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Dear 2020 Kectil Colleagues:

The Kectil Program wishes you a Happy New Year! As we move into 2020 and begin our program, we would like to start with the Ten Kectil Generation Goals for 2020. We hope you print these goals and read them every day!

1. Learn to love yourself.

You can’t truly love others or do your best work until you love yourself without limitation first. Identify anything that you think makes you inferior and accept it completely. If it is something about your physical self that you can’t change, remember that you have life because of your body and cherish it as a miracle. If you are down because of poverty, or a bad economic environment, remember you have the power and passion to change that. Practice this mental exercise daily until you have strong self-confidence.

2. Pretend this is the last year of your life.

Put yourself in the mindset that this is your last year. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to heal? How do you want to treat others?

3. Practice Unconditional Forgiveness (immediately).

Make a decision to completely and unconditionally forgive everyone who you think has wronged you—regardless of what they have done or how serious it is. Remember that anger and revenge always hurt you more than the person it is aimed at. You will be at peace with yourself which is an important goal of a talented leader. And try to take the next step and try to understand the positions of any adversaries. You may not ever agree, but understanding where they come from is very healing.

4. Release your anger immediately whenever it arises and proceed refreshed.

Watch your temper. Impulsive actions are almost always regretted later. Make a decision to wait 24 hours before responding to something that bothers you—and then try to wait another 24 hours. Remember no one wins in these situations. However, by releasing anger quickly, you are one step closer to being a true leader.

5. Learn how to fail successfully.

It is said that people who are the greatest successes have had the most number of failures. Learn to fail “upward” until you succeed. Everyone fails a test, loses a job, has a hard time, and/or loses an opportunity. Accept the failure, learn from it, dust yourself off and keep going. Many youth (who already have low self-esteem) think that failure is a confirmation that they are not good enough. In fact, failure simply means you are on a path that can lead to success. Fall back on your love for yourself, your passion and determination and know that Kectil is confident you can succeed! We know you can do it and we are cheering for you!

6. Give more than you receive.

Be charitable. Regardless of your situation, there is always room to give something to others. In fact, if you are depressed or unhappy about anything (including failure!), the best and fastest way to become happy again is to do something for someone else. It is amazing how well that works!

7. Take a risk.

Get out of your comfort zone and make a goal that you don’t think can be achieved. Make the goal high and difficult. Then figure out a way to do it.

8. Learn how to respond to adversity.

A great point of wisdom is that you will not be judged by anything someone does to you, but instead by how you respond. You may feel you have been sucker-punched by someone’s meanness or aggression. You will not be judged by that sucker-punch but by what you do in response. What if you did something positive to each person who does something negative to you? You will win the respect and curiosity of others. That is how leaders respond to adversity—shake it off with a smile. It is baffling to others and healing to you!

9. Identify someone in a very different (and perhaps opposing?) country, culture or religion and create a lasting friendship.

Kectil challenges you to help create the Kectil Generation by going outside of your comfort zone and make a friend who you have been taught to stay away from. This is how the world changes and you will learn you are actually very similar!

10. Wake up every morning and have a deliberate celebration that you have been given another day of life.

Remember that we are not guaranteed any days of life. Become consciously and purposefully aware of the fact that you are alive for this short period on this earth. Don’t squander a single day. Feel your breath. Feel your heart. And for the gift of life be forever grateful.


Blessings and Happy 2020!

The Kectil Program

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us the Ten Kectil Generation Goals for 2020. When I got a few days ago an email from the The Kectil Program with these ten goals, I was very inspired by the spirit behind them. The number 7 created in me a great desire to do something great, big and high this year in Benin. Sometimes, taking a risk is important to discover our full potential and to what extent we can make great changes within our communities. I really want to experiment it this year and I hope the Kectil Program will prepare me for those new adventures.

      1. Thank you!
        These 10 goals motivate me to work on my personal growth and to exercise my influence as a positive leader each single day. I’m proud to be selected among Kectil Colleagues, among talented youth and change makers.

          1. I admire your energy @Desire?? The way you flow with English languages shows you put in so much drive and passion into it and it’s quite Impressive and it reminds me of the same energy I had when I was learning french language “more grease to your elbow”

    1. I printed it out too and pasted it round my room with a creative design ? such that I get to look at it every morning when I wake up and at night before bed time. But each time I log in here, I also like to look at it more and read the comments of other great kectil leaders and that’s a different level of motivation.?

    2. I printed it out too and pasted it round my room with a creative design ? such that I get to look at it every morning when I wake up and at night before bed time. But each time I log in here, I also like to look at it more and read the comments of other great kectil leaders and that’s a different level of motivation.

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