2020 Kectil Agenda

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JANUARY – Introduction and On-Boarding
FEBRUARY – Kectil Ten Points of Leadership
  • Lessons on Leadership from Martin Luther King and other transformational change makers.
MARCH – Personal Branding
  • What message do you give?
  • Proper user of social media
  • Professional and persuasive writing
  • Creating a great CV for job applications
  • Dress for Success
APRIL – Youth Mental Health
  • Identifying major stress points faced by youth
  • Low self esteem
  • Negative impact of social media
  • Addiction
  • Anger Management
  • Global Differences and Similarities in Youth Stress Points
  • Youth helping Youth
  • Practicing positive responses to stress
MAY – Male Roles in Society
  • Stereotypes and cultures that hurt males
  • Healthy versus toxic masculinity
  • How males can use their innate skills to protect females and advance/improve society
  • Kectil male promise leader program
  • Kectil 1000 Males Campaign
JUNE – Environmental Sustainability
  • What is a circular economy?
  • How does your country rank on environmental sustainability?
  • UN Sustainable Development goals on Environment
  • Global Warming
  • Solid waste management
  • What can you and your community do?
JULY – Youth demographics and media age
  • The trend in youth demographics in your country
  • Effect of Youth Demographics on
    • Unemployment
    • Education
    • Water & Housing
    • Environmental
  • Controlling Birth Rate
    • Culture and Religious Counter-pressures
    • Government quotas/penalties
AUGUST – Good Government
  • What is that definition of Good Government?
  • Corruption
  • Shadow of the Leader/Societal Role Models
  • Power of Youth demographics
  • Courage and positive social change
SEPTEMBER – Entrepreneurship and Business Plans
  • Creating your own job
  • Searching for product ideas
  • Creating a business plan
    • Budget
    • Timing
    • Realistic Goals
    • Attracting interest
OCTOBER – Innovations and Inventions
  • What are the most critical problems in developing countries?
  • What kinds of innovations might solve these problems?
  • Which inventions have made the most difference in your community? Why?
  • Where were these inventions made?
  • What legal frameworks and incentives can be implemented in your country to drive local innovation to solve local problems?
NOVEMBER – Colonialism/Domination and Neocolonialism
  • Research the history of colonialism/domination in your country
  • Did colonialism or domination have an effect on your culture or government?
  • Is that effect still ongoing or is it over?
  • What is Neocolonialism?
  • Is your country experiencing neocolonialism?
  • If so, how is it helping or hurting your country?
DECEMBER – Recap and Reflections


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    1. Interesting agenda. It captures so much topics we should know as changemakers in our communities. I am just now looking forward to interacting with all the amazing Kectil colleagues, the mentors about these different topics.
      I think we will not be the same in terms of knowledges, critical thinking by the end of this program.

  1. This is a super opportunity for everyone in this family to advance his or her professional career and respond to our individual societal challenges .I am over excited for being a member of 2020 family. The modules are the actual requirements for the 21st century challenges .
    Thank you Kectil,

    1. Oh yes, @ernestkalema. We can not end this program without transformation, improvement in the way we see ourselves and the world.
      Let’s take full advantage of the 2020 Kectil Program to improve our leadership and continue giving back to our communities.
      Nice to have you here and see you around in the program.

  2. The Agenda is so interesting that it covers spheres of life that we as youths we really need to learn and practice. I pray to the Almighty creator to enable us study it all and share knowledge accordingly.
    Sincere Appreciations to Kectil authorities for organizing such a wonderful Agenda and giving us the opportunity to learn.

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