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    1. Well, The video is so insightful and quite inspiring, considering the fact that Personal Branding is an aspect that is substantial to how a leader / aspiring leader present himself to people, his thoughts and principles to others and how you can extend your influence to people around you. It is an essential concept that every aspiring leader need to effectively develop and critically enhanced. I earnestly admire the way she talked about values, in view of reiterating the fact that values are aspirational and thus it is not enough to acquire some set of values and relent but keep on maintain them and acquiring new set of values. Personal Branding shaped a lot in the life of an individual and goes a long way to determine the level in which such individual can cope with people of all works of life. I will keep on watching this video numerous time, for as long as I can and I equally encourage my esteeme colleagues to do same.

    2. I enjoyed it!
      Every section.
      She broke it down to the simplest form, it’s quite understandable.
      Many mistake young leader makes is one she pointed out, i.e Too much words, basically to much of everything.
      Aside from presentation, even when communicating, I find youths using unnecessary big words to come off as smart, but they end up confusing the audience.
      Knowing how to bring out certain emotions you want from people is key, and I learnt one major thing ‘THE PAUSE’ ??, Funny how excellent speakers use this, and I have never taken notice of it, it’s a trend!, A necessity at that.
      Ms. Nozipho dropped gems on personal branding.
      Thanks to the Kectil team for bringing her on, I’d love to see more web-session from her.

    3. The websession was indeed very educative it carries different messages on PERSONAL BRANDING. “Living out your values in away people will always remember”. That’s what I like most about the video.Thanks for uploading it. I really enjoyed it.

  2. On the video 2, I have known what a personal brand is and how it impacts my life. The thing I can apply immmediately after watching the video is to build the same personal brand in the social media. I’m looking forward to get more ideas in next videos. Thank you Mrs.Nozipho!

    1. I can never gush too much about how insightful this webinar really is. And believe me, I have really been gushing about it! I am so grateful that I get to learn things through Kectil that I may not have ordinarily come across.

      One amazing thing – amongst many – that Kectil has done for me is to give me skills to navigate the world of work. However, this skill is not just for me, because by giving me access to these insightful webinars and training, youths in my community are benefiting as well.

      My peers has come to look forward to the panel discussions that I hold each time I am given an assignment. I have such amazing reviews to give back to Kectil that I do not know where or how to start.

      Thank you, Kectil for this opportunity. Thanks to Ms. Nozipho too. Your webinar was totally amazing and I could never get tired of watching it again and again.

  3. Wow! her personal branding is a masterpiece. I am certain that most of the knowledge from this web session will impact my life positively from now, since I will be implementing the marvelous ideas that I have just learned.

  4. The video is so impactful and inspiring am looking forward to learning more from it as a leader lead as an example in my community and I hope to continue watching time to time and also encourage my fellow colleagues to do the same.

  5. These videos on Personal branding are really inspiring, thought provoking and very informative. My take on these videos are
    Personal brand is about how you live your values, how the world consumes these values and in turn shapes an opinion about who the world thinks you are. It is these values you set for yourself that helps you present yourself positively and effectively and helps you speak powerful and convincingly.
    Everyone should discover the values he/she has naturally and how to aspire for other values which also gives a moral compass about an individual.

  6. The video is very informative. I have learnt a lot on how to improve my personal brand and how to make lasting impressions. I definitely have to consider a few things about myself and change them. Thank you for this.

  7. Very spot on video. What has stood out for me is the fact that the personal presentation and public presentation must be consistent. W e need not be double faced because we loose credibility. Our values must permeate through our professional and social fabrics

  8. It was a very clear-cut and to the point 5 part webinar. I liked the compactness. I only feel like some part of it could be more useful if paired with actual activities. Like inviting colleagues to create a presentation and share a video of it, or present live for example, and have corrections on it. Otherwise, it is just content that we have consumed…

  9. I really enjoyed every session. Thanks Ms. Nozipho. I learnt a lot especially from the personal branding and social media aspect that one’s personal life should go hand in hand with the social media.One does not need to be a different person on social Media and a different person in real life. Thanks once again!

  10. I enjoyed watching all video. All are quite informative. Specially the video on using body language and voice modulation as a tool to convey your massage for helpful to get the Idea for the oral presentation techniques.

    Thank you for such practical session.

  11. This is the most comprehensive web session on Personal Branding that I have ever seen. Nozipho drove home several key points that are critical and essential to our success as young leaders.
    Thumbs up to the team!?

  12. Over the years, I’ve been dabbling between personal branding and all that it entails. Being multi tasking, talented and academically informed,I knew there was one part of life and entrepreneurial essence that I lack which has got me biased. But here this video, so explicit and yet super insightful, I couldn’t have probably gotten it all elsewhere but here it is, full package on a platter of gold. I’m super grateful for this??????

    #meanwhile,I’be played this over 20 times now from when it was posted ?

  13. Superb!!
    Though while watching the videos, I faced a lot of problems due to poor internet but eventually I watched all. I found them very instructive and erudite. I learned more what a personal brand is. In my opinion, the way Nozipho was presenting the numerous topic was so professional, clear and on the point.
    Thanks to the entire Kectil team.

  14. I’m really grateful to Ms. Mbwanje for the inspiring and educative webinar. Differentiating aspirational values from personal values and being proactive in turning those aspirations to reality stood out for me, section 5 was an eye opener and I can’t wait to give a presentation armed with this knowledge!

  15. Hello. Thank you so much for the Video1. It was nice to meet Nozipho Mbanjwa in this video and see how she introduced herself and introduced us to the topics of the webinar.
    I am very excited to get more insights on personal branding, from the next videos, and all these topics she talked about.

  16. The video that had tips on how to dress for an interview was Phenomenal. I remember going for an interview at Jumia which is an e-commerce platform and the culture there was causal dressing for work. I was used to the old school thinking of wearing extreme corporate smart ( not even smart casual)and i felt out of place. I was given the job and did not have money to change my wardrobe sooner but i used to feel out of place on a daily basis. Had i first researched about the culture of the organization, it would be a different story

  17. Ms. Mbanjwa was the best. she was very clear, descriptive, eloquent, engaging, eye catching and so interesting. she is the best facilitator to me as per now. i really felt the presentation and all the meaning it carried because she was so much into it. thanks alot Kectil for this program and for such powerful and inspiring facilitators.

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