirals”, “Open Access Academic Books in Chemistry”, “Journal of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology”, “Recent Patents in Biotechnology”, “Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology”

Professional Societies:

U.S. National Academy of Sciences, U.S. National Academy of Engineering, American Chemical Society, Society for Applied Microbiology

Current Research Interests:

Enzyme chemistry and biotechnology             Medicinal and formulation chemistry

Protein drug delivery                                        Antimicrobial polymers

Enzymes as stereoselective catalysts in organic syntheses

Stabilization and formulation of macromolecular pharmaceuticals


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